Sindhu Desh, Azad Balochistan & Miseries of Common Man

The abhorrence between native Baloch people & Non-Baloch Settlers in Balochistan has amplified as a consequence of Azad Balochistan campaign by some miscreant. Attacks on Punjabi & Urdu Speaking settlers are very common & killings of Hazara Community people have put us all in deep grief. The same is witnessed in Sindh where Sindhi nationalists have widened the gaps between native & non-native Sindhis. Recent target killing of Non-Native Sindhis in Qazi Ahmed & Pakka Qila Urdu Speaking Genocide back in 1990 are sore memories. The viability of such demands is not in question; here the main concern is if parting from Pakistan will abolish all the grievances of the common Sindhi & Baloch people?

Baloch & Sindhi people are actively participating in electoral process & sending their representatives in the parliament among from themselves for last 65 years. Z.A.Bhutto, Mumtaz Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Muhammad Khan Jonejo, Mir Zafarullah Jamali, Nawab Akbar Bugti & President Asif Ali Zardari etc. were/are the powerful figures in the parliament, remained on the key positions in the country. Irony is that despite native Sindhi & Baloch parliamentarian, elected again and again by the people, failed heavily to deliver their own constituencies & continued to blame others, especially Punjab, for their failure.

What separation from Pakistan would yield them? Separate geographical boundary, separate currency, indigenous policies, but, the same question again, will it abolish all the grievances of the common man? The answer is a big NO!!! Why do we forget the story of yesterday’s East Pakistan & today’s Bangladesh. Have they achieved everything they had dreamed of? Or common people are still suffering there? If separation from Pakistan was the only choice why didn’t they have achieved the status of a developed country till now?

In context of Balochistan & Sindh, it is obvious the same feudal will continue to be the public representatives, & the hope for betterment of the people will completely be eroded keeping the fact in view there wouldn’t be any strong opposition for the same feudal to keep a check & balance thereon, so why don’t they opt for other solutions, for example:

– Changing their voting patterns & electing Middle Class leadership instead of feudal;
– Creating many sub-provinces/administrative units in the sacred boundaries of the existing provinces;
– Declaring Industrial/Commercial cities as autonomous areas and taking help from them to develop under-developed cities;
– A budget-to-budget local government through constitutional amendment, wherein a city govt. would be terminated by the provincial govt. before the next budget, if they fail achieving the targets;

It has been said; when there is a will there is a way. When we make prosperous & developed town/city/province/country, our will, there would be a way out definitely. Nationalists & Separatists must consider the point that isolation and separation is not a good idea. Unity is power, why don’t they put their energies in abolishing the grievances of common man instead of spreading hate & racism? This is the time for common Sindhi & Baloch people to think and act wisely!
Note: The author is Financial as well as Political Analyst having Double Masters Degree (in Economics & Finance and International Relations) and can be reached at:


One thought on “Sindhu Desh, Azad Balochistan & Miseries of Common Man

  1. tabbasum

    This is all because Punjab dominance, Pakistan faced several Marshal laws and because of this ,there is strong hold of Army (mainly consist of Punjabi’s)in Pakistan , Punjabi grasp the every opportunities in Baluchistan thats why they kill Punjabi’s .In Sindh their leaders, to hide their failure and corruption they spread hatred between native and non-native sindhis so public remain busy in fighting and they enjoy looting khazana and fill their Swiss bank accounts


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