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May I Ask Mr. Imran Khan?

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Pakistan should get rid of its excess baggage
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No wonder, Pakistani politicians are used to issue such reckless statements to give cover to their political moves or policies. In a recent statement after the terrorist’s attack on PAF Base Minhas, Kamra, PTI (Movement for Jusitce) chief Imran Khan has said:

“Though, Pakistan army is planning a military offensive against Taliban and other militant groups in North Waziristan, today’s attack on Pakistani airbase might be its reaction from the militants.”

May I ask Mr. Imran Khan that a “Reaction” is always the response of some “Action” then how is it possible that in absence of any “Action” of Pakistan Army in Waziristan or in any other area of the country, the attack on PAF Base would be termed as a “Reaction”?

Isn’t your statement a blatant attempt to provide cover to Taliban’s Terrorists ‘Actions’? At least you have admitted the presence of Taliban terrorists in Waziristan & have witnessed their Anti-Pakistan action & aggression yourself.

Imran Khan a cricketer-turned-politician could not succeed in 16 years of his political career. He hardly could secure the only seat for PTI from his hometown, Mianwali in 2002 General Elections. It was only after 30th October 2011 when his party could manage to hold big rallies & brought itself into main stream politics. Credit goes to the ‘Hidden Hands’ for this, analysts claim. Despite claiming to be a Centre Right & Progressive Political Party, PTI is always considered to be a Right Wing Group and Imran Khan himself is known as “Taliban Khan” due to covert support of Taliban Militants in Pakistan.

Pakistan, being the front line state in the US & NATO led war against terror, is paying heavy price for its commitments. At one side it is being labeled as the terrorist’s safe heaven at other side it is the prime target & victim of worst terrorism by the same terrorists for whom it has earned a bad name.

Recently US Congress has passed a bill declaring Haqqani Network a terrorist outfit & demanding Pakistan to launch an operation against it in its tribal areas. President Obama has endorsed the bill making it a law. Now it would be correct to say Pakistan has been asked to chase its own tail.

Now, Pakistan has only two options:

  1. Launch offensive against all sort of Extremist/Terrorist/Militant/Jihadi outfits across the country & save itself from the consequences; or
  2. Use delay tactics to avoid any such operation, resulting in more terrorism, attacks & damages, which could lead the world to give it the status of a rogue state.

Perhaps there is no third option, the destiny has been written, the war has begun, only wisdom needed to read what is written on the walls. Pakistan either continues to deny the existence of Pakistani & Afghani militant outfits in its territories, or launch a complete offensive against all banned or supported groups for its own sake & to clear its position.

I strong believe, in response to this coward & terrorist ‘Action’ of Taliban, Pakistan Army should show strong ‘Reaction’. May be the time has come for Pakistan to get rid of its excess baggage.


Let’s paint our flag black, we don’t deserve both white and green


Going through the piece “Let’s paint our flag green, we don’t deserve white” written by Zahra Pir MuhammadI felt as if she is talking my heart. She molded my feelings in her words. The incident, 60 Hindu families are halted by the Govt. to leave the country, gives a glimpse how the persecution of minorities continues. To be honest it is not only the minorities who are being persecuted, everyone with an opinion difference from mainstream is treated the same way. Perhaps it was the voice of many that I dropped the idea of posting my comment after reading comments of others. I decided to write more lines then a comment should have, just to highlight extreme grievances unveiled in other’s comments. Ghulam raza of Hazara Community shares his feelings:

I my self belongs to a minority community i.e Hazara living in quetta we are being treated brutally by terrorists organization and the Gov has let them free handed to continue their brutality towards us. when a motherland fails to provide security to her natives its horrific believe in me its horrific. when i was at school i used to have lots of patriotism, used to take money from my mother to buy green badge of Pakistan but now it has been significantly decreased because of the insecurity we are feeling. our lives which are the most valuable properties of the human beings are in danger so how we can bother about other things of lives.

