Stop Killing My Shiite Brothers – A Sunni’s Plea

Courtesy Digital Journal, August 14, 2012:

Cross posted at: World Shia Forum:

I wonder, what is the difference between me and my Shiite Brothers which makes me sacred & my blood worthy and their blood worthless for some people? Doesn’t we belong to the same human race for which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had said, “Killing a human is as if we killed all of the humanity” then why my Shiite Brothers have to suffer continues genocide? Does ego & personal opinion counts more then the clear instructions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that a person ignoring all the teachings of Islam start killing others considering it right?

Last Friday, the 22nd Ramadan 1433 Hijri, Shiite Processions had been organized all over the country with reference to the Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (R.A.). In Karachi, some un-identified gun man opened fire at the Procession near Bolton Market of Kharadar area leaving three injured. Law Enforcement Agencies in turn did aerial firing. People started protesting & pelting stones on Rangers/Police vehicles. The peaceful procession turned to a violent protest. Leaders of ‘Shiite Ulema Council’ & ‘Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’ controlled the situation. This attempt would be linked to ongoing Shiite Genocide.

Let us have a look at Shiite Genocide only this year, many similar incidents across the country have been reported wherein terrorists segregated Shiite Muslim Passengers from Sunnis & killed them cold blooded. In Mustung, Kohistan & Chilas eye witness have reported the same process of segregating Shiites from Sunnis & killing them after lining-up. The incident of April 03rd in Chilas unveiled the terrorists as the operatives of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), a banned militant/terrorist outfit currently working as Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal-Jamat (ASWJ). Only in last 06 months more then 300 Shiites have been reported murdered.

One may ask where the Law Enforcement Agencies are when genocide of such a level is being done. The Asian Human Rights Commission responds to this question stating, “PAKISTAN: The killing of Shias – it is hard to refute the accusation that the military was involved – February 29, 2012.”

There are clear indications that if not Army/ISI then someone linked with them is involved in this ongoing genocide. All the recent incidents of Shiite Killings in Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa & Balochistan have happened near military or para-military areas. In Kohistan District of KPK the men who attacked and killed 18 Shiites were in Pak Army’s uniform & it is hard to roam around with weapons or to be in Uniform without the permission/knowledge of Army in these areas.

In Pakistan, Shiite Killings is not a new phenomenon. We may find its roots back in General Ayub’s regime when more then 100 Shiites were martyred just in one day. In General Zia-ul-Haq era formation of extremist militant outfits & ISI’s support to them amplified the genocide. Post Soviet-Afghan war era was more disastrous not only for Pakistan but also for Shiite Community. After finding it hard to continue their Jihadi Agenda in Afghanistan & Kashmir the monster made their way back in Pakistan and have waged their Jihad against Shiites, Ahmadis, Brailvis, Christians & Hindus even against liberal Deobandis & Salafis who do not agree their terrorists line of action. Initially the Shiite ethnic cleansing had been tried to portray as Shiite-Sunni ethnic violence, thanks to PPP & MQM who have exposed the conspiracy by uniting both the sects.

The conspiracy to malign Sunnis for Shiite killings has been exposed.  Despite attempts to cover those people everyone now know the real culprits. Keeping the danger in view country is facing, isn’t it the right time to stop killing Shiite Brothers and get rid of all such sectarian & ethnic divides?


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