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This Is Not The First Time…

This is not the first time, whenever establishment or some rogue elements in establishment hatch any conspiracy against MQM, it starts with the propaganda and rumors from some C-Category newspaper/TV Channel.

Just two days ago, a local TV Channel and a newspaper of the same group published/aired news about arrest of two youngsters from Karachi Airport when they reached Karachi from Sri Lanka. As per the Channel/Newspaper both were prime suspects of MQM’s Leader Dr. Imran Farooq, assassinated in London and the information about them was provided by British Police Department Scotland Yard. The report further elaborated about two main persons who assigned the youngsters the task and arranged Student Visas of UK for them.

At a glance the report seemed to be perfect and indicating the internal hands in Dr. Imran Farooq’s Murder. But there were some corners still to be revealed, there was something which needed to be exposed!

Except the TV Channel/Newspaper there was only one Blog Site published this news, and that was “the London Post”! Yes this is the same “the London Post” which portrayed to be operated from London, but in reality it is being operated from Lahore (Pakistan)! Now everything was clear and no rocket science is needed to understand the whole conspiracy!

For two days, there was huge propaganda in Media Channels/Newspapers and especially in the Cyber Space. Dozens of Blogs had been written claiming and blaming MQM, the third largest Political Party of Pakistan. Thousands of lines had been written on Socializing Forums such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc., but just today, everything became crystal clear after the Rangers Operation in Lyari and recovery of huge sophisticated weapons and torture cells of PPP and subsequent resignation of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Ex Interior Minister and now Senior Minister in Sindh Cabinet.

While addressing the press, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza once again alleged not only MQM about all the mess in Karachi, but also blamed Rehman Malik, Federal Interior Minister of supporting terrorists in Karachi. As this is not the first time Mirza alleged MQM or was angry on Rehman Malik, but his resignation on this particular day when there was a full flagged operation in Lyari against the Gangsters, revealed so many things. Mirza, in the past had denied and admitted his links with Lyari Gangsters so many times, but during the last days in the office of Interior Minister, he openly confessed his patronage to the Lyari Gang of Rehman Dacoit now being run by Uzair Jan, a notorious element in Lyari.

The hike which had been tried to create by a misleading news form a newspaper/channel appeared to be an attempt to divert the attention of the Media/Law enforcers from the real issues of the Karachi and from the real culprits.

Later, Rehman Malik, after proper investigation had admitted that there is no record of any arrest of two youngsters by any law enforcement agency in Dr. Imran Farooq’s Murder case, and the news was fake. He advised Media to act responsibly.

MQM, through its Coordination Committee had recorded its protest on the propaganda news of “Waqt News” and “The Nation” and showed its consent to proceed for legal action against the both!

Today, after Mirza’s resignation had accepted by Qaim Ali Shah, the Chief Minister of Sindh, MQM’s coordination committee is holding meeting of its Karachi and London office bearers and will announce the core of action soon.