The Logic Will Prevail

At least, if there is reconciliation among the Pakistani Nation, it is on the fact “Pakistan is passing through its most sensitive era in its history”! The most popular Govt. of 2008 has become the most unpopular Govt. of 2011. The Judiciary restored after a huge lawyers movement throwing out the most powerful General Pervaiz Musharraf is proved to be the huge US funded soap! Yesterday’s People’s Party is gradually turning in to a Party of Some People. Yesterday’s Muslim League has already turned into N-Muslim League (Nawaz Muslim League) thus limiting itself only in some areas of Punjab. Yesterday’s Islamist Mujahideen have already turned their Jihad against Islam. The Nation is confused, yet some people are making them even more confused!

There are some simple logic which everyone can understand and accept, but if some people are meant to spread misunderstanding, are inclined to mislead the innocent people for some petty personal gain, then it becomes our duty to spread awareness, to highlight those simple logic and facts which can turn one’s way of thinking towards positive hence making their lives more easy by removing their confusion and misunderstanding.

Logic No.1

One person is not responsible for another’s crime until he helps and provides him the support. We cannot blame the whole institution for the mistake of one of its employee! Thus criticizing the Defence Institutions of Pakistan for one of its employees is illogical. Can we demand to cease the whole organization because one of its employees was involved in corruption? Definitely Not!

Logic No.2

The rule and law is made for each and every one and for all the times, one appreciating the Extra Judicial Killing back in 1992-1999 in Karachi should not condemn the Extra Judicial Killing of 2001-2011 in FATA and Swat etc. People should admit that the killings in Swat and FATA are against humanity then they also admit that killings in Karachi were also inhuman and the responsible for both should be treated accordingly.

Logic No.3

If American intervention in Pakistani Territory on May 02 this year was against the Sovereignty of the country then the intervention and illegal entrance of thousands of Al-Qaida and Taliban Terrorists till date is also against our Sovereignty. US undoubtedly played terrorist’s role by killing innocent people in its drone attacks, similarly Al-Qaida and Taliban also proved to be terrorists by killing innocent people in their Suicide Bomb Attacks! Then why to defend one and blame another? Both are equal in crime and should be treated the same way!

Logic No.4

If someone claims that Killing of Taliban is wrong and If US stops its drone attacks the Suicide Attacks will be stopped as these attacks are reactionary! Then they should also think that attacks and killing of Pakistan’s Defence Personnel are also wrong! If Taliban Terrorists stop their activity in Pakistani Territory there wouldn’t be any attacks by any Pak Army’s or US Drone Attacks!

Logic No.5

Some people claim that Taliban are attacking Pakistan Army or Pakistani Defence Installations because the US is attacking them, why don’t they justify their attacks on Attacking in US Directly, or at least attacking those forces which are supporting US in Afghanistan? Why it is necessary to attack Pak Army, Pak People and Pak Defence Installations in response to US attacks on them? Means their Prime Target is Pakistan and not the US!

Logic No.6

If Supporting President General Pervaiz Musharraf was wrong as he was not the elected President and had came through a Military Coup, then why didn’t we applied the same formula in the past with President General Zia-ul-Haq and President General Ayub Khan? It means one is not emphasizing on the “Rule” rather he is emphasizing on his personal interests!

Logic No.7

In current scenario when US seems to be netting a conspiracy against Pakistan, suppose if it attacks the country will it distinguish between us as per party, ethnicity, cast or creed? Of course not! It will treat us as a nation and will try to destroy us collectively! So, what should be the logic? Simply, get rid of all personal hatred, bias and differences for the greater interest of Pakistan and for our collective survival, and if there will not be any Army, Navy and Air Force would we be able to defend ourselves? Of course not! Then why to criticize our defence forces and damaging their moral?

Let us try to understand the importance of facts above and clear our confusion! I hope that no propaganda would be strong enough to replace the open truth! Definitely, at the end the Logic will prevail! (انشاءاللہ)



think out of the box


PS: I’ll come with some more logic and thought awakening facts soon!




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