The Pak-Afghan Romance – Part-II

Courtesy Dunya Blog, August 16, 2012:

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on December 27, 1979 hype was created around the word as if Soviet Union is going to conquer the world specifically Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran & the oil rich gulf. In response, the USA not only condemned this act of USSR but also made drastic changes to its foreign policy which included reduction in trade in grain & technology with Soviet Union, postponement of SALT-II arms control agreement, enlarging strategic forces, beefing up NATO forces, establishing a Caribbean Joint Task Force Headquarters, unleashing the CIA, installing a program of draft registration, & providing more military assistance to Pakistan, South Korea, and Thailand, & for all these preparedness US alleged Soviet aggression on Afghanistan to expend its regime throughout Asia.

Ultimately the Soviets wanted to invade Iran, secure Persian Gulf Oil, secure Warm Water Ports and expend their Asian Empire. The US, they said, had to respond to this expansion of this cold war. Jimmy Carter, the then US President established a 100,000 persons rapid deployment force for the protection of Persian gulf declaring it vital for US security interests, this is known as the Carter’s doctrine. All these changes & preparedness were in response to the Soviet aggression on Afghanistan as stated by the US, but a careful analysis of the pre December 27, 1979 events reveals some other picture. This all was planned by the U.S. long before the Soviet intervention and was part of a great game. Unfortunately, Soviet Union, fearing collapse of the allied Govt. in Kabul and being encircled by China in the east beefed up NATO forces in the west, intervened Afghanistan and trapped by the Carter Administration.

Pakistan, on the other hand, was not only helping the rebels but also mediated between rebels USA. American CIA was providing assistance to anti-Soviet forces through the Pakistani Intelligence Services in a program called “Operation Cyclone”. The enthusiastic Muslims in Arab World, like Osama Bin Laden, find there way to wage Jihad (Holy War) against atheist communists, who eventually evolved into Al-Qaida. In the absence of any Central Command the fight continued in a complete chaos & most of the fighters (Mujahidin) turned into War Lords.

Numerous training centers had been established in Pakistan. Different groups in collaboration with Pakistani Agencies started recruiting locals to fight with Muhajidin against the aggressors & their supporters in Afghanistan. Pakistan received loads of weapons & huge funds from Islamic as well as western countries to facilitate Afghan fighters. But the groups who received the said funds embezzled it & the weaponry used for political, ethnic & sectarian purpose in Pakistan, especially in the port city of Karachi. Jamat-e-Islami was among one of those groups.

The nine years of war turned a developed Afghanistan into a destroyed country. Millions were killed, hundreds of thousands were injured & partially disabled, Millions flee to neighboring countries. Pakistan alone received more then 3 million of refugees. Not only refugees but a culture of Heroin & Kalashnikov was also entered Pakistan with these refugees. Indeed Pakistan too had to pay as much as Afghanistan was paying the price.

Just after the Soviet-Afghan war ended, Pakistan started to realize its blunders made during the war. The nine years of engagement of the Mujahideen into Afghanistan was enough to give them clue of their future. Indian held Kashmir was their next destination. The insurgency in Kashmir was not indigenous, Pakistan based militant groups are responsible for that, India claims. Specifically, they held Lashkar-e-Taiba & Jamat-ud-Dawa responsible for that. Not only this, Afghanistan also couldn’t remain peaceful as after the Soviet’s departure the Ex-Muhajideen turned to be the War Lords & waged Jihad against each other for greater influence in the Govt. & for extended territorial controls.

Pakistan, on the other hand had suffered sectarian violence with the arrival of these Mujahideen from Afghanistan as most of the groups belongs to Sunni Deobandi or Salafi school of thought. A sharp raise in killings of Shiite Muslims had been observed during 1990s & continue till date. The incident of 09/11 made the situation even more worst when, Taliban, a group of Afghan Madarasah Students who had started resistance against the Ex-Mujahideen (turned to be the war lords) & had made an interim Govt. in Kabul, retaliated against Pakistan after the later has announced its support to the U.S. Govt. in their war against terrorism.

