Everything is fair in Love – War – and American Interest!!!

It is an old saying that “Everything is fair in Love and War”, but the new version is somewhat different, which states that, “Everything is fair in Love, War and American Interest!”

The sayings or idioms are not invented in just a couple of days! Long time practices makes people to adopt such phrases, and yes, it is a long time practice of US that it could do anything, can go to any extreme to achieve its goals lawfully or unlawfully! If it is WWII, it can hit nuclear bomb on millions of civilian, if it is War of Vietnam it can use all the sophisticated conventional or non-conventional weapons, if it is Iraq it can ruin the whole country for nothing, in the last it don’t have the obligation to say sorry to the world on its wrong allegations of WMDs! Afghanistan and Drone Attacks on Pakistan are another examples of this new phrase!

During World War II, it not only killed thousands of civilians but also destroyed the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki by using Nuclear Bombs first time in the history of mankind. The vast scale and long run devastation caused by such brutal act can be seen till date when still the new born babies are taking birth with physical or mental disabilities due to radioactive effects found in the two cities. In Vietnam, it killed thousands of Vietnams and the same story is of Iraq and Afghanistan. On the other hand it don’t hesitate to charge anyone for minor violations and sentence them with brutal punishments, like in the case of Dr. Afia Siddiqui, wherein she was accused of attacking an US Soldier, and even there is lack of evidence they punished her with 86 years of imprisonment.

Keeping their own interest in view, US always supported Israel and its aggression against Un-Armed Palestinians, at one hand it strongly vows for Democracy in countries like Pakistan, Korea, Libya and Turkey, but at other hand it supports Dictator style Kings and Rulers in Saudia Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. Its double standards are apparent like day light when it supports the Nuclear Program of India and Israel and opposes the Nuclear Program of Pakistan and Iran. Supporting the separation of “East Timor” in Indonesia declaring it a will and wish of the people, while opposing the will and wish of Kashmiris is another example of its double standards and keeping its own interest before any other thing.

Recently Raymond Davis, an American in Pakistan has killed 2 Pakistanis declaring them assailant and one more Pakistani was killed when a rescue vehicle was trying to get him out of the scene. The American state department has tried to get him released on the basis he is a Diplomat and is covered under Vienna Convention for Diplomatic Immunity, but 1961 Vienna Convention clearly states that Technical and Administrative Staff are not covered for immunity!

Time will decide if Mr. Raymond is released or not or there would be any trade of for Dr. Afia against Mr. Raymond, but the recent developments are indicating tense and harsh attitudes of the parties. Pakistan, being the third world country would not be able to resist longer, but we can observe the above said sentence suits the US that “Everything is fair in Love, War and American Interest!”


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