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MQM’s Press Conference & the Non-Serious Attitude of Media…

MQM’s Press Conference & the Non-Serious Attitude of Media…

At one side genocide of a specific group of People known as “Muhajir” is being carried out in the port city of Karachi by identified and non-identified people and groups backed and supported by different political and religious groups or Govt. or State Agencies, at other side Media and Anchor Persons are continuously maligning the image of the same Muhajir People specifically their representative party, “the MQM”, which is not only representing them but now representing deprived people of Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baloch, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Gilgiti, Biltistani and Minorities Groups as well.

Sindh Ex-Interior Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza through his various venomous statements and allegations tried hard to destroy MQM’s image as a liberal and progressive party and the represenetative of Middle and Lower Middle Class people of Pakistan. The media instead of playing responsible role sided with him and portrayed the image of MQM as it is about to eliminate from the scene.

MQM did not show its reaction at once, but tried to be patient and played a responsible role. But later when some so-called loyal and patriots moved to the Supreme Court to influence its hearing on somoto action on Karachi Massacre of Urdu Speaking People, MQM considered it necessary to respond to the baseless allegation now. MQM’s leader Faisal Sabzwari, through a press conference replied to all the baseless allegations put on them by Zulfiqar Mirza, but some biased anchors instead of considering on the replies of Faisal Sabzwari continued to emphasize on wrong allegations.

On 6th of September Karachi’s Ex City Mayor Syed Mustafa Kamal conducted one more press conference to respond again the baseless allegations and urged media to play sensibly, but in van. The media continued to play foul.

One example of such biased and hatful attitude of anchor persons is when after Syed Mustafa Kamal’s press conference; in a program “Aapas Ki Baat” (آپس کی بات) the Anchor Person Mr. Muneeb Farooq and Guest Analyst Mr. Najam Shethi did their hatful and biased analysis wherein they tried their best to malign MQM again.

Instead of going into detail, I would like to highlight only one point wherein this fact will be clear that in hatred of MQM they can go even crazy and illogical while analyzing or commenting on MQM. In his press conference Syed Mustafa Kamal was trying to highlight that the alleged letter to Mr. Tony Blair from Mr. Altaf Hussain is fake and forged, he mentioned that the Office Address mentioned on the letter is wrong, for this he said:

جو لوگ لندن کی ڈائنامکس جانتے ھیں انکو پتا ھے ایج وئر اور کولن ڈیل میں زمیں آسمان کا فرق ھے۔

Translation: Those who are aware of the dynamics of London know that there is a Great difference between Edge ware and Colindale!

On this statement, instead of admitting the difference of the two addresses which makes the letter real or fake, Najam Shethi and Muneeb Farooq’s started calculating the distance between Edge ware and Colindale, and by doing so they proved their illogical approach and non-serious attitude! Because Syed Mustafa Kamal had used an Idiom to show that two things are entirely different and he was not highlighting the Mileage between Edge ware and Colindale.

Any letter head of any organization contains only one address even if the letter head is printing 100 times and in large quantity, it can not contain any other address. This is another fact that MQM had sold its office 70 Colindale Avenue, London, NW9 5ES in March 2001 & Moved to a new office on 30th of March, 2001.

The new address till to date is 54-58, Elizabeth House 1st Floor, High Street Edgware, Middlesex HA8 7EJ

The letter that Anchors are showing is dated 23rd September 2001, which is contradictory, whereas MQM left that office in March, 2001. The letter that Anchors are showing is totally fake and baseless.

On September 9, the founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain also conducted a press conference. By this press conference Mr. Hussain had tried to bring the real threat into the notice of the media and the responsible authorities that people are trying to indulge them into non-issues and wrong directions whereas Country and the Nation are in real threat from world powers!

The motive of that press confrenece was not to reply Zulfiqar Mirza or anyone like him, rather he tried to enlarge the canvas of the others, he tried others also start thinking about the National Security rather than try to malign MQM and support criminals!

This press conference was to wake media up from what they are doing against MQM, to draw attention of the Judiciary, Military and Govt. towards the real threat country is facing, and to attempt a chance to wake up the youth of Pakistan to start thinking on what these feudal are doing with them, they are fooling them by maligning MQM and creating the environment similar to 1971.

Apparently, media is still busy in its routine, i.e. useless debates, allegations and counter allegations, ignoring the real threat identified by MQM’s leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. The responsibility falls on Pakistani Youth now to realize these threats and prepare to face and coup up with the same!