Jamat-e-Islami Finds New Shoulders to Climb onto

In a recent meeting between Syed Munawar Hassan of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) & Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) both the leaders agreed on a joint campaign against Govt. & its allies & vowed to defend Judiciary from conspiracies. Imran Khan, while briefing the media stated that JI & PTI are like minded & want change in the country, for that both the parties agreed to omit chances of alliance with any of the parties in the house.

It was the first time PTI tried to evade political isolation unlike the past & tied the knots with a right wing party with less political weight unlikely to yield benefits to PTI. Jamat, despite its strong organizational structure & educated middle class follower-ship, hardly managed to win a few seats in its 65 years history in Pakistan. Wikileaks also exposed its connections with Taliban & Al-Qaida. Does Imran Khan really showed a mature approach by joining hands with JI or as per past experiences, had done a blunder again by closing the doors for other political parties, which could put PTI into real political isolation. Interestingly as against Khan’s claim both JI & PTI are different in nature, approach, vision & mission. JI is conservative in nature while PTI claims to be liberal & enlightened as per Iqbal’s vision.

In a recent survey, PEW research centre revealed Imran Khan as the most popular leader in Pakistan. 7 out of 10 Pakistanis liked Khan in a face to face survey by the centre. Media is projecting him as a National Level Leader. Political Analysts have already expressed their opinion in his favour. In this scenario JI’s hand shake with PTI is chary. Does JI, this time, is trying to use PTI’s shoulders to climb onto? Like it had done with Z.A.Bhutto back in 1970s, Zia-ul-Haq, a military dictator, during 1980s, Nawaz Sharif during 1990s & sectarian & religious groups during 2000s by exploiting Anti American sentiments.

During Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989) Jamat was considered to be on the same page as Pakistani ISI & US CIA & was blamed for being funded by CIA to fight their war in Afghanistan against USSR. Its influence in Military & Civil Establishment put more doubts on its role. The question is how PTI circles would take this alliance? Are they ready to be known as ‘Fundamentalist’ or they would opt to be known as ‘Liberals & Progressives’? Possibly Jamat is intended to grab its share out of this alliance in case PTI gets a landslide victory in upcoming elections.

Perhaps, PMLQ or MQM were the most suitable options for PTI if it is to show maturity in politics & broaden its chances to be in power.

PS: We initiated a poll to have an idea what general public thinks if the alliance with Jamat-e-Islami & other sectarian outfits will harm PTI? See the results.



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