Are We Alive?

On December 17, 2010, the self immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunision labour, sparked unrest throughout Tunis, resulted as ouster of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in just 28 days of huge protests ending his 23 years rule over the country. This all started when Bouazizi was insulted by a Police Lady and had been denied to deliver the justice by the Police Department. After the self immolation of Bouazizi, people from every walk of life came out to protest, especially Student, Labours and Lawyers. Security Agencies reportedly arrested a number of Web Bloggers, Activists and Demonstrators. President Ben Ali warned them all of ultimate consequences. The main reasons of the demonstrations were unemployment, inflation, corruption, ban on basic social rights, political freedom, freedom of expression and increasing poverty etc. These demonstrations resulted in several injuries and deaths by Law Enforcement Agencies but the outcome was that President had to flee to Saudia Arabia. The Nation is still struggling for the rights to be delivered and an interim government is managing the affairs of the state.

The Tunisian Revolution inspired people in several Arab Countries to act in the similar manner. In Egypt the same sequence of incidents started to happen. On January 25 the protests erupted on the streets of Cairo, which engulfed whole country. Anticipating the unrest on mass basis, the Govt. ceased the internet service, had been used as the channel of communication by the protestors. President Hosny Mobarak, ruled the country for 30 years, took several safety measures to secure his regime including concessions to the public, formation of the new government, announcement of re-elections, withdrawal from contesting the next presidential polls etc. but even it could not stop riots and widespread demonstrations in the country, resulted in his resignation on February 11, 2011. The struggle of Egyptian Revolution has the same background as Tunis, i.e. unemployment, inflation, corruption etc., and delivered the same results.

The fire started from Tunis has reached to several other countries. Currently the countries hit by the same situation include Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, Syria and Libya. In Bahrain a dozen of civilians have been killed by Law Enforcement Agencies and dozens are injured. But public seems to have decided to throw out the Govt. Oil rich Bahrain is a small country, possessing only 1.2 Million inhabitants, but the pressure of the public is so immense that Govt. has deployed all its forces to coup-up with them. According to latest updates, the demonstrators have reached to the Pearl Roundabout in Capital Manama, where Police have used extensive tear gas to disperse the mob. The reason for this unrest is the same, un-equal distribution of wealth!

On the other side, the situation in Libya is worst wherein Law Enforcement Agencies have killed almost 84 people in 3 days including Lawyers and peaceful protestors. Govt. had ceased internet facility in the country and censored television transmission fearing increase in unrest. Yemen is also witnessing unrest as the protestors have clashes with Police; in response Police fired tear gas to disperse them. At-least a dozen people have been reported dead.

The world is witnessing major changes due to corruption and injustice prevailing in their societies, but we in Pakistan, even after facing almost the same situation as these countries, are in deep sleep or are waiting for some miracle. We have to face not only the injustice of our own people but also of foreigners too, as an American has recently killed 3 Pakistanis and drone attacks are another example of it. Every sector of the Economy is destroyed, every corner of the country is deprived and every individual of the Nation is affected one or the other way. All the ingredients to bring a revolution are already there. The injustice of the feudal and corrupt rulers, either civil or in uniform has already reached its peak. But honestly speaking there is a lacking in our own wishes to embrace the revolution. Some corners are enthusiastic and preparing for it, while some corner are opposing it, but still there is a vast majority, which have to show their inclination towards or against it.

I believe, this is high time to decide “Now or Never”! If we don’t decide now, our future generations will never forgive us for that corrupt society which we are going to give them. But it seems, we as a nation are dead, our wishes our ambitions are dead as we are just living a routine life wherein a specific group of privileged people are humiliating us without any fear of resistance.

After watching the struggle of Tunisian, Egyptians or others should not we ask ourselves, “Are We Really Alive?”.


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