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Municipal Elections & Violence in Karachi

There is high probability of a new spat of violence in the urban centers of Sindh, especially in Karachi, amid tug-of-war between Provincial Governments & Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) on the issue of Local Bodies Election. The SCP has demanded all the provincial governments to submit their responses on or before April 30. The Govt. of Punjab have already announced Local Bodies Elections to be held in August, where as Sindh has framed the reasons to be put before the honourable court in order to delay the same.

In-case the emerging contestants in the battlefield of Punjab, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) announce their participation in the Municipal Elections, the existing forces like PMLN, PPP, PMLQ and Others would resist it heavily. With PTI’s reborn in politics after a long time, she is considered as succeeded to make room among people because of corruption scandals of PPP & PMLN. Now, it would be easy for her to face opposition in Punjab as their vote bank is emerging from the same people and they have a competitive advantage there. Whereas MQM, after many operations & media trial against her, has succeeded to some extent to spread its ideology in Punjab, but as per the past experiences, it is easy to destroy her image & efforts with some media trial or spat of violence in Karachi.

On the other hand, despite the heavy demands by her ally, the MQM, Sindh Govt. has not only decided to keep away from LB Elections but also have framed reasons to defend her stand before the honourable court. Possibly the worst law and order situation would be the best excuse to escape from polls. The readers may recall whenever MQM put its demands before provincial or federal governments, heavy violence and target killings starts at once coupled with media trail against her.

Another news is about the formation of a new venture, “The City Alliance” by ANP, PAC, Haqiqi & PPI (Backed & Supported by a number of well known political & religious parties), aimed to “rescue” the people from “oppressors” and mafias. The readers may also recall about the background of all above groups, their role in destroying the city and its peace, and are invited to imagine the extent of the destruction if all such notorious groups join hands together.

Keeping in view the facts above Supreme Court of Pakistan:

– Should not only instruct all provincial governments for arrangements of local body elections, but also be vigilant about law & order situation in the country especially in Karachi.

– Should do special arrangements to make sure any group wouldn’t be able to sabotage peace process or to disturb smooth preparations of elections.

– Should form vigilant teams with special powers to coup-up with misconduct by any Govt. Agency, Law Enforcement Agency, Electoral Authority, Political or Pressure Groups etc.

Above all, the inhabitants of the country should understand now the conspiracies being hatched against MQM to keep her away from common man.