Malik Achakzai revealing the horrible facts from Balochistan:

Am belonging to Balochistan, every day the Hindos, Bhais, Ahmedis and others are abducted for the ransom. In Quetta a female Niloper Fareedoon Abadan, a trader from Quetta city was kidnapped and released after 9 months, in her press conference she told, “One from the two key posting guys were involved in my abduction”. That was a clear gesture to Governor house and Chief Minister house. Currently, have covered a story about the abduction in Quetta, arranged by the political parties, civil societies, lawyers, doctors, students and the cute children from school, who were chanting against the government of the province, it’s ministers, law-enforcement agencies responsible of the abducting cases, one of the participant Olas Yar a university student explained the circumstances as, “If the interior minister of the province is openly announcing that some of the cabinet members are involved in the abduction cases, then who will be thinking of peace and justice”. Qalat a Baloch populated city is currently having four of the Hindos abducted, before them Kilash Narth Kohli a lawyer from Supreme court was abducted and was released after his family paid to the ferocious, inhuman and what more adjectives should I put here?…. So how can we demonstrate that International Community is putting Pakistan in the ranking countries that violate the rights of minorities?

The lines above are clearly revealing what is happening in the country & who is responsible for all this, but some people too naïve to realize the seriousness of the situation believes that: MUHAMMAD OMAR is concerned only about Muslims’ Killings:

I would only say, killing of Muslims at different times in different incidents doesn’t permit anyone to kill minorities.

Ovais believes that:

there is only one problem in pakistan according to ET and that is minorities , widen your horizons ,people die because of poverty , target killing etc Pakistani Nationalist doesn’t care if minorities leave Pakistan for good: Blame those miscreants who do bad to minorities not the whole Muslim nation of Pakistan…More Muslims are being killed in Pakistan thn Hindus or other minorities..If they wanna leave Pakistan thn its dere choice..Pakistan is being made for Muslims anyway

Noman Ansari have some good advice:

@Pakistani Nationalist: “Pakistan is being made for Muslims anyway” Something that happened 50 years ago doesn’t give you entitlement to discriminate against those unlucky enough to be born in a country that according to you is ‘being made for Muslims’. Why does it matter what you think happened in the past? What matters is these are citizens of Pakistan. The fact that they aren’t Muslim, and you are, is only because they were born in a Hindu family, and you weren’t. Ever though of that? Why should chance dictate anything? It is a dangerous way of thinking.

AK learnt that:

First minorities and then you will turn to each other. Once the game of hate and prosecution is started, it doesn’t stop.

I personally agree with Mr. Aziz Ali, if we can’t tolerate we shouldn’t claim either white or green! He suggests “Lets Paint our Flag Black we don’t deserve both white or Green.”

Lets be Realistic & Logical

Courtesy Digital Journal:

Some days ago, the founder & leader of Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain has delivered a lecture of utmost importance to the leaders of his party in International Secretariat, London. He highlighted the internal & external threats country is facing & urged all political & religious leadership & institutions to avoid confrontation & unite in this need of time. Mr. Hussain advised his party leaders to meet all the National Leadership & gather them at one platform to discuss the alarming situation & to reach a conclusive point to ensure the country’s security, sovereignty & integrity.

As advised, the leaders of MQM started meeting with the leaders of different political & religious parties to convince them for a round table conference. Mr. Farooq Sattar, deputy convener & parliamentary leader of MQM in National Assembly & Other high profile MQM leaders met with the President Asif Ali Zardari, leaders of Awami National Party (ANP), Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid-e-Azam (PMLQ) & Jamat-e-Islami (JI), Awami Muslim League (AML), Sunni Tehreek, Parliamentarian from FATA, Jamhuri Watan Party, Pakistan Muslim League – Functional (PMLF), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam – Fazalur Rehman (JUIF), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Different Religious Scholars, Baba Haider Zaman of Sooba Hazara Tehreek, & shown their consent to meet with PMLN’s leadership too. Going a step further, MQM sent messages through Dr. Arif Alvi, General Secretary of PTI, inviting their leadership to join the round table conference. The leaders of above said parties appreciated MQM for their concern & efforts. Keeping in view the grudge MQM had towards some of the parties, these efforts proved their sincerity to bring the whole national leadership at one platform.

