19 June 1992 – When Democracy Deceived (Part-2)

The humiliation & mass killings of innocent MQM workers specifically & Muhajir community generally, continued for almost ten years & still is continue. Irony is that the PMLN Govt. was dissolved by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, charging for Extra Judicial Killings & Worst Law & Order situation especially in Karachi/Hyderabad, but the subsequent Govt. of PPP continued the same policies. The period of 1993-1996 saw a new spat of Genocide when PPP’s Federal Interior Minister Retired General Naseer Ullah Babar, known as the ‘Butcher of Karachi’ ordered Agencies to ‘Catch-&-Kill’ the MQM workers even if they found innocent. (Many military personnel confirm this to me). PPP Govt. dissolved by its own President Farooq Ahmed Khan Laghari charging the same Extra Judicial Killing & Worst Law & Order Situation. Later, PMLN repeated the same story while MQM was their ally in its 2nd tenure 1997-1999 & subsequently sacked by the Military on attempt to Hijack COAS’s plan while he was returning home from China.

The Extra Judicial Killings of Muhajir Community, started in 1992, revealed their sole motive was to eradicate the Muhajir Nation from the face of the Earth. The Genocide of Muhajir Community today is being carried out by different Gangs & Mafias on behalf of PPP, PMLN or Establishment, & Judiciary; Media & Human Rights Organizations are acting as silent spectators.

The facts above raise many serious questions on State of Pakistan, on Constitution, on Law Enforcement Agencies, on Judiciary, on Media, on role of Political/Religious Parties:

– Are we living in a Jungle or in a Democratic Country?
– Does every Pakistani have equal rights as promised by the “Holy Constitution” or we need to elucidate it again to classify the people for the extent of their rights?
– Is Judiciary & Media really independent?
– For what sake the Law Enforcing Departments we have; for the safety of the people or for their brutal actions against the people?
– When will the Judiciary / Media play their role? Are they really unbiased?
– Difference of opinion is the essence of a true democracy; but in our country why this considered as treason?
– Why Different Political/Religious parties amuse if any other is facing victimization? Eventually the amusing parties may fall victim later.

It now has been 20 years; many of the actors have confessed their blatant lies, wrong doing, propaganda against a loyal & patriot party sincere with the nation & the country. All the allegations have been proved wrong. General Naseer Akhtar; the then Corps Commandar Karachi; Brigadier Imtiaz; the then Director General Intellegence Bureau; Retd. Col. Akbar & many of the characters have confessed about the conspiracy proving MQM, its leadership & workers innocent & loyal Pakistanis.

The fake cases engineered against MQM, its leadership & workers are still pending in different courts. Many cases had been disposed of in favour of MQM, proving the nature of the cases and how a Nation had been tried to be criminalize, victimize, terrorize & denied justice. Ch. Shujaat Hussain, Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam Group), a break away faction of PMLN, the then Interior Minister in the PMLN Govt. openly confessed the State Sponsored Genocide of Muhajir Community & informed in the National Assembly about the Mass Grave of MQM workers abducted by the Law Enforcers from Karachi and buried near Margala Hills, Islamabad, after extra judicial torture to death.

The Operation, the confession, the revelation & the court verdicts are all sufficient proofs of the serious human right violations. The U.N. Charter on Human Rights states that:

“Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom… Now, therefore the General Assembly proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations…”
– Preamble, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

The U.N. declaration affirms the Fundamental Human Rights & the dignity and worth of a human person, but the State Sponsored Terrorism of PMLN & subsequent Governments proved them guilty of serious violation of the Human Rights Declaration of the UN. This is a question mark on the progress & neutrality of our Judiciary & Media, they can cry on petty issues, while keep silence on serious violation of Constitution of Pakistan, UN Charter & its declarations. Above all killing a person is equal to kill all the humanity.

Mass Killings of Pakistan’s 5th Nation, i.e. Muhajir Community is not a petty issue. It should be considered a serious violation of Constitution & UN Charter on priority & dealt unbiased.


2 thoughts on “19 June 1992 – When Democracy Deceived (Part-2)

  1. Amin

    تمام شہدائے حق کو سلام ۔ لیکن جھوٹا فوجی آپریشن ثابت ہونے کے بعد پندرہ بزار سے زائد شہیدوں کا خون کا جواب کون دے گا ؟؟؟؟


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