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PTI & culture of aggressive & abusive politics

The article originally published in Dunya TV’s Blog on June 29, 2012. & Cross Posted at on 16/07/2012.

Expressing her views on twitter, the Internet Social Media site, Ms. Shireen Mazari, leader & spokesperson on foreign affairs of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said:

“Ok ppl have informed me that ANP Senator\’s refusal to meet Raja Rental had nothing to do with principles! I was giving him benefit of doubt!”

Wherein she had given name “Raja Rental” to the democratic & elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Raja Pervez Ashraf. A name definitely not associated or liked by him.

At a glance it doesn’t seems to be a big issue, worth writing a blog on, or give ample time to be discussed, but really it isn’t a matter of concern for all of us as the insulting name to the PM have suggested by a leader of a political party proclaiming to be the future of Pakistan, claims follower-ship of millions & believes in its strength of youth. These youth takes inspiration from their leaders & it already has been said ‘PTI’s youth are the most aggressive & abusive in the Pakistani Politics’.

It had started when PTI emerged as a party confronting the feudal & traditional politicians in Pakistan, especially in Punjab. It raised slogans of a corruption free Society. The supporters base it acquired was mostly of the fresh lot of youth aged b/w 15 to 25 years, lacking experience, without proper guidance, unaware of the diplomatic manners, above all considering themselves the most loyal & patriot Pakistanis declaring all others as traitors & terrorists. They learnt to label each & everyone as traitors & criminals if one doesn’t agree with their views, even they start calling names, abusing people with contrast views including their family members & start giving threats if one not agreed. Not only ordinary public but a lot of Newspaper Editors, Journalists, TV/Media Persons etc. have got threatening SMS messages, emails, phone calls & letters.

Later, the journalists, anchor persons, editors, columnists etc. shared their experiences how they were insulted by PTI supporters. Some of the Media Persons declared it Cyber Terrorism & hence PTI from the very beginning started the culture of aggressiveness, abuses & terrorism on Social Media Networks. Mr. Arif Alvi, Secretary General of PTI via the same Social Media urged their supporters to avoid such aggressive & abusive activities for which PTI would be marked with bad name but unheard.

It is a common observation, PTI’s conventions & events are end up with fights & disputes, and mismanagement is a common factor in all its activities. PTI’s workers or supporters are found indulged in Cyber Terrorism, going ahead, some central leader has also shown such a dreadful conduct practically in live tv talk shows. In January 2011 PTI Sindh President Mr. Naeem Ul Haq had used abusive words for Mr. Jamil Soomro of Pakistan People’s Party & thrown a Glass of Water at him after Mr. Soomro abused him the same way.

Another incident wherein PTI Youth Wing Lahore’s Ex-President Mr. Ali Bukhari was insulted & thrown out of the conference hall by Mr. Abrar-ul-Haq, Coordinator Youth Wing, PTI.

The Chairman of PTI Mr. Imran Khan in a message urged their online workers & supporters to be gentle & logical while arguing with political opponents

But surprisingly he himself found abusing leaders of different political / religious parties

During Abbotabad Convention, Imran Khan insulting Moulana Fazalur Rehman of JUI calling him Moulana Diesel

Imran Khan insulting MQM leaders & their millions of followers:

Imran Khan insulting President Asif Ali Zardari

Imran Khan insulting Mian Nawaz Shareef & other PMLN leaders

Above examples are enough to imagine the extent to which PTI leaders & followers has gone obnoxious. No one is safe from their filthy, abusive, threatening & sub-standard comments & the incidents of physical assault to their own people is a clear warning they might go aggressive with the opponents if needed.

PTI, in order to remain a democratic political party, should initiate counseling & training sessions not only for their workers & supporters but also for their leaders too. Democracy is all about to respect each and everyone’s freedom of expression, free will & in accepting others’ rights. Failing in compliance of the spirit of democracy PTI would be history either or would be known as a Gang of Rogues only.

PS: While writing these lines I saw a ticker on a tv channel which says: “Its sad Raja Rental have become the Prime Minister – Imran Khan.”


Message of Love Vs Message of Hate & Violence

Sunday, June 24, 2012, same date, same city, same type of event but entirely different perspective. Both, Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) & Awami National Party (ANP) organized their conventions for the people hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa Province (KPK).