Despite various political & ideological differences, as a patriot Pakistani, I considered it my duty to pay attention to this call. I critically analyzed the message Mr.Hussain had conveyed to his party affiliates to spread around in the country for public awareness & consideration of the leadership. It simply tends me to change my approach towards them. I appreciate the current stance & efforts of MQM’s leadership. I tried to highlight the salient features of Mr. Hussain’s lecture in my article “A wakeup call from Altaf Bhai”, published in one of the most popular blogs “The News” on 21 July 2012.

To my surprise, the article received dozens of comments, mostly abusive, illogical & irrelevant. Let me reproduce some of the comments here for ready reference, but before copying the same I would like to reproduce here a couple of lines from my article “A wakeup call from Altaf Bhai”:

[Sadly speaking, instead of paying heed to his sincere suggestions, the critics of MQM & Altaf Hussain have started slinging mud on him once again. Surely there isn’t any logical argument to counter Altaf bhai but to call him a British Citizen, terrorist, traitor and what not.]

And now some comments:

[1-He is a British National with Criminal record in Pakistan. He has not visited Pakistan in the last 20 year and will never dare come back to Pakistan. He should shut up and mind his own (criminal) business.]

[2-How much money did you get to write such a sycophant article. Is really a shame you did not mention that how much role he has played to unite karachiites . The answer is nil. He brought the culture of guns in our institutes. He brought the culture of extortion, he brought the culture of torture cell, who collect chunda, fitra, animal skins at the gun point. Go and check how much money mqm ministers has made. They all used to be poor people but all of a sudden they drive land cruisers, live in posh areas. The answer is extortion, land grabbing and robbery. I have seen their workers very closely. He had got the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands. He has done several deals for personal gains. He is lier. He is scared of death therefore he is hiding in UK. We all should follow the life of our beloved prophet Muhammad s. a. w. May Allah help us to distinguish between good and bad.]

[3-Are you on the pay roll of MQM ? Asking us to listen to this leader of an ethnic, exclusionary party who has preferred to live in self imposed exile. Bhai is a joke and so are you for doping us to read your article.]

I couldn’t find any logic & link the comments should have in response to the Article. Most of the commentator reacted in the same manner I had highlighted in my article, mud slinging, illogical & irrelevant argument, repeating the propaganda tactics; frankly speaking majority even didn’t try to pay heed to what threats were highlighted by Mr. Hussain. Even some commentator labeled me of taking funds to write articles for MQM.

Going a step further, one writer tried to write a “Rebuttal” of the said Article, but sadly speaking, he also couldn’t manage to respond to the question Mr. Hussain has highlighted, rather his abusive tone ashamed the whole blogger’s community. Here is a paragraph from the said “Rebuttal”:

[2- Some disclosures were made by the astute Altaf Bhai about the ulterior American motives. Altaf Bhai, Pakistan is not suffering from ‘short term memory losses’. They are well aware of your sordid past and what you are capable of doing in the near future! Wikkileaks, all alone, debunks your claims.]

[4- Turning to Altaf Bhai’s divine vision on Balochistan’s issues and the reprehensible stance of his critics alleging him to be traitor, or a foreign national etc. With Altaf Bhai luxuriating in the environs of London and raving about the political scenario of Pakistan, it sounds ludicrous. If he’s that much of a patriot then it only seems reasonable that he lands back to Pakistan.]

The same attitude we may notice here. May be we should ask such writers & commentators clearly “Do you care about personal hatred & bias or the national interest?” May be they consider Altaf Hussain’s landing back to Pakistan would solve all the issues country is facing, but after reaching to a certain level of maturity people should focus on the ideas & events and not the personalities. Altaf Hussain’s domicile should be their party’s or affiliates’ concern, what we should emphasize on is his policies for the country, which I personally found much better.

