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A Serious letter to the Editor :-)

Courtesy: Digital Journal

Dear Editor,

The Blog,

This is not to highlight the problems being faced by the pedestrian due to sewage water or to bring KESC into the lime light for load-shedding on Eid Day. Neither is I writing to criticize Veena Malik for what she has done or is capable of doing nor to “req-waste” Rehman Malik to maintain Law & Order. Even I don’t want to appreciate PTI or MQM for their politics nor do I wish to blame PPP or PMLN for deterioration in the country. Not because these issues are less important rather because other bloggers are already highlighting the same & serving the nation day & night………. & in evenings too! I wish to serve my community by raising voice for them.

Dear Editor, don’t worry I am not going to ask you for donation. All I want is to request your honour to please think for a while, before discarding our write-ups to the trash-bin, that how much energy a blogger would have put in to write an article. Here “Energy” doesn’t represent WAPDA’s energy which is already short in the country. Imagine the blogger could have put this energy in any other productive work rather, lets say he could go for outing with spouse so that a better family environment can be created, but instead he opted to stay back glued to the computer to write for you. Blogger who aren’t married putting energy to …….. hmmm…. let them specify themselves.

Alas, think about the agony the poor blogger would suffer by your mouse click on “delete” icon. I wish Vendors had had not incorporated any such icons in their Software. Sometimes, I think on the possible reasons why would you have rejected a “Master Piece” of an innocent blogger? Perhaps the writer would have gone naïve in writing on political, technical or defense issues, or possibly he would have criticized the favorite political party or personality of……….the Chief Editor!

Yeah of course, the illogical & abusive write-ups should not be published, though such things could also be seen on the blogs sometimes, may be published by mistake, but obviously the logical, gentle, to the point, timely & a well written article should be considered & published on priority basis, but I understand there are certain policies of the media group & you have to have considered the same before approving or rejecting any write-up, but, how to convince the innocent blogger? He wants to see his “Master Piece” online immediately after he/she hits the “Submit” button. Just try to imagine the scenario putting you into the bloggers shoes &…………..assuming me the Editor!

The story doesn’t ends here. On a serious note, it creates more frustration if the write-up has been rejected specially if written as a rebuttal in response to any other article and the frustration reaches to its peak if the comments moderator is also trashing blogger’s comments on the said article. It simply leads to confusion & makes one wonder if this all was done deliberately. At this point jumps in the irresponsible commenter …….. Comments moderators know this!

I humbly request these people to post comments showing a more mature behaviour & avoid irresponsible commenting as it will harm your image, not the image of the moderator. I also would like to request the comments moderator to please give us a chance to express ourselves & would like to request the Editor to please support this voice of the poor bloggers community ……… for the poor bloggers community!

Thanks & Regards



A Pakistani Sunni recalls his Shiite friends, class fellows and colleagues

Courtesy: World Shia Forum

Courtesy: Digital Journal

Enemies of Pakistan and Islam want to divide our nation on Sunni-Shia sectarian basis. They are trying this for so long. For them human blood is worthless and cheaper then their rotten beliefs. Is it really that easy they can change our minds, our feelings our present and beautiful past? No!

I attended a religious madarasah in my childhood for Qur’anic education with Salman and Mansoor, both were Shia. I used to be found at Munawwar Bhai’s home, also a Shia. In Muharram, many Sunnis setup “Sabeel” in memory of holy martyrs of Karbala & to facilitate people going to and coming from Majalis. Neither my family stopped me to mingle with my Shia friends nor did their families raise any objection on it. My parents themselves were Sunni Barelvi (Sufi tradition of Sunni Islam) who performed all the Fateha, Niaz, Milaad etc as per their belief with great zeal.

It was a hot summer day when Syed S. Hussain Rizvi, one of my friends and an office colleague informed me that all other Shia colleagues had left for Friday prayers, and he was accidentally left behind. ‘May I offer Friday Prayers with you in your mosque?’, he asked me. ‘The Masjid is not anyone’s property definitely you can offer prayers there’, I replied. ‘Shall I fold my hands like Sunnis or may I offer prayers like I do?’, He asked another question. Realizing his hesitations I said he could pray as he wished to, ‘now hurry up we are already late’, I said. We rushed towards the PIDC building where there was a mosque on the roof those days. It was 1998 when we used to work for a Chartered Accountant firm. After the ablution (wuzu) we entered the main prayer hall. The Friday prayer was about to start. ‘What if I offer prayers keeping my hands untied like Shias, would anyone mind this?’, he asked again. ‘Do one thing, stand besides me, offer prayers as you want and I will take care of rest of the things’, I replied, ‘your Niyyat is to offer prayers for Allah Almighty, you are in the mosque which is not of any individual or group’s property, and it is Allah’s home’, I further assured him. Allah-O-Akbar, the Imam had begun the Salat, I followed him with my hands folded in Sunni fashion, and my Shia friend leaving his hands free straight towards floor.

