A Serious letter to the Editor :-)

Courtesy: Digital Journal http://www.digitaljournal.com/blog/18188

Dear Editor,

The Blog,

This is not to highlight the problems being faced by the pedestrian due to sewage water or to bring KESC into the lime light for load-shedding on Eid Day. Neither is I writing to criticize Veena Malik for what she has done or is capable of doing nor to “req-waste” Rehman Malik to maintain Law & Order. Even I don’t want to appreciate PTI or MQM for their politics nor do I wish to blame PPP or PMLN for deterioration in the country. Not because these issues are less important rather because other bloggers are already highlighting the same & serving the nation day & night………. & in evenings too! I wish to serve my community by raising voice for them.

Dear Editor, don’t worry I am not going to ask you for donation. All I want is to request your honour to please think for a while, before discarding our write-ups to the trash-bin, that how much energy a blogger would have put in to write an article. Here “Energy” doesn’t represent WAPDA’s energy which is already short in the country. Imagine the blogger could have put this energy in any other productive work rather, lets say he could go for outing with spouse so that a better family environment can be created, but instead he opted to stay back glued to the computer to write for you. Blogger who aren’t married putting energy to …….. hmmm…. let them specify themselves.

Alas, think about the agony the poor blogger would suffer by your mouse click on “delete” icon. I wish Vendors had had not incorporated any such icons in their Software. Sometimes, I think on the possible reasons why would you have rejected a “Master Piece” of an innocent blogger? Perhaps the writer would have gone naïve in writing on political, technical or defense issues, or possibly he would have criticized the favorite political party or personality of……….the Chief Editor!

Yeah of course, the illogical & abusive write-ups should not be published, though such things could also be seen on the blogs sometimes, may be published by mistake, but obviously the logical, gentle, to the point, timely & a well written article should be considered & published on priority basis, but I understand there are certain policies of the media group & you have to have considered the same before approving or rejecting any write-up, but, how to convince the innocent blogger? He wants to see his “Master Piece” online immediately after he/she hits the “Submit” button. Just try to imagine the scenario putting you into the bloggers shoes &…………..assuming me the Editor!

The story doesn’t ends here. On a serious note, it creates more frustration if the write-up has been rejected specially if written as a rebuttal in response to any other article and the frustration reaches to its peak if the comments moderator is also trashing blogger’s comments on the said article. It simply leads to confusion & makes one wonder if this all was done deliberately. At this point jumps in the irresponsible commenter …….. Comments moderators know this!

I humbly request these people to post comments showing a more mature behaviour & avoid irresponsible commenting as it will harm your image, not the image of the moderator. I also would like to request the comments moderator to please give us a chance to express ourselves & would like to request the Editor to please support this voice of the poor bloggers community ……… for the poor bloggers community!

Thanks & Regards



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