Future of Pakistan based on Past Trends

(The Logic Will Prevail – 2)

Before going further, let us recall the essence of logics we learnt in the previous write-up, i.e.
“Don’t be fooled by some opportunists who are working for their own sake to gain petty interests by putting the Country and the Nation at Great Risk!”
To prove them righteous they play foul and would present illogical reasoning, which we need to understand.

Let us have a look on some scenario and try to understand the link of past with present and then we would be able to understand our probable future:

Scenario No.1 – Democracy–Marshal Law and the 2 Party’s Musical Chair Game:

– After Ayub Khan’s Marshal Law, the nation was emotionally and virtually divided. The two biggest parties of that time, Pakistan People’s Party (Headed by Z.A.Bhutto) and Awami League (Headed by Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman), instead of bridging the gaps, worsen the situation by not delivering the rights to the deprived people, leading to Geographically Dividing the Country and the Nation into two!

– After Zia-ul-Haq’s Marshal Law, the nation was again emotionally and virtually divided. The two biggest parties of that time, Pakistan People’s Party (Headed by Ms. Benazir Bhutto) and Muslim League (Headed by Mian Nawaz Shareef), instead of bridging the gaps worsen the situation leading to Separatist Movement in Balochistan, State Owned Terrorism against the third largest party of the country, weakening the Kashmir Cause, Damaging the Economy and Law and Order Situation, causing the nation divided into different ethnic and sectarian groups!

– After President Musharraf’s Military Cum Civil Rule, the nation was again divided into religiously Extremist, Moderate, Westernized Modern groups. The two biggest parties of today, Pakistan People’s Party (Headed by Asif Ali Zardari) and Muslim League Nawaz Shareef Group (Headed by Mian Nawaz Shareef and Mian Shahbaz Shareef), instead of bridging the gaps are worsening the situation by targeting and alleging each other, harming the National Integrity by targeting the opposition and their coalition partners in Government, by not taking interest to improve law and order situation, by damaging the economy intentionally.

Hence we can imagine our future by past trends!

Scenario No.2 – Religious cum Sectarian Table Tennis:

– During 1970s/1980s, the Religious Harmony was damaged by the conflicts between the Sects. Politico-Religious Groups had succeeded in bending the Government and important institutions, locally and internationally, to declare Qadiyani Sect as Non-Muslim. Both Qadiyani and Lahori Groups had been declared “Non-Muslims and had been restricted to call themselves as Muslim. They had been put in isolation, resulting in more Religious and Sectarian Differences among Pakistanis, enhancing the intentions of succeeded group to work against other sects too!

– During 1980s/1990s, the same had been repeated and we witnessed the slogans declaring each other “Kafir”, armed attacks on each other’s Pray Areas, creating huge differences among common Pakistanis. Some corners had risen to declare Pakistan a country based on a specific sectarian ideology despite the clear wish and will of the Leaders of Pakistan Movement to make it a country of Muslims where each and everyone will have the right to live his life as per his belief! This trend not only harmed Muslim Brotherhood but also presented the image of the country to the world as an Extremist Society!

– During 1990s/2000s, we witnessed even more sectarian violence; suicide attacks on Pray Areas of different sects become a routine. Now, a group of some extremists imposed a war not only against Minorities but also against other Muslim Sects, pushing them to take similar steps in their defense. Different sub groups of the same Extremist Group have been declared as terrorist and a complete ban is imposed on them, but the seeds of sectarian differences have become a big tree and the suicide bomb blasts by teenagers and youngsters on opposite sects, common people, law enforcers, defense installations and specific targets is a routine now!

Am trying to imagine the Scenario for 2011 onwards!

Scenario No.3 – Military – Bureaucracy Football:

– 1950s/1960, Military Rulers and Bureaucracy worked against the public voice and targeted Mother of the Nation Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. The Urdu Speaking or Muhajir Community was crushed specially in Ayub Khan’s era.

– 1960s/1970s, Military Rulers and Bureaucracy worked against Bengali Muslims in East Pakistan. Hundreds of Thousands of Bengali Pakistanis were killed, resulting in separation of East Pakistan from us.

– 1970s/1980, Military Rulers and Bureaucracy worked against Urdu Speaking Community, Baloch Community and Sindhi Community to support their Political Leaders and to oppose Marshall Law. 1974 witnessed the Bomb Attacks by Military on our own people (Baloch). 1979-1988 was full of revenge from Urdu Speaking and Sindhi Communities.

– 1980s/1990, Military Rulers and Bureaucracy worked against Urdu Speaking Community and Sindhi Community. 1992-1999 was the darkest era in the history of Pakistan when the Agencies and Bureaucracy used all the state owned resources to crush the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan and to crush Urdu Speaking Community.

– 1990s/2000, Military Rulers and Bureaucracy worked against Urdu Speaking Community and Tribal Areas. Post 9/11 era was worst for the Pakistani Tribal Areas as at one side they were made hostages by Taliban and Al-Qaida Terrorists, at other side they become the victim of US Drone Attacks and Pak Army’s Operations.

– 2007 onward, Military and Bureaucracy is again discriminating Urdu Speaking Community. They have closed their eyes to see the organized conspiracy against common citizen of Karachi by a bunch of criminals backed and supported by Political Forces.

The above lines presenting a picture as if the public is a football and Military and Bureaucracy is playing with it!

As a matter of fact, one can analyze our future based on past scenario of playing with the Nation and the Country by Military, Bureaucracy, Politicians and Religious Extremists!


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