This is not the first time, it is a common observation, as and when Mr. Altaf Hussain takes any initiative in the greater interest of the country & the nation, his opponents starts repeating the same points discussed above, but to their shame, Mr. Hussain’s ideas proves to be correct at a later stage. It is urged to all concerned to take his lecture seriously & look around you will find all his estimates & information correct.

Isn’t it the right time ignoring all the personal issues, we should unite & solve our internal disputes in order to be able to coup up with the external threats country is facing? Let me say, Mr. Altaf Hussain & MQM’s stance of eliminating personal differences & uniting all the Pakistanis at one platform is the need of time, failing which we all will have to face the consequences.

The Pak-Afghan Romance – Part-II

Courtesy Dunya Blog, August 16, 2012:

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on December 27, 1979 hype was created around the word as if Soviet Union is going to conquer the world specifically Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran & the oil rich gulf. In response, the USA not only condemned this act of USSR but also made drastic changes to its foreign policy which included reduction in trade in grain & technology with Soviet Union, postponement of SALT-II arms control agreement, enlarging strategic forces, beefing up NATO forces, establishing a Caribbean Joint Task Force Headquarters, unleashing the CIA, installing a program of draft registration, & providing more military assistance to Pakistan, South Korea, and Thailand, & for all these preparedness US alleged Soviet aggression on Afghanistan to expend its regime throughout Asia.

Ultimately the Soviets wanted to invade Iran, secure Persian Gulf Oil, secure Warm Water Ports and expend their Asian Empire. The US, they said, had to respond to this expansion of this cold war. Jimmy Carter, the then US President established a 100,000 persons rapid deployment force for the protection of Persian gulf declaring it vital for US security interests, this is known as the Carter’s doctrine. All these changes & preparedness were in response to the Soviet aggression on Afghanistan as stated by the US, but a careful analysis of the pre December 27, 1979 events reveals some other picture. This all was planned by the U.S. long before the Soviet intervention and was part of a great game. Unfortunately, Soviet Union, fearing collapse of the allied Govt. in Kabul and being encircled by China in the east beefed up NATO forces in the west, intervened Afghanistan and trapped by the Carter Administration.

Pakistan, on the other hand, was not only helping the rebels but also mediated between rebels USA. American CIA was providing assistance to anti-Soviet forces through the Pakistani Intelligence Services in a program called “Operation Cyclone”. The enthusiastic Muslims in Arab World, like Osama Bin Laden, find there way to wage Jihad (Holy War) against atheist communists, who eventually evolved into Al-Qaida. In the absence of any Central Command the fight continued in a complete chaos & most of the fighters (Mujahidin) turned into War Lords.

Numerous training centers had been established in Pakistan. Different groups in collaboration with Pakistani Agencies started recruiting locals to fight with Muhajidin against the aggressors & their supporters in Afghanistan. Pakistan received loads of weapons & huge funds from Islamic as well as western countries to facilitate Afghan fighters. But the groups who received the said funds embezzled it & the weaponry used for political, ethnic & sectarian purpose in Pakistan, especially in the port city of Karachi. Jamat-e-Islami was among one of those groups.

The nine years of war turned a developed Afghanistan into a destroyed country. Millions were killed, hundreds of thousands were injured & partially disabled, Millions flee to neighboring countries. Pakistan alone received more then 3 million of refugees. Not only refugees but a culture of Heroin & Kalashnikov was also entered Pakistan with these refugees. Indeed Pakistan too had to pay as much as Afghanistan was paying the price.

Just after the Soviet-Afghan war ended, Pakistan started to realize its blunders made during the war. The nine years of engagement of the Mujahideen into Afghanistan was enough to give them clue of their future. Indian held Kashmir was their next destination. The insurgency in Kashmir was not indigenous, Pakistan based militant groups are responsible for that, India claims. Specifically, they held Lashkar-e-Taiba & Jamat-ud-Dawa responsible for that. Not only this, Afghanistan also couldn’t remain peaceful as after the Soviet’s departure the Ex-Muhajideen turned to be the War Lords & waged Jihad against each other for greater influence in the Govt. & for extended territorial controls.

