19 June 1992 – When Democracy Deceived (Part-1)

Aristotle describes Democracy as a system assures equal rights & voting powers to every individual. The (384BC – 322BC) definition lead the foundation of today’s most developed & developing democracies which may differ in structure but the fundamental rules are the same. USA following the presidential while U.K & India (the biggest democracy) are following the parliamentary structure of the government. Irrespective of the structure the countries are flourishing & yielding the fruits of democracy to their people.

Pakistan after independence from British Empire gone through different phases, Marshal Law, Civil Marshal Law, Democracy, and Democracy under Military Ruler etc. but every ruler vowed the supremacy of the Constitution. The Article 4 of the Constitution – 1973 of Pakistan describes the rights of individual as:

4. Right of individuals to be dealt with in accordance with law, etc.:
(1) To enjoy the protection of law and to be treated in accordance with law is the inalienable right of every citizen, wherever he may be, and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan.
(2) In particular :-
(a) no action detrimental to the life, liberty, body, reputation or property of any person shall be taken except in accordance with law;
(b) no person shall be prevented from or be hindered in doing that which is not prohibited by law; and
(c) no person shall be compelled to do that which the law does not require him to do.


Whereas the constitution itself assures the civil rights & liberties to every individual within the democracy & the rulers abide by the Constitution bound to ensure its implementation, found violating it at will and the sprit of the democracy deceived by the caretakers themselves. Country saw many Marshal Law throwing out the constitution & denying the civil rights, but the darkest era of its kind when a Democratically Elected Government of Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Group (PMLN) denied the civil rights of its own ally, the Mutahidda Quomi Movement (MQM) [formerly knows as Muhajir Quomi Movement] & launched an Illegal & Unconstitutional Military Operation against the party which later proved as the State Sponsored Genocide of the Muhajir Community.

It was 19 June 1992 when Pakistan saw a unique example of betrayal & the PMLN Govt. lead Military Operation against outlaws turned political victimization for (MQM), its supporters & against whole Muhajir Community. The Law Enforcement Agencies raided the offices of MQM arresting thousands of its leaders, workers & sympathizers with no reason. Sealed their offices, forced them to change their loyalties to a newly created group by PMLN & Agencies namely MQM (H). The new group formed was aimed to pretend a break away faction of MQM lead by some of the leaders & workers who didn’t like MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain & his policies. In reality the new group was nothing but a bunch of criminals, lead by some of the Ex-MQM middle level officials who had been expelled from the party years back.

The newly created group backed by the Govt. & Agencies tried for greater control over the city & all other areas previously dominated by MQM. This resulted as a complete chaos in all the urban centers especially in Karachi & Hyderabad. The criminal & terrorist activities of Haqiqi Group lead by Afaq Ahmed paralyzed the city & all the economic activities came to a halt yielding great losses to National Income & GDP and hence the country suffered great recession.

Law Enforcements Agencies coupled with Haqiqi Terrorist Group were fully backed & supported by PMLN, PPP, PPI, PSA, ANP, Jamat-e-Islami & similar groups who didn’t want MQM to be the representatives of the Middle Class. An estimated 15000 workers of MQM were killed by the Agencies and many more were killed by their supported groups like Haqiqi. It was a planned conspiracy against the Muhajir Community for their economic & social annihilation.

MQM’s MNA & MPA, being the representatives of the Urban Sindh, had gone underground for years. They were not allowed to live a normal life in their homes with their families. People were officially barred to support, sponsor or raise voice for MQM. Workers were being killed everyday & the families were not allowed to register F.I.R. Law Enforcement Agencies acted as if they were not the Pakistanis nor even the human. Many of them found murdered, tied their hands on the back, drilled with drill machines, nails detached from fingers. Several bodies found in gunny bags without nose, ears & other body parts. Police invented many torture methods & applied to innocent MQM workers.


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