PTI & culture of aggressive & abusive politics

The article originally published in Dunya TV’s Blog on June 29, 2012. & Cross Posted at on 16/07/2012.

Expressing her views on twitter, the Internet Social Media site, Ms. Shireen Mazari, leader & spokesperson on foreign affairs of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said:

“Ok ppl have informed me that ANP Senator\’s refusal to meet Raja Rental had nothing to do with principles! I was giving him benefit of doubt!”

Wherein she had given name “Raja Rental” to the democratic & elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Raja Pervez Ashraf. A name definitely not associated or liked by him.

At a glance it doesn’t seems to be a big issue, worth writing a blog on, or give ample time to be discussed, but really it isn’t a matter of concern for all of us as the insulting name to the PM have suggested by a leader of a political party proclaiming to be the future of Pakistan, claims follower-ship of millions & believes in its strength of youth. These youth takes inspiration from their leaders & it already has been said ‘PTI’s youth are the most aggressive & abusive in the Pakistani Politics’.

It had started when PTI emerged as a party confronting the feudal & traditional politicians in Pakistan, especially in Punjab. It raised slogans of a corruption free Society. The supporters base it acquired was mostly of the fresh lot of youth aged b/w 15 to 25 years, lacking experience, without proper guidance, unaware of the diplomatic manners, above all considering themselves the most loyal & patriot Pakistanis declaring all others as traitors & terrorists. They learnt to label each & everyone as traitors & criminals if one doesn’t agree with their views, even they start calling names, abusing people with contrast views including their family members & start giving threats if one not agreed. Not only ordinary public but a lot of Newspaper Editors, Journalists, TV/Media Persons etc. have got threatening SMS messages, emails, phone calls & letters.

Later, the journalists, anchor persons, editors, columnists etc. shared their experiences how they were insulted by PTI supporters. Some of the Media Persons declared it Cyber Terrorism & hence PTI from the very beginning started the culture of aggressiveness, abuses & terrorism on Social Media Networks. Mr. Arif Alvi, Secretary General of PTI via the same Social Media urged their supporters to avoid such aggressive & abusive activities for which PTI would be marked with bad name but unheard.

It is a common observation, PTI’s conventions & events are end up with fights & disputes, and mismanagement is a common factor in all its activities. PTI’s workers or supporters are found indulged in Cyber Terrorism, going ahead, some central leader has also shown such a dreadful conduct practically in live tv talk shows. In January 2011 PTI Sindh President Mr. Naeem Ul Haq had used abusive words for Mr. Jamil Soomro of Pakistan People’s Party & thrown a Glass of Water at him after Mr. Soomro abused him the same way.

Another incident wherein PTI Youth Wing Lahore’s Ex-President Mr. Ali Bukhari was insulted & thrown out of the conference hall by Mr. Abrar-ul-Haq, Coordinator Youth Wing, PTI.

The Chairman of PTI Mr. Imran Khan in a message urged their online workers & supporters to be gentle & logical while arguing with political opponents

But surprisingly he himself found abusing leaders of different political / religious parties

During Abbotabad Convention, Imran Khan insulting Moulana Fazalur Rehman of JUI calling him Moulana Diesel

Imran Khan insulting MQM leaders & their millions of followers:

Imran Khan insulting President Asif Ali Zardari

Imran Khan insulting Mian Nawaz Shareef & other PMLN leaders

Above examples are enough to imagine the extent to which PTI leaders & followers has gone obnoxious. No one is safe from their filthy, abusive, threatening & sub-standard comments & the incidents of physical assault to their own people is a clear warning they might go aggressive with the opponents if needed.

PTI, in order to remain a democratic political party, should initiate counseling & training sessions not only for their workers & supporters but also for their leaders too. Democracy is all about to respect each and everyone’s freedom of expression, free will & in accepting others’ rights. Failing in compliance of the spirit of democracy PTI would be history either or would be known as a Gang of Rogues only.

PS: While writing these lines I saw a ticker on a tv channel which says: “Its sad Raja Rental have become the Prime Minister – Imran Khan.”


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