MQM being alleged for the ethnic & violent politics in urban centers of Sindh organized an unusual event, a general public convention for the people of KPK living & earning their bread in Karachi. Rivals blamed MQM for killings of Pakhtun origin people in Karachi & destroying their businesses & source of income. Karachi, the city of lights has seen much bloodshed in the past highlighting Pakhtun-Muhajir clashes costing innocent lives. MQM was always blamed for the massacre of Pakhtuns, denied all such allegations & vowed the brotherhood & harmony among the ethnic divides.

ANP declares itself the only representative of the Pakhtun Community in the country, having Provincial Govt. in KPK & is a coalition partner in PPP lead Govt. in Islamabad. It claims to be the preacher of Love & Peace following the teaching of their spiritual leader Bacha Khan (Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Founder Leader of Khudai Khidmatgar Tehreek). ANP also have 2 Provincial Assembly seats from Karachi from the Pakhtun dominated areas.

In order to analyze MQM’s strength & popularity among Pakhtun community, in presence of ANP, a Pakhtun based party; I had floated a Poll asking:

MQM’s Pakhtun Convention will be successful or not?

& I got the following results:

Yes = 93.75%
No = 6.25%
Don’t Know = 0%

The above results were indicative only & we had to wait till evening for the on ground reality. To my surprise after the scheduled time, not only the venue, Jinnah Ground, Azizabad, Karachi was full with Pakhtun Community but the rush reached till Mukka Chowk (Nearby Roundabout at Main Road) after failing to reach the ground. The strength, the enthusiastic crowed, women/children/elders participating in the convention, people holding MQM Chief Altaf Hussain’s pictures, kissing it & expressing their love with Mr. Hussain clearly revealed the popularity of MQM & Mr. Altaf Hussain among Pakhtun people. They were singing, dancing, chanting the slogans & showing their full confidence in the leadership of Altaf Hussain.

The care & concern of Mr.Altaf Hussain for their Pakhtun Admirers was also exemplary. He announced Pakhtun & Muhajir are brothers & have the responsibility to guard each other. He advised Muhajir Community in Karachi to protect the lives & belongings of their Pakhtun brothers & wished for harmony & peace in Karachi. It was also important that in such a huge crowed there wasn’t any unpleasant incidence & not even a single man found carrying weapon or chanting hateful slogans.

Contrary to this, ANP’s convention was rather a show off of weapons. Workers & supporters were found with sophisticated weapons & showing hate towards their rivals. Above all ANP Sindh’s Leader, Senator Shahi Syed clearly threatened the Govt., different departments, their rivals & specially MQM of dire consequences.

As the title “Message of Love” (اردو: پیغام محبّت) & whole the convention suggests, MQM had meant to spread love, peace & harmony among ethnic divides specially b/w Muhajir & Pakhtun communities, but ANP’s convention couldn’t meet the standards to be considered a success & yielded a bad name to it with low attendance, irrelevant speeches, threatening tone of the leaders & displaying weapons. It was rather a “Message of Hate & Violence” (اردو: پیغام نفرت و تشدّد)!

MQM’s Pakhtun Jalsa will be successful?

On Sunday, June 24, 2012 MQM is going to organize a Pakhtun Convention in Jinnah Ground, Azizabad, Karachi, nearby its head quarters “90”.

MQM’s Pakhtun Jalsa will be successful?

Everyone is invited to participate in this poll.

19 June 1992 – When Democracy Deceived (Part-2)

The humiliation & mass killings of innocent MQM workers specifically & Muhajir community generally, continued for almost ten years & still is continue. Irony is that the PMLN Govt. was dissolved by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, charging for Extra Judicial Killings & Worst Law & Order situation especially in Karachi/Hyderabad, but the subsequent Govt. of PPP continued the same policies. The period of 1993-1996 saw a new spat of Genocide when PPP’s Federal Interior Minister Retired General Naseer Ullah Babar, known as the ‘Butcher of Karachi’ ordered Agencies to ‘Catch-&-Kill’ the MQM workers even if they found innocent. (Many military personnel confirm this to me). PPP Govt. dissolved by its own President Farooq Ahmed Khan Laghari charging the same Extra Judicial Killing & Worst Law & Order Situation. Later, PMLN repeated the same story while MQM was their ally in its 2nd tenure 1997-1999 & subsequently sacked by the Military on attempt to Hijack COAS’s plan while he was returning home from China.