The support to the US in its war against terrorism made Pakistan the prime target of the Taliban. A series of suicide bomb attacks have taken the lives of almost 40,000 innocent citizens. Moreover, the extremist/militant groups from the same Ex-Mujahideen of Pakistan joined Taliban in large numbers. This time not only the US interests in Pakistan, Foreign Delegates or Innocent Pakistani Civilians but Armed Forces also became their target. Attack on Pakistan Army’s GHQ, attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team, attacks on Pak Army’s check posts & convoys in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and FATA & attack on PAF base in Karachi are some of the examples.

While writing these lines, have received news & footages about terrorist’s attack on PAF base Kamra (Attock) just 70 km away from capital Islamabad. Whatever people say, this all is the after effects of the wrong foreign policies of the past Governments & military establishment & wrong decision of arming the incapable & sectarian-based militants that they have not only targeting the opposite sects but also have turned against our own military, defence installations & national security.

(to be continued…)


Who Earns Most in Ramadan – Beggers!

Courtesy: The News Blog, August 15, 2012 & Pakistan State Times, August 16, 2012:

Though, we find beggars around us throughout the year, however, the holy month of Ramadan is the most profitable season for these business people. No one is out of their reach, they are everywhere, at every bus station, traffic signals, main door of restaurants & mosques, outside every college, universities, shopping malls, graveyards and shrines, inside markets, knocking doors of the households, inside parks, every public place even inside public busses. Some of them are permanent members of the society while most of them are new comers from upcountry especially Interior Sindh & Southern Punjab.

We may find a variety among them, young but disabled, old, women, children, teenage, shemales even fully capable adults can be seen begging with a ‘dhol’or ‘belcha’ in their hands, pretending as they couldn’t find work today. They make the whole city crowded & people’s life miserable. At traffic signals we may be surrounded by 5 beggars at a time, one forcefully cleaning wind screen; two others knocking the windows while other two waiting for their turn. If you are with a female, they would not only guess perfectly whom you are with, sister, wife or girl friend but also try to ignite your generosity by making appropriate prays for the couple.

Ladies being the most generous donors & susceptible to emotional black-mailing are their softest target. They know how to make them open their bags; even they can hold one’s arms & dress failing to do so & becomes violent & abusive after you show them strict reaction. If you are sitting in an open air restaurant, enjoying delicious food with family or friends, they can make you irritating & spoil your evening. If they have knocked your door and you are at home, then charity is obligatory on you. They will not leave your door until unless you don’t give them their desired money.

Sometimes, you may find them interesting with their surprising actions, as I had had seen an incident, while having tea in an open air restaurant, I saw a young beggar running as if dogs were chasing him, appeared from one side and disappeared in the market. Then we noticed another beggar running to chase the first one and shouting “catch him, catch him, he has snatched my cell phone”, a beggar with a cell phone sounds interesting, but the most interesting part he was running like athletes holding a “besakhi” in his hands.

In an another incident, while driving from Arts Council to I.I.Chundrigar Road, I saw two beggars at the Shaheen Complex signal talking about the rate of the “rights to beg at this signal”, which was Rs.300,000/- for 3 months. I was surprised, rather socked.

It is also a fact; some high standard international level beggars make their trip to Middle East Arab Countries to cash the season. UAE & Saudi Arabia are their most favorite destinations. During my stay in Sharjah (UAE) I encountered a young man with beard collecting donations in the name of some Mosques & Madarasas. It is strictly prohibited here & you are also earning bad name for all of us Pakistanis, I informed him. Please give me lunch if you don’t want to pay money, he requested. I offered him a lunch in restaurant downstairs & went inside my apartment to take cash. As soon as I came out I saw him running towards stairs. After I came out of the building he had crossed the road. Later I saw him on a web-video, someone have made to expose this cheater professional beggar.

I don’t know what the police & concerned authorities are doing to eradicate this social filth, but people say these beggars are a strong mafia & powerful people are backing them. If we can’t stop this whole business by force, we at least resist it tactically by not donating them at all. I just want to alert people about the consequence that by donating these professional & seasonal beggars we are not only encouraging them but also impeding the rights of the real needy people.

This small act of donating charity to professional beggars out of our ignorance actually harms the overall economic cycle of the society. Isn’t it better we look around for a real needy person who is hesitant to ask us for help in our relatives, neighbors & friends & lend him money as “Qarz-e-Hasana” as it is most liked in Islam?

