Revolution – The Next Destination

It was some years ago when you were looking for me, you needed me, and the God had granted what you had dreamed. Today you are watching me devastated, disturbed and agitated, this all is not what I deserve; this is what you have done to me. During all this period, I was always blamed for what I never done, but I was never appreciated what I had done for you, I have seen many colours of life, good and bad, have seen many beautiful and ugly moments, but every time you cursed me for the bad, but for good ones you always forget to say me Thanks! Yes, I am your “Pakistan”!

In the struggle, you had done to get me, I witnessed your sacrifice and hard work, sincere leadership had made possible to bring me into existence, but there were rulers who left no stone unturned to destroy my identity, and forgot that my identity is actually their identity, and following them you also forget that this is our common identity. Today the world curses me because of others misdeeds and those “others” are no one else but you!

People among you misused me, my identity, I have seen my foes in the uniform of my own soldiers who are supposed to guard me, I have seen friends, who claim to be my son, the son of the soil, but at times I found them selling their own soil.

In this long journey, sometimes Civil Martial Law became my destiny, sometimes Armed Democracy became my identity. I could not see anyone who could get rid me of this Musical Chair Drama, wherein each actor is waiting for his turn, not to serve, but for looting me.

Though, among others, I am quiet young as had been created not too long ago, but my own sons have made me old. I always relied upon youth, I considered them my power, but I am watching my youth to waste their powers and energy into useless and non-productive activities! What is my future? They don’t care; even they don’t care about their or their generation’s future! Who will now save me from those robbers as my guards and my youth both are careless for me.

I am waiting now for some miracle, after losing hopes by betrayal of my own people, and waiting for the moment when this all could be changed totally, when I could be proud again on my own identity, I don’t know when and how this revolution would be possible, but I want it from my heart that my next destination would be that revolution.

O’ God make that Revolution my Next Destination!


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