Understanding the true notion of Ramadan

Originally the article was published in: Aaj.tv blog http://www.aaj.tv/2012/07/understanding-the-true-notion-of-ramadan/ on 31/07/2012 & Dunya News blog http://blogs.dunyanews.tv/?p=5015 on 31/07/2012


The scuffle between two elderly men, just before the Dawn Prayers today, invoked me to think what the Holy Month of Ramadan is all about? Is this the same month we had had been taught & trained by our parents & elders, marked with devotion, sacrifice, tolerance, restraint, charity & prayers? Or just is a tradition & festival? If the Satan, as per our beliefs, is sacked during this holy month then who coerce people to commit sins & crimes? If the man himself induced to sins, why to blame Satan for rest of the year?

It wasn’t a big issue though, but the elderly men argued over the place near the window in the main prayer hall. Both appeared to be educated, completing the half century, moving towards the century of their ages. One wanted to sit at the same place where he usually sits, other insisted on the “first come first serve” rule. They could continue at variance but some sensible people persuaded them to resolve the issue. Was the issue worth writing an Article about? No! I guess, but the place & timing made the small issue worth thinking & sharing with you!

Sometimes, small things can make big difference. A small favor can make or save one’s life; a small ignorance can destroy or ruin lives. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told, “Allah has said, ‘Every act of man is for him except fasting; it is done for my sake and I will reward for it’.” The breath of a faster is sweeter to Allah then the fragrance of musk. This reveals how much Almighty Allah loves fasting that he declared it solely for himself & promised the great rewards to faster. Fasting itself isn’t a word only; it is a comprehensive agreement between Allah & his believers.

Don’t we abide ourselves by the rules & regulations made by Allah, while deciding to fast? Don’t we promise to Allah & ourselves that we will restrain from all prohibited deeds forever & we prove it by imposing temporary ban on us for all legal things even for a certain period of time? We stop eating, drinking, smoking, taking medicines etc. We practice to get rid of all bad habits, lying, fighting, gazing females, even some people completely avoid watching TV or listening to music. We adopt honesty in all our professional, personal & business deals.

Why then, there are wrestles on such petty issues? Why people have to face the monster of sudden price hikes since the first day of Ramadan? Why the supplier piles-up the commodities of basic human need? Why the youth still playing loud music next to the Mosques? Why the burglary continues? Why the human blood is still the cheapest commodity on earth, especially in the Fort of Islam, Pakistan? The big “?” following every question would be sufficed by only an answer, “Because we don’t understand the true notion of Ramadan”!!!

Ramadan is not meant to stay hungry only; it is not only for the purification of body & soul, but also for our individual & collective guidance towards the correct path of life. The great book of Allah “Al-Qur’aan” had been revealed to us for the proper guidance & understanding the whole social system & how to run it.

Normally, a student has time for studies & preparation of exams of almost eleven months & the exams last for one month only. The examiner don’t leak the questions expected to be incorporated in the exams. Here we have a month only for preparation & our exams last for eleven months. Allah Almighty has already leaked the paper & all the questions & giving us chance again & again to answer correctly. It is definitely our own fault; we opt for the wrong answers to practice; even after knowing all the questions with correct answers!




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