The Extra Judicial Killings of Muhajir Community, started in 1992, revealed their sole motive was to eradicate the Muhajir Nation from the face of the Earth. The Genocide of Muhajir Community today is being carried out by different Gangs & Mafias on behalf of PPP, PMLN or Establishment, & Judiciary; Media & Human Rights Organizations are acting as silent spectators.

The facts above raise many serious questions on State of Pakistan, on Constitution, on Law Enforcement Agencies, on Judiciary, on Media, on role of Political/Religious Parties:

– Are we living in a Jungle or in a Democratic Country?
– Does every Pakistani have equal rights as promised by the “Holy Constitution” or we need to elucidate it again to classify the people for the extent of their rights?
– Is Judiciary & Media really independent?
– For what sake the Law Enforcing Departments we have; for the safety of the people or for their brutal actions against the people?
– When will the Judiciary / Media play their role? Are they really unbiased?
– Difference of opinion is the essence of a true democracy; but in our country why this considered as treason?
– Why Different Political/Religious parties amuse if any other is facing victimization? Eventually the amusing parties may fall victim later.

It now has been 20 years; many of the actors have confessed their blatant lies, wrong doing, propaganda against a loyal & patriot party sincere with the nation & the country. All the allegations have been proved wrong. General Naseer Akhtar; the then Corps Commandar Karachi; Brigadier Imtiaz; the then Director General Intellegence Bureau; Retd. Col. Akbar & many of the characters have confessed about the conspiracy proving MQM, its leadership & workers innocent & loyal Pakistanis.

The fake cases engineered against MQM, its leadership & workers are still pending in different courts. Many cases had been disposed of in favour of MQM, proving the nature of the cases and how a Nation had been tried to be criminalize, victimize, terrorize & denied justice. Ch. Shujaat Hussain, Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam Group), a break away faction of PMLN, the then Interior Minister in the PMLN Govt. openly confessed the State Sponsored Genocide of Muhajir Community & informed in the National Assembly about the Mass Grave of MQM workers abducted by the Law Enforcers from Karachi and buried near Margala Hills, Islamabad, after extra judicial torture to death.

The Operation, the confession, the revelation & the court verdicts are all sufficient proofs of the serious human right violations. The U.N. Charter on Human Rights states that:

“Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom… Now, therefore the General Assembly proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations…”
– Preamble, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

The U.N. declaration affirms the Fundamental Human Rights & the dignity and worth of a human person, but the State Sponsored Terrorism of PMLN & subsequent Governments proved them guilty of serious violation of the Human Rights Declaration of the UN. This is a question mark on the progress & neutrality of our Judiciary & Media, they can cry on petty issues, while keep silence on serious violation of Constitution of Pakistan, UN Charter & its declarations. Above all killing a person is equal to kill all the humanity.

Mass Killings of Pakistan’s 5th Nation, i.e. Muhajir Community is not a petty issue. It should be considered a serious violation of Constitution & UN Charter on priority & dealt unbiased.

19 June 1992 – When Democracy Deceived (Part-1)

Aristotle describes Democracy as a system assures equal rights & voting powers to every individual. The (384BC – 322BC) definition lead the foundation of today’s most developed & developing democracies which may differ in structure but the fundamental rules are the same. USA following the presidential while U.K & India (the biggest democracy) are following the parliamentary structure of the government. Irrespective of the structure the countries are flourishing & yielding the fruits of democracy to their people.

Pakistan after independence from British Empire gone through different phases, Marshal Law, Civil Marshal Law, Democracy, and Democracy under Military Ruler etc. but every ruler vowed the supremacy of the Constitution. The Article 4 of the Constitution – 1973 of Pakistan describes the rights of individual as:

4. Right of individuals to be dealt with in accordance with law, etc.:
(1) To enjoy the protection of law and to be treated in accordance with law is the inalienable right of every citizen, wherever he may be, and of every other person for the time being within Pakistan.
(2) In particular :-
(a) no action detrimental to the life, liberty, body, reputation or property of any person shall be taken except in accordance with law;
(b) no person shall be prevented from or be hindered in doing that which is not prohibited by law; and
(c) no person shall be compelled to do that which the law does not require him to do.