Let me narrate another story from everyday life. In the university days, during semester exams we used to do group study. It was the Holy Month of Ramadan. All my friends were from different sectarian backgrounds. Sunni-Deobandi, Brailvi, Ahl-e-Hadith (Salafi), and Shia. Whole of the day we used to study but the real problem arises at the time of Iftaar (Fast Breaking) when Deobandi, Brailvi & Ahl-e-Hadith friends break their fast at same time whereas my Shia friend had had to wait for another 15 minutes as per the Iftaar timings of Fiqa-e-Jafria. Other friends intentionally or unintentionally eat whatever is available leaving small amount of meal for our Shia friend. I had observed the situation & worried if one day it would create differences among friends. I decided to take preemptive measures.

‘No one will eat meal until the Iftaar time of Fiqa-e-Jafria’, I announced the next day, ‘only 1 piece of ‘Date’ is allowed to break the fast for everyone as per Fiqa-e-Hanfia’, I further informed. ‘We all will break our fast with a piece of ‘Date’ & go to offer Maghrib Prayers, this way it will be the time of Iftaar as per Fiqa-e-Jafria, so that we all would have meal together without any discrimination’, I explained the whole plan. Not only they all accepted the plan but also apologized for their earlier ignorance for our Shia friend, especially they thanked me for noticing & taking care of everyone.

Now, if someone asks me to kill Shias declaring them Kafir, how can I kill my childhood friends Salman and Mansoor, how can I forget Munawwar Bhai and how much he loved me, how can I forget the innocent questions of my office colleague, how can I forget the golden days of university, the loving friends specially those days when we used to do group study in Ramzan and wait for the Iftaar.

Above all being a Sunni-Deobandi how can I denounce my parents, & why should I do that? Only because my parents or my friends had a little bit different beliefs? Is having different beliefs really a great sin that we just kill them ignoring all the relations, and love we got from them?

Neither any of my Shia or Ahl-e-Hadith friends changed their beliefs inspiring from me nor did I necessarily adopt my parent’s beliefs. Belief is one’s personal matter, neither is it inherited nor it is adopted, but we can learn to respect each other’s beliefs. I don’t care if anyone criticizes me for this or make fun of it but I can proudly say, Yes! I am a Deobandi-Brailvi-Ahl-e-Hadith-Shia because I respect everyone’s beliefs.

Based on my own personal experience, I can vouch that majority of Sunnis and Shias, Barelvis, Deobandis, Ahle-Hadith etc love and respect each other, and are very tolerant of sect differences. Therefore, the violent acts of terrorism by a few radicalized individuals and groups (Taliban, LeJ, ASWJ etc) cannot be attributed to the majority of peaceful Sunnis. Terrorism by radicalised extremist must not be described as sectarian violence.

I know my memories can’t change the darkened hearts. A beast is always a beast. My call is for those who have a heart, beating inside them, whose blood is still red, who can feel the pain of others and who want to share their sorrows and joys with others. They need to come forward as the human needs to dominate here instead of beasts.

The US & NATO Exit Plans from Afghanistan

Courtesy: Digital Journal

Finally Pakistan has restored the NATO supply line to Afghanistan through its territories amid tense & uncertain negotiations between Washington & Islamabad which was closed after NATO forces had mistakenly killed 26 Pakistani soldiers near Pak-Afghan borders in late November 2011. Initially the US had refused for any apology over the sad incident; later issued the apology & $1.1billion aid under Coalition Support Fund (CFS) in a deal to open the said routes.

Though the decision of restoration was not an easy task for Pakistani Govt. & spy agencies due to heavy protests & increasing public anger over continues drone attacks & infringements of Pakistan’s sovereignty, but Pakistan’s will to normalize the strained relations help the countries to reach an agreement. The reopening of the NATO supply line is important in the context of the planned exit of the US & NATO forces from Afghanistan in 2014.

The US & NATO have already planned to handover the combat to Afghan Military & go on back foots in summer next year. It gives raise to many questions:

  • Would the weak & incompetent Afghan Forces be able to coup-up with Al-Qaida & Taliban insurgents?
  • Would the US & allied nations continue funding Afghan Govt & Afghan Forces to meet their necessary expenses?
  • Would the Afghan Civil Govt. be able to re-initiate the Health, Education, Recreation & infrastructure facilities in the country amid strong opposition & threats from Al-Qaida & Taliban?
  • Would the international Aid Agencies be able to carry on their activities in Afghanistan for the rehabilitation of the Afghan people?
  • Would Pakistan continue to host millions of Afghan Refugees despite its worst economic conditions?
  • Will Pakistan continue its role as a front line state in war against terror even after the America’s departure?
  • How would the world be able to eliminate chances of international terrorism from Afghan territories in the future?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also shown his concern over the plan suggesting the US & NATO to stay & finish the job in Afghanistan beyond 2014:

“It is regrettable that many participants in this operation are thinking about how to pull out of there, they took up this burden and should carry it to the end.” Putin stated.

Pakistan, on the other hand, being the frontline state in the US led war against terror has already suffered too much. Taliban insurgency, suicide blasts, law & order, moreover US drone strikes & the subsequent loss of innocent lives, but US always kept demanding Pakistan to “Do More”. This is the time the US & NATO should “Do more” in Afghanistan until the establishment of a stable indigenous Government in Kabul, sustainable peace & complete rehabilitation of the refugees.

