Waderai ka Beta

Originally this article was published in “The News Blog” on 16/07/2012 & later published in “Dunya News Blog” on 24/07/2012.


I am inspired by “Waderai ka Beta” by Ali Gul Pir not because of its music, lyrics or humor but by the theme which hammered the roots of many problems in our society in a very light mood. While listening to the funny description of how a feudal son works his way out regarding his education, influence, and accomplices, one may say, he portrayed the whole social scenario in just a few lines. However, let me say, the sins of these Waderas & their sons are far bigger than those mentioned by Ali Gul Pir.

It is not just a simple case of the waderas & their sons enjoying a lavish lifestyle of their own wealth; rather it is an issue of plundering our money. It is not a matter of them threatening to put people in jail for no reason; rather it is a social issue of how they have made their own jails, putting dozens behind bars. Needless to say, it is also not just about having fake college or university degrees but it is of concern when it comes to deciding our future prospects.

Mostly waderas and their sons keep armed guards, are influential and also use false cases against rivals to victimize them. However this is not limited to waderas alone, we may find a wadera culture in every department be it politics, bureaucracy, military, journalism, judiciary even the modern day educated business tycoons have proved to be waderas.

Some are exposed in corruption cases through looting and plundering public funds, while others have been exposed by taking bribes, plots and permits, some may be found using powers and authorities to obtain benefits. It is no wonder then that an ordinary person is unable to stop or even raise his voice against this injustice which has spread its tentacles as those of a octopus.

Ali Gul Pir may have highlighted many aspects of a wadera based culture. From traditional wadera attire to the wadera status symbol “Pajero”. He also mentioned the fact that a traditional wadera usually doesn’t even know where from the money is flowing from. Furthermore he uncovered many ways through which waderas and their sons utilize money on luxury cars, branded shoes, expensive watches, dresses and partying with friends. The funny part of the description, while explaining psychological pressure which a wadera exerts on our society, we may hear everyone repeating this line “Saeen tou saeen – Saeen ka Kutta bhi saeen”!

Though being presented through a humorous take, it depicts the true picture of our society. The reality hammering in the whole presentation attracted people so much so that after the video had been uploaded on June 14 by Ali Gul Pir, till date it has been watched by 1,310,383 times, the counter may be increased if we add counts from the same video uploaded by others which is also not less than 420,000 hits in last 1 month. The hits predict this counter will surely go on.


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