Pakistan, on the other hand had suffered sectarian violence with the arrival of these Mujahideen from Afghanistan as most of the groups belongs to Sunni Deobandi or Salafi school of thought. A sharp raise in killings of Shiite Muslims had been observed during 1990s & continue till date. The incident of 09/11 made the situation even more worst when, Taliban, a group of Afghan Madarasah Students who had started resistance against the Ex-Mujahideen (turned to be the war lords) & had made an interim Govt. in Kabul, retaliated against Pakistan after the later has announced its support to the U.S. Govt. in their war against terrorism.

The support to the US in its war against terrorism made Pakistan the prime target of the Taliban. A series of suicide bomb attacks have taken the lives of almost 40,000 innocent citizens. Moreover, the extremist/militant groups from the same Ex-Mujahideen of Pakistan joined Taliban in large numbers. This time not only the US interests in Pakistan, Foreign Delegates or Innocent Pakistani Civilians but Armed Forces also became their target. Attack on Pakistan Army’s GHQ, attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team, attacks on Pak Army’s check posts & convoys in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa and FATA & attack on PAF base in Karachi are some of the examples.

While writing these lines, have received news & footages about terrorist’s attack on PAF base Kamra (Attock) just 70 km away from capital Islamabad. Whatever people say, this all is the after effects of the wrong foreign policies of the past Governments & military establishment & wrong decision of arming the incapable & sectarian-based militants that they have not only targeting the opposite sects but also have turned against our own military, defence installations & national security.

(to be continued…)

Who Earns Most in Ramadan – Beggers!

Courtesy: The News Blog, August 15, 2012 & Pakistan State Times, August 16, 2012:

Though, we find beggars around us throughout the year, however, the holy month of Ramadan is the most profitable season for these business people. No one is out of their reach, they are everywhere, at every bus station, traffic signals, main door of restaurants & mosques, outside every college, universities, shopping malls, graveyards and shrines, inside markets, knocking doors of the households, inside parks, every public place even inside public busses. Some of them are permanent members of the society while most of them are new comers from upcountry especially Interior Sindh & Southern Punjab.

We may find a variety among them, young but disabled, old, women, children, teenage, shemales even fully capable adults can be seen begging with a ‘dhol’or ‘belcha’ in their hands, pretending as they couldn’t find work today. They make the whole city crowded & people’s life miserable. At traffic signals we may be surrounded by 5 beggars at a time, one forcefully cleaning wind screen; two others knocking the windows while other two waiting for their turn. If you are with a female, they would not only guess perfectly whom you are with, sister, wife or girl friend but also try to ignite your generosity by making appropriate prays for the couple.

Ladies being the most generous donors & susceptible to emotional black-mailing are their softest target. They know how to make them open their bags; even they can hold one’s arms & dress failing to do so & becomes violent & abusive after you show them strict reaction. If you are sitting in an open air restaurant, enjoying delicious food with family or friends, they can make you irritating & spoil your evening. If they have knocked your door and you are at home, then charity is obligatory on you. They will not leave your door until unless you don’t give them their desired money.

Sometimes, you may find them interesting with their surprising actions, as I had had seen an incident, while having tea in an open air restaurant, I saw a young beggar running as if dogs were chasing him, appeared from one side and disappeared in the market. Then we noticed another beggar running to chase the first one and shouting “catch him, catch him, he has snatched my cell phone”, a beggar with a cell phone sounds interesting, but the most interesting part he was running like athletes holding a “besakhi” in his hands.

In an another incident, while driving from Arts Council to I.I.Chundrigar Road, I saw two beggars at the Shaheen Complex signal talking about the rate of the “rights to beg at this signal”, which was Rs.300,000/- for 3 months. I was surprised, rather socked.