US should realize that as a strategic partner Pakistan possesses great geopolitical importance in the region. Its internal stability, peace, economic health & security at its eastern & western borders are critical for the world & secure the US interests too. The worst law & order situation had dimmed all the economic boom & developments of the Musharraf’s regime & now the Government of Pakistan People’s Party in Islamabad has also failed to deliver. It enhances the chance of a raise in the right wing politics amid anti US sentiments, which of course neither is beneficial for Pakistan nor is for the US.

In case of any coalition Government in Islamabad next year, composed of right wing parties partially or fully backed & supported by the Jihadi Elements, the situation would lead to a complete chaos not only in Pakistan but also across the borders. In this scenario, not only the Pakistani people will suffer, but also the US would lose a friendly government in Islamabad and would have to face a hostile nuclear regime.

To ensure a liberal & moderate Government in Islamabad, a stable Govt. in Kabul & sustainable peace throughout the region, the US should not leave the issues unresolved as it had left in the past when after the Soviet defeat the US had left the Afghan Mujahideen turned war lords on their own, instead both Washington & Islamabad should carry on their campaign at Pak-Afghan borders especially in the Pakistani Tribal Areas till its logical end, before its too late to clear the mess, specially US & NATO nations should play their part in Afghanistan for its reconstruction & rehabilitation of the Afghan people.

… & Now the Judicial Victimization!

Courtesy: Pakistan State Times
Courtesy: Digital Journal

It is for the third time that a court has issued arrest warrants for Ex-President Pervez Musharraf in Nawab Akbar Bugti Murder Case. One newspaper reported the news:

It is the third time the court has issued arrest warrants for Musharraf, former premier Shaukat Aziz, former Balochistan chief minister Jam Mir Mohammad Yusuf and former governor Awais Ahmed Ghani.

ATC Judge Nawaz Khan Barakzai was hearing the case which was registered in Kohlu police station. A sessions court had referred the case to the ATC through the Balochistan High Court on July 4.

Earlier a Judicial Magistrate had issued arrest warrants for all the accused nominated in the case & the ATC in Sibbi has also earlier issued warrants for the accused. It should be bear in mind that Nawab Akbar Bugti had been killed in resistance during an Army Operation in August 26, 2006.

Also, arrest warrants had been issued thrice & on June 11, 2011 the Rawalpindi ATC had issued permanent warrants against Musharraf in murder case of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, the Ex-Prime Minister, declaring him absconder, ordered to freeze his assets.

Pakistan’s has gone through many phases in its 65 years history, democracy, dictatorship, controlled democracy, civil dictatorship & have seen many interesting scenarios, democratically elected unpopular Govt., popular Govt. under a dictator, importing the rulers, exporting the rulers, the history is the witness of military victimization, political victimization … & now the judicial victimization.

It is a common observation; yesterday’s oppressed turn to be today’s oppressor, Balochistan is a live example. Every successive Govt. harms the earlier one, like in decade of 1990. Sometimes they turn on their own allies, PMLN Vs MQM, PPP Vs MQM. The rulers promote some Civil or Military Personnel out of turn & they turn against them, Bhutto-Ayub, Zia-Bhutto, Aslam Beg-Zia, Nawaz Sharif-Musharraf, Musharraf –Iftikhar are examples.

Musharraf’s had came in power by an accidental coup d’etat declaring himself Chief Executive, later he formally appointed himself President of Pakistan after the voluntarily resignation of President Rafiq Tarar in June 2001. As against the traditional Military Dictator Musharraf had called for General Elections nationwide as per the directives of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. After the success of PMLQ in 2002 General Elections, Musharraf had transferred all powers to the newly elected Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali & later to Shaukat Aziz who replaced Jamali. The PMLQ Govt. completed its five years tenure & Musharraf called for another General Election in 2007.

The nine year tenure of Musharraf is marked with economical boom; his policies helped create 13 million new jobs, cut poverty in half and halved the country’s total debt burden in the period from 2000 till 2007. Musharraf resigned as President on August 18, 2008 and went in a self imposed exile. He formally announced to participate in politics in June 2010 & formed his All Pakistan Muslim League. He planed to land back in 2012 to seek Presidency in 2013, after the obvious attempts of judicial victimization Musharraf have barred himself to do so.

Following the tradition, our Judiciary is trying its level best to harm Musharraf by issuing warrants & by requesting Britain to extradite him. However, the British Govt. had rejected Pakistan’s extradition request against Musharraf on the ground that the two countries have no formal extradition treaty between them. Interpol, on the other hand, has also rejected to issue Red Warrants against Musharraf for incomplete documentation. On the other hand a group of Ex-Generals & other high profile Military Officials has demanded that Musharraf should be allowed home without facing arrest or humiliation. They also condemned what they called the “bashing” of the country’s armed forces. The members of the group “Pakistan First”, mostly Generals and Admirals, signed their names on the letter demanding to allow Musharraf home to contest polls as per domestic norms which the Govt. & Judiciary should pay heed.