Stop Killing My Shiite Brothers – A Sunni’s Plea

Courtesy Digital Journal, August 14, 2012:

Cross posted at: World Shia Forum:

I wonder, what is the difference between me and my Shiite Brothers which makes me sacred & my blood worthy and their blood worthless for some people? Doesn’t we belong to the same human race for which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had said, “Killing a human is as if we killed all of the humanity” then why my Shiite Brothers have to suffer continues genocide? Does ego & personal opinion counts more then the clear instructions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that a person ignoring all the teachings of Islam start killing others considering it right?

Last Friday, the 22nd Ramadan 1433 Hijri, Shiite Processions had been organized all over the country with reference to the Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (R.A.). In Karachi, some un-identified gun man opened fire at the Procession near Bolton Market of Kharadar area leaving three injured. Law Enforcement Agencies in turn did aerial firing. People started protesting & pelting stones on Rangers/Police vehicles. The peaceful procession turned to a violent protest. Leaders of ‘Shiite Ulema Council’ & ‘Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’ controlled the situation. This attempt would be linked to ongoing Shiite Genocide.

Let us have a look at Shiite Genocide only this year, many similar incidents across the country have been reported wherein terrorists segregated Shiite Muslim Passengers from Sunnis & killed them cold blooded. In Mustung, Kohistan & Chilas eye witness have reported the same process of segregating Shiites from Sunnis & killing them after lining-up. The incident of April 03rd in Chilas unveiled the terrorists as the operatives of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), a banned militant/terrorist outfit currently working as Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal-Jamat (ASWJ). Only in last 06 months more then 300 Shiites have been reported murdered.

One may ask where the Law Enforcement Agencies are when genocide of such a level is being done. The Asian Human Rights Commission responds to this question stating, “PAKISTAN: The killing of Shias – it is hard to refute the accusation that the military was involved – February 29, 2012.”

There are clear indications that if not Army/ISI then someone linked with them is involved in this ongoing genocide. All the recent incidents of Shiite Killings in Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa & Balochistan have happened near military or para-military areas. In Kohistan District of KPK the men who attacked and killed 18 Shiites were in Pak Army’s uniform & it is hard to roam around with weapons or to be in Uniform without the permission/knowledge of Army in these areas.

In Pakistan, Shiite Killings is not a new phenomenon. We may find its roots back in General Ayub’s regime when more then 100 Shiites were martyred just in one day. In General Zia-ul-Haq era formation of extremist militant outfits & ISI’s support to them amplified the genocide. Post Soviet-Afghan war era was more disastrous not only for Pakistan but also for Shiite Community. After finding it hard to continue their Jihadi Agenda in Afghanistan & Kashmir the monster made their way back in Pakistan and have waged their Jihad against Shiites, Ahmadis, Brailvis, Christians & Hindus even against liberal Deobandis & Salafis who do not agree their terrorists line of action. Initially the Shiite ethnic cleansing had been tried to portray as Shiite-Sunni ethnic violence, thanks to PPP & MQM who have exposed the conspiracy by uniting both the sects.

The conspiracy to malign Sunnis for Shiite killings has been exposed.  Despite attempts to cover those people everyone now know the real culprits. Keeping the danger in view country is facing, isn’t it the right time to stop killing Shiite Brothers and get rid of all such sectarian & ethnic divides?

We Desire Neither Reward Nor Acclaim

Courtesy Digital Journal, August 14, 2012:

A phrase “We desire neither reward nor acclaim” written at the ‘about’ page of the website of Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) depicts the true picture of its main body, the MQM & its founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. The life of Mr. Hussain is a true example of “Service to Humanity” as mentioned on the welcome page of KKF’s website & he really proved it by forming this charity organization. While searching for the detail of recent brawl between PTI & PMLN over serious allegations on Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital’s administration I accidentally reached at KKF’s website. I personally didn’t like dragging a noble charity organization like SKMH into dirty politics, but this all business prompted me to look deeper inside affairs of KKF, a scandal-free institution.