It is also a fact; some high standard international level beggars make their trip to Middle East Arab Countries to cash the season. UAE & Saudi Arabia are their most favorite destinations. During my stay in Sharjah (UAE) I encountered a young man with beard collecting donations in the name of some Mosques & Madarasas. It is strictly prohibited here & you are also earning bad name for all of us Pakistanis, I informed him. Please give me lunch if you don’t want to pay money, he requested. I offered him a lunch in restaurant downstairs & went inside my apartment to take cash. As soon as I came out I saw him running towards stairs. After I came out of the building he had crossed the road. Later I saw him on a web-video, someone have made to expose this cheater professional beggar.

I don’t know what the police & concerned authorities are doing to eradicate this social filth, but people say these beggars are a strong mafia & powerful people are backing them. If we can’t stop this whole business by force, we at least resist it tactically by not donating them at all. I just want to alert people about the consequence that by donating these professional & seasonal beggars we are not only encouraging them but also impeding the rights of the real needy people.

This small act of donating charity to professional beggars out of our ignorance actually harms the overall economic cycle of the society. Isn’t it better we look around for a real needy person who is hesitant to ask us for help in our relatives, neighbors & friends & lend him money as “Qarz-e-Hasana” as it is most liked in Islam?

Stop Killing My Shiite Brothers – A Sunni’s Plea

Courtesy Digital Journal, August 14, 2012:

Cross posted at: World Shia Forum:

I wonder, what is the difference between me and my Shiite Brothers which makes me sacred & my blood worthy and their blood worthless for some people? Doesn’t we belong to the same human race for which the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had said, “Killing a human is as if we killed all of the humanity” then why my Shiite Brothers have to suffer continues genocide? Does ego & personal opinion counts more then the clear instructions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that a person ignoring all the teachings of Islam start killing others considering it right?

Last Friday, the 22nd Ramadan 1433 Hijri, Shiite Processions had been organized all over the country with reference to the Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (R.A.). In Karachi, some un-identified gun man opened fire at the Procession near Bolton Market of Kharadar area leaving three injured. Law Enforcement Agencies in turn did aerial firing. People started protesting & pelting stones on Rangers/Police vehicles. The peaceful procession turned to a violent protest. Leaders of ‘Shiite Ulema Council’ & ‘Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’ controlled the situation. This attempt would be linked to ongoing Shiite Genocide.

Let us have a look at Shiite Genocide only this year, many similar incidents across the country have been reported wherein terrorists segregated Shiite Muslim Passengers from Sunnis & killed them cold blooded. In Mustung, Kohistan & Chilas eye witness have reported the same process of segregating Shiites from Sunnis & killing them after lining-up. The incident of April 03rd in Chilas unveiled the terrorists as the operatives of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), a banned militant/terrorist outfit currently working as Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal-Jamat (ASWJ). Only in last 06 months more then 300 Shiites have been reported murdered.

One may ask where the Law Enforcement Agencies are when genocide of such a level is being done. The Asian Human Rights Commission responds to this question stating, “PAKISTAN: The killing of Shias – it is hard to refute the accusation that the military was involved – February 29, 2012.”

There are clear indications that if not Army/ISI then someone linked with them is involved in this ongoing genocide. All the recent incidents of Shiite Killings in Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa & Balochistan have happened near military or para-military areas. In Kohistan District of KPK the men who attacked and killed 18 Shiites were in Pak Army’s uniform & it is hard to roam around with weapons or to be in Uniform without the permission/knowledge of Army in these areas.

In Pakistan, Shiite Killings is not a new phenomenon. We may find its roots back in General Ayub’s regime when more then 100 Shiites were martyred just in one day. In General Zia-ul-Haq era formation of extremist militant outfits & ISI’s support to them amplified the genocide. Post Soviet-Afghan war era was more disastrous not only for Pakistan but also for Shiite Community. After finding it hard to continue their Jihadi Agenda in Afghanistan & Kashmir the monster made their way back in Pakistan and have waged their Jihad against Shiites, Ahmadis, Brailvis, Christians & Hindus even against liberal Deobandis & Salafis who do not agree their terrorists line of action. Initially the Shiite ethnic cleansing had been tried to portray as Shiite-Sunni ethnic violence, thanks to PPP & MQM who have exposed the conspiracy by uniting both the sects.