Whereas the constitution itself assures the civil rights & liberties to every individual within the democracy & the rulers abide by the Constitution bound to ensure its implementation, found violating it at will and the sprit of the democracy deceived by the caretakers themselves. Country saw many Marshal Law throwing out the constitution & denying the civil rights, but the darkest era of its kind when a Democratically Elected Government of Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Group (PMLN) denied the civil rights of its own ally, the Mutahidda Quomi Movement (MQM) [formerly knows as Muhajir Quomi Movement] & launched an Illegal & Unconstitutional Military Operation against the party which later proved as the State Sponsored Genocide of the Muhajir Community.

It was 19 June 1992 when Pakistan saw a unique example of betrayal & the PMLN Govt. lead Military Operation against outlaws turned political victimization for (MQM), its supporters & against whole Muhajir Community. The Law Enforcement Agencies raided the offices of MQM arresting thousands of its leaders, workers & sympathizers with no reason. Sealed their offices, forced them to change their loyalties to a newly created group by PMLN & Agencies namely MQM (H). The new group formed was aimed to pretend a break away faction of MQM lead by some of the leaders & workers who didn’t like MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain & his policies. In reality the new group was nothing but a bunch of criminals, lead by some of the Ex-MQM middle level officials who had been expelled from the party years back.

The newly created group backed by the Govt. & Agencies tried for greater control over the city & all other areas previously dominated by MQM. This resulted as a complete chaos in all the urban centers especially in Karachi & Hyderabad. The criminal & terrorist activities of Haqiqi Group lead by Afaq Ahmed paralyzed the city & all the economic activities came to a halt yielding great losses to National Income & GDP and hence the country suffered great recession.

Law Enforcements Agencies coupled with Haqiqi Terrorist Group were fully backed & supported by PMLN, PPP, PPI, PSA, ANP, Jamat-e-Islami & similar groups who didn’t want MQM to be the representatives of the Middle Class. An estimated 15000 workers of MQM were killed by the Agencies and many more were killed by their supported groups like Haqiqi. It was a planned conspiracy against the Muhajir Community for their economic & social annihilation.

MQM’s MNA & MPA, being the representatives of the Urban Sindh, had gone underground for years. They were not allowed to live a normal life in their homes with their families. People were officially barred to support, sponsor or raise voice for MQM. Workers were being killed everyday & the families were not allowed to register F.I.R. Law Enforcement Agencies acted as if they were not the Pakistanis nor even the human. Many of them found murdered, tied their hands on the back, drilled with drill machines, nails detached from fingers. Several bodies found in gunny bags without nose, ears & other body parts. Police invented many torture methods & applied to innocent MQM workers.

APMSO – Evolution of a Revolution

Only 24 years & 8 months he was when started the journey along-with some of his close aides forming a platform for the students for their rights. He knew all the pros & cones of confronting with the big wigs in politics of Pakistan. Considering this skimpy he opted for a great cause, not ardent to earn fame, sought identification & civil liberties for his people. For that he not only been imprisoned on serious but baseless allegations during marshal law regime but also warned of dire consequences. He was attempted to kill two times & alleged for hundreds of fake cases in absentia. His name is Altaf Hussain & the student organization he formed was “All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization” (APMSO) now “All Pakistan Mutahida Students Organization”.

On 11 June 1978 Mr. Altaf Hussain along with his aids announced the formation of APMSO on the grounds that in Karachi University there were different ethno-linguistic student organizations representing Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baloch, Sindhi, Siraiki, Kashmiri & Gilgiti students but none of them representing Muhajir Community & they had developed a sense of isolation & deprivation. Students paid warm welcome to this development and joined APMSO in numbers. Soon the student movement spread across the educational institutes of the city.