This is not the first time a social & welfare organization has been targeted for political mileage, Imran Khan’s Shoukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMH) has came in lime light when N-League’s Khuwaja Asif alleged its administration to use public’s donation into real state gambling in Middle East. It has erupted an endless brawl & debate between the leaders, workers & supporters of PMLN & PTI in media. In the past several other charitable organizations had had been tried to malign like Edhi Foundation & Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) for ulterior motives, specifically the later one faced intense campaign against it being a wing of Mutahidda Qoumi Movement, the MQM.

The foundation stone of KKF was laid down by the founder & leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain himself in 1978. Initially known as Khidmat-e-Khalq Committee (KKC) later transformed into KKF in January 1998, had had started charitable works even before the formation of the main body, i.e. MQM in the shape of the educational assistance to the poor & needy students & the initial donation was contributed by Mr. Hussain himself & his companions out of their pocket money & remuneration for the tuition given to other students. In the same period KKF distributed record breaking amount of foods, clothing & medical aid goods among the dispossessed stranded Pakistanis & set up medical camps.

KKF has a long history of humanitarian services, routine monthly financial assistance to the poor & needy people, annual distribution of goods in the holy month of Ramadan for poor & needy, assistance to orphan girls for marriages & dowries, free medical assistance & medications round the year, quality education for the needy children with the help of the SUN Charity UK/USA, free legal assistance to the victims of the state repression under the banner of Legal Aid Committee, in case of disasters setting up of relief camps throughout the affected areas equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities & shipping of the relief goods worth millions of rupees for the victims.

While going through the facts one wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t other then KKF who for the first time in the history of the country had set-up a “Muft Bazar” (free market) for the poor & the needy where the commodities were totally free of cost. KKF has a well organized Ambulance & Coffin carrier service, mobile dispensaries & field hospitals. It also setup medical aid camps during the month of Moharram. KKF have many achievements on its credit, relief works for the earthquake victims of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Azad Kashmir & other areas, relief works for the flood victims throughout the country, relief work for the victims of bomb blasts & other tragedies etc.

KKF’s service to humanity has not only been appreciated within the country but also got international recognition. The Consul General of Malaysia Mr. Muhammad Khalid Abdul Razzaq visited the office of KKF & appreciated their services. He also donated to KKF. Vice Consul General Japan Mr. Hikita Tsuyoshi visited KKF & appreciated their work. World famous Pakistani Cricket Super Star Shahid Khan Afridi also visited KKF’s office and appreciated its diligent efforts to serve the nation. Pakistan’s National Hero & Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan visited Nazeer Hussain University, a project of Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation & applauds its formation & the services of KKF.

The above are some of the example of KKF’s services & its recognition. We should learn to appreciate those who are serving the humanity instead of dragging them into politics to malign their image.

SKMH Scandal: Who will suffer eventually?

Courtesy Pakistan State Times, Friday, August 10, 2012: & Digital Journal

Earlier this week serious allegations of financial mismanagement and money laundering has been leveled upon Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH) & its management by Khuwaja Asif of PMLN wherein Asif revealed that the public’s funds in shape of Zakat, Fitrana, Sadqat & donations were used for real state gambling in Middle East & the funds were transferred through a Shell Company owned by one of the board members of SKMH Imtiaz Haideri.

Khuwaja Asif further stated that a Shell Company was first registered in British Virgin Islands, which transferred the money into a company HBG in Dubai. HBG bought the shares of a company Sugarland worth $3 million. During the year 2009-2010 Sugarland declared losses. Asif claimed that SKMH also suffered losses of about 64% of the total investments but it is not shown on the balance sheet of SKMH. A fact sheet was also distributed to the media persons by the PMLN leader showing that $4.5 million were invested in total.

This press conference prompted PTI leader Imran Khan for a rebuttal wherein he rejected all the allegations. In his press conference Khan denied that money was transferred from Pakistan, or that the funds invested in off-shore Company was of Sadqaat, Fitrana or Zakat. It was the public’s donations which we received from overseas Pakistanis, kept in Endowment Fund of SKMH & the same money was used for investment in real state, Imran Khan mentioned.

