March – The Beginning

Originally, the Month of March was the first month of the Roman calendar. It was only 1752 when we adopted Gregorian calendar and the Month of January as the beginning of the year. No matter it is January or March, our objective is to measure the time, but not in all the cases, sometimes this matters too!

The month of March has a significant importance in our history. It was the month we started our struggle, to get an ideal State, which became our destiny. The Resolution of Pakistan was presented, passed and got recognition among the people on 23rd March 1940, and yes it was our beginning!

This resolution was aimed to get Greater Autonomy or Self Decision Making for the Muslims of British India, which was interpreted by many as a Demand for separate homeland, in both the cases the ultimate beneficiary would be Muslims. But, today after 63 years of independence we are still there where we had started our struggle, that time the Colonial Masters were exploiting our rights, and now their slaves are performing this job, but the victims are the same! The vast majority of poor and middle class people!

During this whole journey we have witnessed several Civil and Military Rulers, each one was bound to his wishes circle and with the lust of power and money, and to achieve which they have written their orders with the blood of the poor people.

Honestly speaking, isn’t it our fault we elect the same corrupt and incompetent rulers? And when they start exploiting our rights we start hue and cry, we prefer to watch the drama instead of supporting or helping our own people when they are in need.

As Allam Iqbal had said :

فرد قائم ربط ملّت سے ھے تنہا کچھ نہیں

موج ھے دریا میں اور بیرون دریا کچھ نہیں

It clearly gives us a message of Unity, Faith and Discipline as given by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Now, as 63 years has passed, let us decide, that we will consider this March as the beginning of a new era, when we will struggle to get back our lost dignity. We will not sit in the homes watching others to plunder our lives. Let us come out as we always come out to cherish a victory in any Cricket Match, as our National Integrity our Self Respect is more important than any cricket match.

Let us consider this March as the First Month in the History of our Nation to begin the struggle to embrace Revolution!


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