APMSO, representing the students of the educated & liberal Urdu speaking community, desirous to make their separate identity among different ethnic & racial groups, made education its base and persuaded other students to focus their education & skills. It not only arranged Book Fairs, Workshops, Debate Competitions & other literary activities but also highlighted the importance of education under its Study Circles. Keeping away itself from Kalashnikov culture, unlike other ethno-linguistic/so-called religious groups, APMSO emphasized on spreading awareness about religion, inter-sect & inter faith harmony, social & corporate responsibility, individual & collective collaboration for the betterment of the society & the country.

APMSO, from the beginning faced opposition of all ethno-linguistic & religious student groups, specially the student wing of a religious group used immoral & illegal tactics to slander & harm it. APMSO paid heavy price of resisting such activities. Mr. Altaf Hussain being the first Chairman of the APMSO was banned by the ruffians of a So-Called Religious Group to enter Karachi University. Many of its student members were abducted, beaten & tortured inhuman. Hundreds of the workers martyred or physically disabled by torturing them. Keeping the situation in view Mr. Altaf Hussain decided to take out the struggle to the General Public. It laid the formation of Muhajir Qoumi Movement (the MQM) on 18 March 1984, later emerged as the 3rd largest Political Party in Pakistan & 2nd largest in Province of Sindh.

It was a unique example of creation of a strong Political Party from the womb of a Student Organization, contrary to other political groups which form their student wings. It shows the vision, strength, determination & caliber of the member of this student organization & its founders who turned a student group into leaders of international repute. 11 June 2012 is the 34th anniversary of APMSO. Indeed APMSO was the Evolution of that Revolution now known as “the MQM”.

Sindhu Desh, Azad Balochistan & Miseries of Common Man

The abhorrence between native Baloch people & Non-Baloch Settlers in Balochistan has amplified as a consequence of Azad Balochistan campaign by some miscreant. Attacks on Punjabi & Urdu Speaking settlers are very common & killings of Hazara Community people have put us all in deep grief. The same is witnessed in Sindh where Sindhi nationalists have widened the gaps between native & non-native Sindhis. Recent target killing of Non-Native Sindhis in Qazi Ahmed & Pakka Qila Urdu Speaking Genocide back in 1990 are sore memories. The viability of such demands is not in question; here the main concern is if parting from Pakistan will abolish all the grievances of the common Sindhi & Baloch people?

Baloch & Sindhi people are actively participating in electoral process & sending their representatives in the parliament among from themselves for last 65 years. Z.A.Bhutto, Mumtaz Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Muhammad Khan Jonejo, Mir Zafarullah Jamali, Nawab Akbar Bugti & President Asif Ali Zardari etc. were/are the powerful figures in the parliament, remained on the key positions in the country. Irony is that despite native Sindhi & Baloch parliamentarian, elected again and again by the people, failed heavily to deliver their own constituencies & continued to blame others, especially Punjab, for their failure.

What separation from Pakistan would yield them? Separate geographical boundary, separate currency, indigenous policies, but, the same question again, will it abolish all the grievances of the common man? The answer is a big NO!!! Why do we forget the story of yesterday’s East Pakistan & today’s Bangladesh. Have they achieved everything they had dreamed of? Or common people are still suffering there? If separation from Pakistan was the only choice why didn’t they have achieved the status of a developed country till now?

In context of Balochistan & Sindh, it is obvious the same feudal will continue to be the public representatives, & the hope for betterment of the people will completely be eroded keeping the fact in view there wouldn’t be any strong opposition for the same feudal to keep a check & balance thereon, so why don’t they opt for other solutions, for example:

– Changing their voting patterns & electing Middle Class leadership instead of feudal;
– Creating many sub-provinces/administrative units in the sacred boundaries of the existing provinces;
– Declaring Industrial/Commercial cities as autonomous areas and taking help from them to develop under-developed cities;
– A budget-to-budget local government through constitutional amendment, wherein a city govt. would be terminated by the provincial govt. before the next budget, if they fail achieving the targets;

It has been said; when there is a will there is a way. When we make prosperous & developed town/city/province/country, our will, there would be a way out definitely. Nationalists & Separatists must consider the point that isolation and separation is not a good idea. Unity is power, why don’t they put their energies in abolishing the grievances of common man instead of spreading hate & racism? This is the time for common Sindhi & Baloch people to think and act wisely!
Note: The author is Financial as well as Political Analyst having Double Masters Degree (in Economics & Finance and International Relations) and can be reached at: