A Nation in a State of Denial

Strange but true, we don’t want to accept our faults & rectify them on individual & collective basis. As a nation we are morally corrupt. Lets’ go through some examples to realize the fact.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoey, a producer director, a proud Pakistani awarded first ever Oscar of country’s history, not only denied appreciation by some groups for her brilliant work but also an organized campaign was launched by so-called Islamic radicals to malign her image. Her guilt was to expose acid terrorism against women in Pakistan. The question here, shouldn’t we realize the widespread terrorism & injustice against the women in the society & try to eliminate the same, instead of maligning the person highlighting these weaknesses? The perception of “State of Denial” here seems valid when we deny such weaknesses & avoid rectifying the same.

A similar case, Mukhtaran Bibi, a gang rape victim was forced to keep quiet & not seek the justice as it would highlight the rape cases reported in the country. Ex-President Pervez Musharraf admitted restricting her movements in 2005 fearing lose of country’s image by her work. Her crime too was to highlight the terrorism against women by powerful elites & our ‘state of denial’ doesn’t let us realize the wrong in order to rectify it.

Police has started hiding rape cases from Media. In an incident a girl Shumaila of Gujranwala was reported abducted & continued being raped for 6 days. The accused was arrested & the victim was handed over to family after medical examination, but media was tried to keep away from the whole episode, the same ‘state of denial’ can be observed here.

We may also take Taliban sympathizers as example. Taliban killed more then 35 thousands Pakistanis in suicide attacks, destroyed public & military infrastructure, worsen the law & order situation resulting in economic downfall of the country, have put the nation at the verge of the sectarian war & ruined the image of religion but are still praised by the majority who considers them as Muhajideen (the holy warriors).

The same ‘state of denial’ persuades us to follow the corrupt & failed politicians who plundered & looted the country & its resources & hence pushed our majority below the poverty line. Are we ignorant as a nation who can’t see their wrong doings or we don’t want to accept the reality?

Corruption has permeated deep into our system. We can’t run our affairs for a single day without bribes. The Govt. officials & the law enforcers keep repeating “all is well” & the outlaws continue their job. Suicide attacks, target killings, abductions, killing after torture, gang rapes, armed clashes, street crimes, financial crimes, every sort of crimes is a routine now but our state of denial don’t let us accept our failure.

Even, Asma Jehangir, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan and human rights activist, was/is not only threatened but attacked for her stand for women rights. Be it Salamat Masih case accused for Blasphemy or Saima Sarwar divorce case or be it symbolic mixed-gender marathon to highlight discrimination against women in the society, Jehangir had to face strong opposition in the shape of threats, demonstrations, attacks & insult during police raids wherein Police Officers tried to tear-off her cloths ordered by high-ups.

Its true, we are heading towards a complete chaos because of this state of denial. We are going to be known as a failed state, a bankrupt country, a corrupt nation, a gang of rogues rather then a civilized nation. We are making our image as extremists, fanatics, corrupt & uncivilized individuals & nation. Refutation of our weaknesses & mistakes won’t let us realize our cynical future. Realization of our faults/errors is the first step of the ladder to the progress. We can’t climb onto the top until we put ourselves on the first step, for that we need to come out of this state of denial.


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