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May I Ask Mr. Imran Khan?

Courtesy: The News Blog: http://blogs.thenews.com.pk/blogs/2012/08/may-i-ask-mr-imran-khan/
Courtesy: Dunya Blog: http://blogs.dunyanews.tv/?p=5274
Pakistan should get rid of its excess baggage
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No wonder, Pakistani politicians are used to issue such reckless statements to give cover to their political moves or policies. In a recent statement after the terrorist’s attack on PAF Base Minhas, Kamra, PTI (Movement for Jusitce) chief Imran Khan has said:

“Though, Pakistan army is planning a military offensive against Taliban and other militant groups in North Waziristan, today’s attack on Pakistani airbase might be its reaction from the militants.”

May I ask Mr. Imran Khan that a “Reaction” is always the response of some “Action” then how is it possible that in absence of any “Action” of Pakistan Army in Waziristan or in any other area of the country, the attack on PAF Base would be termed as a “Reaction”?

Isn’t your statement a blatant attempt to provide cover to Taliban’s Terrorists ‘Actions’? At least you have admitted the presence of Taliban terrorists in Waziristan & have witnessed their Anti-Pakistan action & aggression yourself.

Imran Khan a cricketer-turned-politician could not succeed in 16 years of his political career. He hardly could secure the only seat for PTI from his hometown, Mianwali in 2002 General Elections. It was only after 30th October 2011 when his party could manage to hold big rallies & brought itself into main stream politics. Credit goes to the ‘Hidden Hands’ for this, analysts claim. Despite claiming to be a Centre Right & Progressive Political Party, PTI is always considered to be a Right Wing Group and Imran Khan himself is known as “Taliban Khan” due to covert support of Taliban Militants in Pakistan.

Pakistan, being the front line state in the US & NATO led war against terror, is paying heavy price for its commitments. At one side it is being labeled as the terrorist’s safe heaven at other side it is the prime target & victim of worst terrorism by the same terrorists for whom it has earned a bad name.

Recently US Congress has passed a bill declaring Haqqani Network a terrorist outfit & demanding Pakistan to launch an operation against it in its tribal areas. President Obama has endorsed the bill making it a law. Now it would be correct to say Pakistan has been asked to chase its own tail.

Now, Pakistan has only two options:

  1. Launch offensive against all sort of Extremist/Terrorist/Militant/Jihadi outfits across the country & save itself from the consequences; or
  2. Use delay tactics to avoid any such operation, resulting in more terrorism, attacks & damages, which could lead the world to give it the status of a rogue state.

Perhaps there is no third option, the destiny has been written, the war has begun, only wisdom needed to read what is written on the walls. Pakistan either continues to deny the existence of Pakistani & Afghani militant outfits in its territories, or launch a complete offensive against all banned or supported groups for its own sake & to clear its position.

I strong believe, in response to this coward & terrorist ‘Action’ of Taliban, Pakistan Army should show strong ‘Reaction’. May be the time has come for Pakistan to get rid of its excess baggage.


Let’s paint our flag black, we don’t deserve both white and green


Going through the piece “Let’s paint our flag green, we don’t deserve white” written by Zahra Pir MuhammadI felt as if she is talking my heart. She molded my feelings in her words. The incident, 60 Hindu families are halted by the Govt. to leave the country, gives a glimpse how the persecution of minorities continues. To be honest it is not only the minorities who are being persecuted, everyone with an opinion difference from mainstream is treated the same way. Perhaps it was the voice of many that I dropped the idea of posting my comment after reading comments of others. I decided to write more lines then a comment should have, just to highlight extreme grievances unveiled in other’s comments. Ghulam raza of Hazara Community shares his feelings:

I my self belongs to a minority community i.e Hazara living in quetta we are being treated brutally by terrorists organization and the Gov has let them free handed to continue their brutality towards us. when a motherland fails to provide security to her natives its horrific believe in me its horrific. when i was at school i used to have lots of patriotism, used to take money from my mother to buy green badge of Pakistan but now it has been significantly decreased because of the insecurity we are feeling. our lives which are the most valuable properties of the human beings are in danger so how we can bother about other things of lives.

Malik Achakzai revealing the horrible facts from Balochistan:

Am belonging to Balochistan, every day the Hindos, Bhais, Ahmedis and others are abducted for the ransom. In Quetta a female Niloper Fareedoon Abadan, a trader from Quetta city was kidnapped and released after 9 months, in her press conference she told, “One from the two key posting guys were involved in my abduction”. That was a clear gesture to Governor house and Chief Minister house. Currently, have covered a story about the abduction in Quetta, arranged by the political parties, civil societies, lawyers, doctors, students and the cute children from school, who were chanting against the government of the province, it’s ministers, law-enforcement agencies responsible of the abducting cases, one of the participant Olas Yar a university student explained the circumstances as, “If the interior minister of the province is openly announcing that some of the cabinet members are involved in the abduction cases, then who will be thinking of peace and justice”. Qalat a Baloch populated city is currently having four of the Hindos abducted, before them Kilash Narth Kohli a lawyer from Supreme court was abducted and was released after his family paid to the ferocious, inhuman and what more adjectives should I put here?…. So how can we demonstrate that International Community is putting Pakistan in the ranking countries that violate the rights of minorities?

The lines above are clearly revealing what is happening in the country & who is responsible for all this, but some people too naïve to realize the seriousness of the situation believes that: MUHAMMAD OMAR is concerned only about Muslims’ Killings:

I would only say, killing of Muslims at different times in different incidents doesn’t permit anyone to kill minorities.

Ovais believes that:

there is only one problem in pakistan according to ET and that is minorities , widen your horizons ,people die because of poverty , target killing etc Pakistani Nationalist doesn’t care if minorities leave Pakistan for good: Blame those miscreants who do bad to minorities not the whole Muslim nation of Pakistan…More Muslims are being killed in Pakistan thn Hindus or other minorities..If they wanna leave Pakistan thn its dere choice..Pakistan is being made for Muslims anyway

Noman Ansari have some good advice:

@Pakistani Nationalist: “Pakistan is being made for Muslims anyway” Something that happened 50 years ago doesn’t give you entitlement to discriminate against those unlucky enough to be born in a country that according to you is ‘being made for Muslims’. Why does it matter what you think happened in the past? What matters is these are citizens of Pakistan. The fact that they aren’t Muslim, and you are, is only because they were born in a Hindu family, and you weren’t. Ever though of that? Why should chance dictate anything? It is a dangerous way of thinking.

AK learnt that:

First minorities and then you will turn to each other. Once the game of hate and prosecution is started, it doesn’t stop.

I personally agree with Mr. Aziz Ali, if we can’t tolerate we shouldn’t claim either white or green! He suggests “Lets Paint our Flag Black we don’t deserve both white or Green.”

Reason of Unrest in Karachi – Law & Order OR Political & Demographic Order

The article was published in Dunya News Blog on 18/07/2012. (Courtesy Dunya News Blog) – http://blogs.dunyanews.tv/?p=4844

Just now I came across the news, A United Nations (UN) Doctor was attacked near Sohrab Goth, Karachi. No casualty was reported. Dr. Foston himself received minor injuries. The incident gives a glimpse how the city is engulfed in unrest & terrorism and has been made hostage by some miscreants. An obvious question, people have in minds when a Doctor of the United Nations & our own security agencies are not safe, how would they ensure the people’s security in the city?

Karachi, being the economic hub & the biggest metropolis of Pakistan always attracted the people around from the country for different purposes. Some are willing to carry on their studies in the Universities & Colleges while some wishes to excel their career in the city. Investors from around the country & abroad considered Karachi the best place to invest funds at. The poor friendly city always welcomed & embraced everyone. Needless to say, in turn the same people from different walk of life, belonging to the different areas contributed their share in the development & ecstasy of the city.

Karachi has seen three phases of its development. In the first phase it was developed by the British Empire from a small village to a port town. The population of the city grew from some hundreds to almost 100,000 in that period. In the second phase the immigrants, normally known as Muhajir, who migrated from Muslim Minority Provinces after partition of sub-continent, developed it, in this period the city experienced a boom in infrastructure, economy, industry, education, culture, population & all other sectors. The third phase wherein the city became the biggest metropolis & the centre of all economic activities & people from other parts of the country started taking part in its development. Their collective collaboration made this city world known, developed & dream of everyone to be lived in or work at.

Apart from the positives, there are always some dark sides too. Karachi while embracing the new comers also proved to be safe heaven for a number of goons & miscreants who contributed their share also, but to develop the underground economy instead. The same miscreants developed arms & ammunition markets, drugs markets, black markets & finally the same miscreants getting stronger by the time turned to be organized mafias. Extending their underground economy, they started land grabbing, armed robberies, kidnapping for ransom, even target killing for a few rupees or funding terrorists of banned outfits became their normal course of life.

Even some groups established state within the state. The law enforcement agencies seemed to be helpless & found looking for their own safety. The abduction & killing after torture became a routine & the worst part, it turned to be an “Ethnic Civil War” where people of different ethnic origin started to be abducted & killed tortured, specially the same Muhajir people who had already sacrificed for the creation of the country & contributed the most for its development. Evidence is there that the whole bloodshed was initiated, sponsored & directed by some high officials of the Govt. itself. History was repeating itself. In the past some officials from the then Govt. also staged such genocide, either to exercise or grab more power or to change the “Political & Demographic Order” of the city to extract benefits. The incidents of last 4 years appeared to be the sequel of the sam! e state owned terrorism.

For law enforcement agencies, to change the “Political & Demographic Order” proved more important then to maintain the “Law & Order”. Surprisingly, the law enforcement agencies acted as silent spectators in whole episode. Perhaps the matter was bigger then the “law & order” only. As the subsequent incidents revealed the real issue “Political & Demographic Order”, it was also revealed that the law enforcers were not allowed to interfere & kept away from the scene.

The mafias active in the city are abducting common people by identifying them as Muhajir & killing them after torture. Traders are being kidnapped and released after receiving huge ransom. Investment & investors are fleeing from the city. The ecstasy of the city is getting dimmed. The city of lights has turned into city of darks. The political leadership is blaming each other. They all, rather we all are equally responsible irrespective of political affiliation, ethnic origin, in or out of the Govt, have powers or not. The Govt. & Law Enforcement Agencies are not fulfilling their duty to maintain law & order and book the criminals, the opposition parties are equally responsible with their criminal silence, parties which are out of assemblies also acting uncaringly by supporting the mafia directly or indirectly, & we the people of Pakistan are the real responsible for all the mess by supporting the wrong ! voice, wrong people & wrong instances just to get short term benefits & for this we have put our long run benefits, our future at stake!

The cold blood murders of thousands of the innocent people could not draw attention of the authorities, law enforcement agencies, judiciary & the media specially the international media. May be the incident of today would prove to be the turning point & the terrorism & genocide in Karachi would get attention of the authorities & innocent lives could be saved.

PTI and PML-N: Pro-US or anti-US?

Originally this Blog was published in the Express Tribune on 12/07/2012. I have reproduced from the original publication: (Courtesy the Express Tribune).
Recently, in an interview with BBC Urdu, the US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter revealed that he had met with PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif. He further stated that both leaders had assured him of a pro-US government if elected.

Now, this has come as a huge surprise to many people given that these two leaders have portrayed a distinct negative stance towards the US in their political statements in the past.

However, should we really be surprised?

This is not the first time Nawaz Sharif’s links with the US have come into the limelight. Earlier in 1999, during the Kargil conflict, Nawaz Sharif’s inclination towards the US had been observed when he had visited the US at the peak of the conflict. He met with some high profile leaders there, including President Bill Clinton just before the decision of withdrawing the troops from Kargil came forth. At this time, Pakistan’s position was very strong; most of the posts were already under Pakistan’s control, but Nawaz Sharif signed the Washington Accord on July 4, 1999. He accepted the US terms while the united platform of the Kashmiri and Pakistani fighters refused to accept the government’s decision.

This secret meeting recently revealed by Munter seems like an unfortunate repetition of history.

What came as an even bigger surprise to me, however, was Imran Khan’s alleged meeting with Munter.

Now, if you recall, Imran Khan is well known for his anti-US stance on the NATO supply routes, the Afghan war, US aid, drone attacks on Pakistani territories and the list goes on. For the first time known to the public, Khan seems to have taken a pro-Us stance! This is in total contradiction to what he made the basis of his politics. Imran Khan has remained vocal throughout his political career against the policy of aligning with the US to the point that he has attracted the rightist anti-US voters. Imran Khan has criticised the government’s US friendly policies on numerous occasions, so him meeting Munter and assuring him of a US friendly government has come as a bit of a let down to his supporters.

This revelation has, indeed, put the PTI and PML-N supporters in a quandary. Think about it; if you support a party, it isn’t because the leader is good looking. It is because you support their policies. Thus, when Imran Khan goes and does something which is against everything he stood for, doesn’t this raise a question of whether you should still support him or not?

Granted, Khan has issued a statement saying that he is not anti-US, he is just against their policies, but this is just word play; Pro-US means not meddling with US foreign policy, and allowing the transport of NATO containers. You cannot be Pro-US but against their policies. I am just wondering whether Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat (ASWJ) and Jamaatud Daawa (JuD) are re-thinking their relations with both the parties.

Munter’s revelation has left people with some obvious questions in mind.

Many are wondering whether, now, their support for the PTI and PML-N will mean their indirect support for the US. Questions are emerging of whether drone attacks will continue if PTI comes to power; whether the PML-N will fulfil its promises to the people or to the US; whether Pakistan’s soverignity will be attacked even under the leadership of the PTI.

People are now wondering who exactly to vote for.

The burning sentiments of the people against the US had had convinced them to support Imran Khan or PML-N. I am almost certain that this will change if Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif is found to be siding with the US.

Jamat-e-Islami Finds New Shoulders to Climb onto

In a recent meeting between Syed Munawar Hassan of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) & Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) both the leaders agreed on a joint campaign against Govt. & its allies & vowed to defend Judiciary from conspiracies. Imran Khan, while briefing the media stated that JI & PTI are like minded & want change in the country, for that both the parties agreed to omit chances of alliance with any of the parties in the house.

It was the first time PTI tried to evade political isolation unlike the past & tied the knots with a right wing party with less political weight unlikely to yield benefits to PTI. Jamat, despite its strong organizational structure & educated middle class follower-ship, hardly managed to win a few seats in its 65 years history in Pakistan. Wikileaks also exposed its connections with Taliban & Al-Qaida. Does Imran Khan really showed a mature approach by joining hands with JI or as per past experiences, had done a blunder again by closing the doors for other political parties, which could put PTI into real political isolation. Interestingly as against Khan’s claim both JI & PTI are different in nature, approach, vision & mission. JI is conservative in nature while PTI claims to be liberal & enlightened as per Iqbal’s vision.

In a recent survey, PEW research centre revealed Imran Khan as the most popular leader in Pakistan. 7 out of 10 Pakistanis liked Khan in a face to face survey by the centre. Media is projecting him as a National Level Leader. Political Analysts have already expressed their opinion in his favour. In this scenario JI’s hand shake with PTI is chary. Does JI, this time, is trying to use PTI’s shoulders to climb onto? Like it had done with Z.A.Bhutto back in 1970s, Zia-ul-Haq, a military dictator, during 1980s, Nawaz Sharif during 1990s & sectarian & religious groups during 2000s by exploiting Anti American sentiments.

During Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989) Jamat was considered to be on the same page as Pakistani ISI & US CIA & was blamed for being funded by CIA to fight their war in Afghanistan against USSR. Its influence in Military & Civil Establishment put more doubts on its role. The question is how PTI circles would take this alliance? Are they ready to be known as ‘Fundamentalist’ or they would opt to be known as ‘Liberals & Progressives’? Possibly Jamat is intended to grab its share out of this alliance in case PTI gets a landslide victory in upcoming elections.

Perhaps, PMLQ or MQM were the most suitable options for PTI if it is to show maturity in politics & broaden its chances to be in power.

PS: We initiated a poll to have an idea what general public thinks if the alliance with Jamat-e-Islami & other sectarian outfits will harm PTI? See the results.


Contempt of Constitution – Part 1

In the Contempt of Court case, the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) headed by the Chief Justice (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, convicted & disqualified the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, canceling his National Assembly membership, ousting him from the seat of the premier. PM Gillani had refused to obey the orders of the apex court instructing the Govt. to write letter to the Swiss Authorities for reopening the cases against President Asif Ali Zardari related to money laundering & kick backs in SGS/Cotecna cargo Inspection Company.

Raja Pervez Ashraf has taken the charge as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan & has started performing the duties. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, performing its duties, has asked the newly elected Prime Minister to show his consent whether or not he will write the letter to Swiss Authorities for the reopening of cases against President Zardari. The Honourable Court had given 15 days time to PM to act as per the Court Orders. Irrespective of the authenticity of the cases & possibilities to sack President Zardari if proved guilty, our concern is to highlight if SC is getting overboard its constitutional authorities or not.

