MQM’s National Solidarity Convention

MQM’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain is famous of his unusual and interesting decisions and demonstrations. His strategy works there where everyone’s mind fails. This can be seen in his decision of holding a massive convention of all the ethnic units, linguistic, sectarian and religious groups, in Karachi, when the city is a victim of Target Killings and different acts of terrorism. Interestingly, opponents criticize MQM heavily for all the unrest ignoring the fact MQM is the largest stakeholder and representative of the inhabitants irrespective of the linguistic, ethnic or sectarian background.

The decision of MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain to hold this convention (National Solidarity), the venue (Jinnah Ground Karachi), the time (when Karachi is a victim of terrorism and opponents are propagating MQM as a Local Ethnic Based Party), and to call people from different cultures who love him, to join this convention, no doubt is an unusual decision.

MQM decided 30th January to prove its increasing popularity among people from different backgrounds and to show its strength, and on that day, hundreds of thousands of people joined the convention, and proved that MQM is undoubtedly a National Level Party.

Showing off the popularity and strength and to gather the masses is not the only characteristics of this event, as the same has been done by some other parties too, the objective of this event is dynamic having multi-dimensional effects. The demands from Government, Military, Bureaucracy and the people of Pakistan, which MQM Leader have put, are not new, rather these are the parts of MQM’s agenda. Let us have a look on the highlights of this event, which differentiates this event from other conventions and gives MQM a unique place among Other Parties.

The reason why people are being gathered is the main difference here. Normally people are called on some specific issues, like agitation against Government, to protest against Price Hikes, to show anger on unwanted decisions/announcements etc.

The Main Reason MQM had called this convention is to Create “Unity” among the people, to show to the world that Pakistanis are One Nation, no matter which caste, creed, tribe, city or province they belong to.

Attendees from Different Ethnic Background:

There had been huge Political or Religious Gatherings, but those were attended by people from specific City/Linguistic Background. This is the first time in the History of Pakistan when people came out irrespective of their background, to show Unity and their trust on MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain.

The National Solidarity Convention is attended by people from all the Linguistic Background, Ethnic Divisions and Sectarian Groups together, at any single platform, for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

Organized and Mannered Crowed:

Many unpleasant incidents had been observed during Political or Religious Gatherings of different groups, where their Leaders had to come later to clarify their position, but, MQM’s Convention, like the past, proved to be the Well Organized Event with the Most Mannered Attendees, despite the fact they were all from different backgrounds.

MQM has proved once again, it is capable of administrating and uniting all the people of Pakistan.

MQM Proved its Claims:

By holding National Solidarity Convention, MQM have proved its claims to be the National Level Party and the Representatives of all the Ethnic/Sectarian Groups. This event is a “Full Stop” on the propaganda against MQM.

After this convention, opponent’s claims proved to be the propaganda and showed their ill-motives.

The Victim of State Terrorism and Media Trial:

MQM, being the victim of State Terrorism and Media Trial was not expected to be popular among the people of origin other then Urban Sindh, but it has proved that its Philosophy has wide range acceptance among the masses.

The above are the immediate observations and results of this unusual decision of MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain, the strategic importance of these happenings will show its effects in the long run!


3 thoughts on “MQM’s National Solidarity Convention

  1. T A Khan

    Congrats to MQM for holding this national solidarity convention successfully…. I hope the tremendous turnout of people from diverse ethnic background would have pleasantly surprised those few parties who are, at present, not more than ethnic groups.

  2. sajid

    Good Step By MQM…. Nafratoo Ko Khatam Karo Mohabbato Ko Barhao .. i really Appreciate To MQM for pakhtoon’s convention


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