The conspiracy to malign Sunnis for Shiite killings has been exposed.  Despite attempts to cover those people everyone now know the real culprits. Keeping the danger in view country is facing, isn’t it the right time to stop killing Shiite Brothers and get rid of all such sectarian & ethnic divides?

We Desire Neither Reward Nor Acclaim

Courtesy Digital Journal, August 14, 2012:

A phrase “We desire neither reward nor acclaim” written at the ‘about’ page of the website of Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) depicts the true picture of its main body, the MQM & its founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. The life of Mr. Hussain is a true example of “Service to Humanity” as mentioned on the welcome page of KKF’s website & he really proved it by forming this charity organization. While searching for the detail of recent brawl between PTI & PMLN over serious allegations on Shoukat Khanum Memorial Hospital’s administration I accidentally reached at KKF’s website. I personally didn’t like dragging a noble charity organization like SKMH into dirty politics, but this all business prompted me to look deeper inside affairs of KKF, a scandal-free institution.

This is not the first time a social & welfare organization has been targeted for political mileage, Imran Khan’s Shoukat Khanam Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMH) has came in lime light when N-League’s Khuwaja Asif alleged its administration to use public’s donation into real state gambling in Middle East. It has erupted an endless brawl & debate between the leaders, workers & supporters of PMLN & PTI in media. In the past several other charitable organizations had had been tried to malign like Edhi Foundation & Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation (KKF) for ulterior motives, specifically the later one faced intense campaign against it being a wing of Mutahidda Qoumi Movement, the MQM.

The foundation stone of KKF was laid down by the founder & leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain himself in 1978. Initially known as Khidmat-e-Khalq Committee (KKC) later transformed into KKF in January 1998, had had started charitable works even before the formation of the main body, i.e. MQM in the shape of the educational assistance to the poor & needy students & the initial donation was contributed by Mr. Hussain himself & his companions out of their pocket money & remuneration for the tuition given to other students. In the same period KKF distributed record breaking amount of foods, clothing & medical aid goods among the dispossessed stranded Pakistanis & set up medical camps.

KKF has a long history of humanitarian services, routine monthly financial assistance to the poor & needy people, annual distribution of goods in the holy month of Ramadan for poor & needy, assistance to orphan girls for marriages & dowries, free medical assistance & medications round the year, quality education for the needy children with the help of the SUN Charity UK/USA, free legal assistance to the victims of the state repression under the banner of Legal Aid Committee, in case of disasters setting up of relief camps throughout the affected areas equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities & shipping of the relief goods worth millions of rupees for the victims.

While going through the facts one wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t other then KKF who for the first time in the history of the country had set-up a “Muft Bazar” (free market) for the poor & the needy where the commodities were totally free of cost. KKF has a well organized Ambulance & Coffin carrier service, mobile dispensaries & field hospitals. It also setup medical aid camps during the month of Moharram. KKF have many achievements on its credit, relief works for the earthquake victims of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Azad Kashmir & other areas, relief works for the flood victims throughout the country, relief work for the victims of bomb blasts & other tragedies etc.

KKF’s service to humanity has not only been appreciated within the country but also got international recognition. The Consul General of Malaysia Mr. Muhammad Khalid Abdul Razzaq visited the office of KKF & appreciated their services. He also donated to KKF. Vice Consul General Japan Mr. Hikita Tsuyoshi visited KKF & appreciated their work. World famous Pakistani Cricket Super Star Shahid Khan Afridi also visited KKF’s office and appreciated its diligent efforts to serve the nation. Pakistan’s National Hero & Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan visited Nazeer Hussain University, a project of Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation & applauds its formation & the services of KKF.

The above are some of the example of KKF’s services & its recognition. We should learn to appreciate those who are serving the humanity instead of dragging them into politics to malign their image.