Brain Drain & Dual National Pakistanis

In a verdict The Supreme Court of Pakistan has suspended the National Assembly membership of a PPP parliamentarian Ms. Farahnaz Ispahani due to her holding of dual nationality. While a person in Pakistan holding dual nationality can use his/her right to vote, why can’t he/she be a member of the parliament? People have questions in mind.
Despite the fact a person must declare his dual nationality before the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), a question generally been asked why are we having doubts on the loyalty & sincerity on the Pakistanis who are not only educated but playing their part in the development of the country with their huge remittances. When we use to say “Overseas Pakistanis are our representatives and our face to the world”, then why the same overseas representatives of Pakistan can’t be the representatives of the people in the parliament? Why are we having misconception that dual national Pakistanis will act against Pakistan in case of a dispute between Pakistan and the country of their second nationality? While we can see there are many Pakistanis without dual nationality involved in acts against the country.
It is also a fact that mostly dual national citizen of Pakistan are educated, talented and are valuable members of the society who are contributing to the development of the country of their second nationality & were forced to acquire second nationality due to worst law and order situation, worst economic situation, unemployment, high inflation or sub-standard quality of life in the country. Also the highly educated individuals who had left the country due to the factors already mentioned, found other economies where they can achieve what they had dreamed for, if now wants to turn back to serve the country, aren’t we again forcing them to not to do so?
At one side we set aside the condition of being “Graduate” to be a member of the parliament, at another side we are restricting the entry of well educated & talented individuals in the parliament declaring them non-trustworthy. We even have denied giving the overseas Pakistani the voting rights. This situation clearly indicates where we are heading to, more incompetent and less educated law makers, encouragement of brain drain from the country, more people aggrieved from the system etc.
Why don’t we put our efforts in making the situation better for the people to reduce the brain drain or to encourage the educated & talented individuals settled abroad to be back to the country and to take part in the national electoral process keeping in mind in UK only there are more then 300 Dual National British Pakistanis elected as the public representatives at different levels.
Note: The author is a Double Masters (Economics & Finance and International Relations) based in Middle East and can be reached at:


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