A Wakeup Call from Altaf Bhai

Courtesy “The News Blog” Saturday 21/07/2012:

Recently, Altaf Hussain, or as we call him Altaf bhai, in a lecture delivered to his party workers, at the International Secretariat, London, went very sentimental stressing that the politicians were busy playing the power politics while the country’s security, sovereignty & integrity is at a great risk (Does he exclude himself from the list or not, is a question). He believes that the so-called democratic government’s failed foreign policies have put the country under a huge threat to his existence.

According to him, a few days back only, the US Congress has sent a bill to Obama Administration to declare a militant group in Pakistan as Foreign Terrorists Organization (FTO) and asked Pakistan to work against it. The bill also requires Obama Administration to highlight whether the group meets the criteria to be declared as FTO & if the Pakistani Govt. is helping the US deal with the same group or not. The worst part was that, Pakistan itself could be declared a rogue state if any of the same militant group were found involved in any act of terrorism outside Pakistan. So, what leaves me wondering is, do we stand next in line for an operation in the guise of the ‘sacred war against terrorism’?

Moreover, Altaf bhai discussed the strategic geopolitical position of Pakistan, its foreign policies and the loopholes in it. Sadly, as he believes that Pakistan itself had created problems for its existence by forming the militant organizations to combat with Ex Soviet Union. Ironically, the same militant organizations have now turned into hungry monsters and are after our defense mechanism.

Turning to the bleeding issues of Balochistan, he advised the Govt. & all other politicians to accept all the conditions placed by the Baloch as long as they assure us the unity & sovereignty of Pakistan. Sadly speaking, instead of paying heed to his sincere suggestions, the critics of MQM & Altaf Hussain have started slinging mud on him once again. Surely there isn’t any logical argument to counter Altaf bhai but to call him a British Citizen, terrorist, traitor and what not.

This is definitely not the first time, Altaf bhai has tried to wake-up and unite the nation. In the past, he has many a times to the Public, Govt, Military, Journalists and the Judiciary to rise above the self-oriented interests so that we can fight the foreign enemy. Aren’t there rumors that Afghanistan would wedge a war like situation against Pakistan through its northwestern boarders?

The question is, that in such a situation, will the US support us or will try to rip us off our Nuclear & Strategic Assets? History is a witness that Altaf bhai’s forecasts are a result of his visionary approach and an evidence of his love and sincerity towards the country & the nation. And so even though there are critics who don’t bother to consider his realistic approaches & forecasts, a vast majority of public has put their trust in him & considers Bhai to be their leader.


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