Irrespective of the nature of money if it is Sadqaat, Fitrana, Zakat or was donated by overseas Pakistanis as charity to SKMH, the point is it was meant for the Cancer Patients for their treatment in Pakistan or to be invested in Endowment Fund of SKMH to meet its future expenses. Imran Khan couldn’t mention the name of the Shareholders, Board of Directors & the management of the said Shell Company in British Virgin Islands, HBG of Dubai & Sugarland which also shadowed the whole business.

Khuwaja Asif once again alleged Imran Khan that those working in SKMH are either Imran Khan’s close friends or family members. They are all real state businessmen or collecting donations he mentioned.

Replying to a question of the host in a TV program Imran Khan angrily mentioned, “I don’t know who the other directors or shareholders are in above mentioned companies, I only know that Mr. Imtiaz Haidery is a trustworthy man & is working with SKMH for decades. I wish if Mr. Khan would have had think about his party members who have worked with PMLN, PPP or PMLQ for years & now are with PTI. The host also highlighted this point.

We have their guarantee on a letterhead, said Imran Khan, that all profits are for us & losses are for them”. Perhaps Khan doesn’t know such a letter head is not a guarantee at all. Perhaps the Financial Managers at SKMH also don’t know about the difference b/w a Letter of Guarantee & a Letter of Comfort. Even someone from SKMH’s management also admitted that “Yes investing in such a way was our mistake”!

I don’t know whom to blame, Imran Khan for his ignorance, SKMH’s management for their wrong investments or Khuwaja Asif of PMLN on disclosing such issue on a wrong time. What I know is SKMH have lost huge amount of public donations & the poor Cancer Patients will suffer eventually.

The Pak-Afghan Romance – Part 1

Originally published in DunyaNews Blog on 03/08/2012 –

It wasn’t long ago when Pakistan had suddenly fallen into romance with neighboring Afghanistan. The confrontation & opposition of the other side of the border had been vanished suddenly just because they had needed us badly. Pakistan raised helping hands towards Afghanistan ignoring all their opposition for its membership in the UN & their friendly relations with India. The reason of this romance was nothing but the Soviet aggression & intervention in Afghanistan in search of the passage to hot waters of Pakistan & the subsequent miseries of the Afghan civilians. Pakistan opened its doors to at least 3 millions of refugees.

This we are been taught since childhood. But, reality, contrary to what we learn in the history books is extremely different then these stories.

Land reforms of 1978 introduced by the then Afghan President Nur Muhammad Taraki instigated Afghan Civil War, which lead United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) intervene in Afghanistan on December 19, 1979 on the invitation of the then Govt. Though USSR had a certain level of influence over Afghanistan from the beginning of 19th century for its economic, social & military add but after India’s nuclear test “The Smiling Buddha” in 1974 & Pakistan’s subsequent adoption of the nuclear technology convinced Afghanistan’s pro-soviet Govt. to seek its assistance for their military up gradation.

The communist reforms being adopted by the Pro-Soviet Govt. & the subsequent retaliation from Pro-Islamic Groups like Jamiat-e-Islami of Afghanistan has already created a Chaos in the country. There was armed rebellion from the Islamic groups backed & supported by nearly half of the Armed Security Forces. In 1974 Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in a covert operation with the help of General Naseerullah Babar of M.I., had already extradited Burhanuddin Rabbani & Gulbadin Hikmatyar to Pakistan, fearing their murder by President Daud, an advocate of the Greater Pashtunistan. He didn’t like Pakistan’s intervention in the Afghan issues, but to lessen the already hard economic conditions & greater dependency on USSR he wanted Durand line between Afghanistan & Pakistan opened for Trade & Transit Program.

Pakistan, at the moment had close relations with USA. Fearing strong relations of Afghanistan with USA through Pakistan, Soviet Union didn’t like President Daud’s move of being closed with Pakistan & keeping distance with communists in his Govt. Daud assassinated by Communist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) in a coup on 28 April 1978. His successor Nur Muhammad Taraki took over the control. Taraki later killed by Hafizullah Amin, his right hand.

In December 1978, Afghan Govt. & the USSR had signed a treaty by which Afghanistan could call Soviet forces to assist it in case of any insurgency. During 1978-1979 they sent repeated requests for the deployment of Soviet forces in Afghanistan with Helicopters, Tanks & their crew but the Soviet Politicians were reluctant to do so. Perhaps they had estimated the world’s reaction if a PDPA lead Soviet Military Operation is started in Afghanistan against the rebels. On June 16, 1979 the Soviet Govt. deployed its forces to guard Afghan Govt. & Infrastructure on the specific request of the Afghan Govt. Several Soviet Politicians were against these deployments, but Afghan Govt. sent repeated requests for the deployment of large regiments, tanks, aircrafts & helicopters.

On December 27, 1979, Soviet forces in Afghan uniforms occupied all important buildings in Kabul, killed the President Hafizullah Amin and handed over the political matter to Afghan Revolutionary Central Committee, which in turn announced Babrak Karmal as the head of the Govt. Although the Soviets were invited by the Afghan Administration their selves, but like the rebels, Afghan Govt. couldn’t digest their presence in the country. At one occasion the new President charged Soviet forces of increasing unrest in the country. Subsequently the reserved Soviet forces had been called to crush the rebellions in a short span of time. At this moment the Soviets had realized they had been dragged & trapped in a land of no return.

(to be continued…)

Understanding the true notion of Ramadan

Originally the article was published in: blog on 31/07/2012 & Dunya News blog on 31/07/2012


The scuffle between two elderly men, just before the Dawn Prayers today, invoked me to think what the Holy Month of Ramadan is all about? Is this the same month we had had been taught & trained by our parents & elders, marked with devotion, sacrifice, tolerance, restraint, charity & prayers? Or just is a tradition & festival? If the Satan, as per our beliefs, is sacked during this holy month then who coerce people to commit sins & crimes? If the man himself induced to sins, why to blame Satan for rest of the year?

It wasn’t a big issue though, but the elderly men argued over the place near the window in the main prayer hall. Both appeared to be educated, completing the half century, moving towards the century of their ages. One wanted to sit at the same place where he usually sits, other insisted on the “first come first serve” rule. They could continue at variance but some sensible people persuaded them to resolve the issue. Was the issue worth writing an Article about? No! I guess, but the place & timing made the small issue worth thinking & sharing with you!

Sometimes, small things can make big difference. A small favor can make or save one’s life; a small ignorance can destroy or ruin lives. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told, “Allah has said, ‘Every act of man is for him except fasting; it is done for my sake and I will reward for it’.” The breath of a faster is sweeter to Allah then the fragrance of musk. This reveals how much Almighty Allah loves fasting that he declared it solely for himself & promised the great rewards to faster. Fasting itself isn’t a word only; it is a comprehensive agreement between Allah & his believers.

Don’t we abide ourselves by the rules & regulations made by Allah, while deciding to fast? Don’t we promise to Allah & ourselves that we will restrain from all prohibited deeds forever & we prove it by imposing temporary ban on us for all legal things even for a certain period of time? We stop eating, drinking, smoking, taking medicines etc. We practice to get rid of all bad habits, lying, fighting, gazing females, even some people completely avoid watching TV or listening to music. We adopt honesty in all our professional, personal & business deals.

Why then, there are wrestles on such petty issues? Why people have to face the monster of sudden price hikes since the first day of Ramadan? Why the supplier piles-up the commodities of basic human need? Why the youth still playing loud music next to the Mosques? Why the burglary continues? Why the human blood is still the cheapest commodity on earth, especially in the Fort of Islam, Pakistan? The big “?” following every question would be sufficed by only an answer, “Because we don’t understand the true notion of Ramadan”!!!

Ramadan is not meant to stay hungry only; it is not only for the purification of body & soul, but also for our individual & collective guidance towards the correct path of life. The great book of Allah “Al-Qur’aan” had been revealed to us for the proper guidance & understanding the whole social system & how to run it.

Normally, a student has time for studies & preparation of exams of almost eleven months & the exams last for one month only. The examiner don’t leak the questions expected to be incorporated in the exams. Here we have a month only for preparation & our exams last for eleven months. Allah Almighty has already leaked the paper & all the questions & giving us chance again & again to answer correctly. It is definitely our own fault; we opt for the wrong answers to practice; even after knowing all the questions with correct answers!