Lets be Realistic & Logical

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Some days ago, the founder & leader of Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain has delivered a lecture of utmost importance to the leaders of his party in International Secretariat, London. He highlighted the internal & external threats country is facing & urged all political & religious leadership & institutions to avoid confrontation & unite in this need of time. Mr. Hussain advised his party leaders to meet all the National Leadership & gather them at one platform to discuss the alarming situation & to reach a conclusive point to ensure the country’s security, sovereignty & integrity.

As advised, the leaders of MQM started meeting with the leaders of different political & religious parties to convince them for a round table conference. Mr. Farooq Sattar, deputy convener & parliamentary leader of MQM in National Assembly & Other high profile MQM leaders met with the President Asif Ali Zardari, leaders of Awami National Party (ANP), Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid-e-Azam (PMLQ) & Jamat-e-Islami (JI), Awami Muslim League (AML), Sunni Tehreek, Parliamentarian from FATA, Jamhuri Watan Party, Pakistan Muslim League – Functional (PMLF), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam – Fazalur Rehman (JUIF), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Different Religious Scholars, Baba Haider Zaman of Sooba Hazara Tehreek, & shown their consent to meet with PMLN’s leadership too. Going a step further, MQM sent messages through Dr. Arif Alvi, General Secretary of PTI, inviting their leadership to join the round table conference. The leaders of above said parties appreciated MQM for their concern & efforts. Keeping in view the grudge MQM had towards some of the parties, these efforts proved their sincerity to bring the whole national leadership at one platform.

Despite various political & ideological differences, as a patriot Pakistani, I considered it my duty to pay attention to this call. I critically analyzed the message Mr.Hussain had conveyed to his party affiliates to spread around in the country for public awareness & consideration of the leadership. It simply tends me to change my approach towards them. I appreciate the current stance & efforts of MQM’s leadership. I tried to highlight the salient features of Mr. Hussain’s lecture in my article “A wakeup call from Altaf Bhai”, published in one of the most popular blogs “The News” on 21 July 2012.

To my surprise, the article received dozens of comments, mostly abusive, illogical & irrelevant. Let me reproduce some of the comments here for ready reference, but before copying the same I would like to reproduce here a couple of lines from my article “A wakeup call from Altaf Bhai”:

[Sadly speaking, instead of paying heed to his sincere suggestions, the critics of MQM & Altaf Hussain have started slinging mud on him once again. Surely there isn’t any logical argument to counter Altaf bhai but to call him a British Citizen, terrorist, traitor and what not.]

And now some comments:

[1-He is a British National with Criminal record in Pakistan. He has not visited Pakistan in the last 20 year and will never dare come back to Pakistan. He should shut up and mind his own (criminal) business.]

[2-How much money did you get to write such a sycophant article. Is really a shame you did not mention that how much role he has played to unite karachiites . The answer is nil. He brought the culture of guns in our institutes. He brought the culture of extortion, he brought the culture of torture cell, who collect chunda, fitra, animal skins at the gun point. Go and check how much money mqm ministers has made. They all used to be poor people but all of a sudden they drive land cruisers, live in posh areas. The answer is extortion, land grabbing and robbery. I have seen their workers very closely. He had got the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands. He has done several deals for personal gains. He is lier. He is scared of death therefore he is hiding in UK. We all should follow the life of our beloved prophet Muhammad s. a. w. May Allah help us to distinguish between good and bad.]

[3-Are you on the pay roll of MQM ? Asking us to listen to this leader of an ethnic, exclusionary party who has preferred to live in self imposed exile. Bhai is a joke and so are you for doping us to read your article.]

I couldn’t find any logic & link the comments should have in response to the Article. Most of the commentator reacted in the same manner I had highlighted in my article, mud slinging, illogical & irrelevant argument, repeating the propaganda tactics; frankly speaking majority even didn’t try to pay heed to what threats were highlighted by Mr. Hussain. Even some commentator labeled me of taking funds to write articles for MQM.

Going a step further, one writer tried to write a “Rebuttal” of the said Article, but sadly speaking, he also couldn’t manage to respond to the question Mr. Hussain has highlighted, rather his abusive tone ashamed the whole blogger’s community. Here is a paragraph from the said “Rebuttal”:

[2- Some disclosures were made by the astute Altaf Bhai about the ulterior American motives. Altaf Bhai, Pakistan is not suffering from ‘short term memory losses’. They are well aware of your sordid past and what you are capable of doing in the near future! Wikkileaks, all alone, debunks your claims.]

[4- Turning to Altaf Bhai’s divine vision on Balochistan’s issues and the reprehensible stance of his critics alleging him to be traitor, or a foreign national etc. With Altaf Bhai luxuriating in the environs of London and raving about the political scenario of Pakistan, it sounds ludicrous. If he’s that much of a patriot then it only seems reasonable that he lands back to Pakistan.]

The same attitude we may notice here. May be we should ask such writers & commentators clearly “Do you care about personal hatred & bias or the national interest?” May be they consider Altaf Hussain’s landing back to Pakistan would solve all the issues country is facing, but after reaching to a certain level of maturity people should focus on the ideas & events and not the personalities. Altaf Hussain’s domicile should be their party’s or affiliates’ concern, what we should emphasize on is his policies for the country, which I personally found much better.

This is not the first time, it is a common observation, as and when Mr. Altaf Hussain takes any initiative in the greater interest of the country & the nation, his opponents starts repeating the same points discussed above, but to their shame, Mr. Hussain’s ideas proves to be correct at a later stage. It is urged to all concerned to take his lecture seriously & look around you will find all his estimates & information correct.

Isn’t it the right time ignoring all the personal issues, we should unite & solve our internal disputes in order to be able to coup up with the external threats country is facing? Let me say, Mr. Altaf Hussain & MQM’s stance of eliminating personal differences & uniting all the Pakistanis at one platform is the need of time, failing which we all will have to face the consequences.


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