The official website of the Supreme Court of Pakistan http://www.supremecourt.gov.pk states that:

The Supreme Court was created under the Constitution of 1956. It succeeded the Federal Court, set up in 1948, which was successor to the Federal Court of India, established in 1937. Since its creation in 1956, the Supreme Court has retained its name and jurisdiction through the successive legal instruments including the Constitution of 1973.

Wherein, Supreme Court itself admitting its creation & status retained by the Constitution, hence, accepting the supremacy of its creator i.e. the Constitution of Pakistan & the constitution elaborates the supremacy of the President as:

45. President’s power to grant pardon, etc.
The President shall have power to grant pardon, reprieve and respite, and to remit, suspend or commute any sentence passed by any court, tribunal or other authority.

In a verdict in NRO implementation case, SC had ordered the Govt. to write letter to the Swiss Authorities against President Asif Ali Zardari for reopening cases against him. The order itself was a violation of constitution as article 248 protects the President from any sort of criminal or civil proceedings & assures immunity from arrest or imprisonment during his term of office.

The Constitution of Pakistan, Article 248 states that:

248. Protection to President, Governor, Minister, etc.
(1) The President, a Governor, the Prime Minister, a Federal Minister, a Minister of State, the Chief Minister and a Provincial Minister shall not he answerable to any court for the exercise of powers and performance of functions of their respective offices or for any act done or purported to be done in the exercise of those powers and performance of those functions:
Provided that nothing in this clause shall be construed as restricting the right of any person to bring appropriate proceedings against the Federation or a Province.
(2) No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the President or a Governor in any court during his term of office.
(3) No process for the arrest or imprisonment of the President or a Governor shall issue from any court during his term of office.
(4) No civil proceedings in which relief is claimed against the President or a Governor shall be instituted during his term of office in respect of anything done by or not done by him in his personal capacity whether before or after he enters upon his office unless, at least sixty days before the proceedings are instituted, notice in writing has been delivered to him, or sent to him in the manner prescribed by law, stating the nature of the proceedings, the cause of action, the name, description and place of residence of the party by whom the proceedings are to be instituted and the relief which the party claims.

Above excerpts are plainly signifying the limits & authorities of both, the Supreme Court & the President. I am not a Lawyer or Constitutional Expert but any layman like me after going through the above lines can easily judge the unconstitutional nature of the Order passed by the SC on NRO implementation case, hence refused by the PM Gillani to obey, resulting in his ouster from the house.
(to be continued…)

Brain Drain & Dual National Pakistanis

In a verdict The Supreme Court of Pakistan has suspended the National Assembly membership of a PPP parliamentarian Ms. Farahnaz Ispahani due to her holding of dual nationality. While a person in Pakistan holding dual nationality can use his/her right to vote, why can’t he/she be a member of the parliament? People have questions in mind.
Despite the fact a person must declare his dual nationality before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), a question generally been asked why are we having doubts on the loyalty & sincerity on the Pakistanis who are not only educated but playing their part in the development of the country with their huge remittances. When we use to say “Overseas Pakistanis are our representatives and our face to the world”, then why the same overseas representatives of Pakistan can’t be the representatives of the people in the parliament? Why are we having misconception that dual national Pakistanis will act against Pakistan in case of a dispute between Pakistan and the country of their second nationality? While we can see there are many Pakistanis without dual nationality involved in acts against the country.
It is also a fact that mostly dual national citizen of Pakistan are educated, talented and are valuable members of the society who are contributing to the development of the country of their second nationality & were forced to acquire second nationality due to worst law and order situation, worst economic situation, unemployment, high inflation or sub-standard quality of life in the country. Also the highly educated individuals who had left the country due to the factors already mentioned, found other economies where they can achieve what they had dreamed for, if now wants to turn back to serve the country, aren’t we again forcing them to not to do so?
At one side we set aside the condition of being “Graduate” to be a member of the parliament, at another side we are restricting the entry of well educated & talented individuals in the parliament declaring them non-trustworthy. We even have denied giving the overseas Pakistani the voting rights. This situation clearly indicates where we are heading to, more incompetent and less educated law makers, encouragement of brain drain from the country, more people aggrieved from the system etc.
Why don’t we put our efforts in making the situation better for the people to reduce the brain drain or to encourage the educated & talented individuals settled abroad to be back to the country and to take part in the national electoral process keeping in mind in UK only there are more then 300 Dual National British Pakistanis elected as the public representatives at different levels.
Note: The author is a Double Masters (Economics & Finance and International Relations) based in Middle East and can be reached at: sknawaz1978@gmail.com