The Third Category People

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Occasionally I think about how precisely Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady of the United States of America (1933-1945), a Social & Political Activist and an Author, has categorized the Billions of people in just three groups, out of which she, herself, belonged to the First Group of Intellectuals, who not only discuss ideas but evolve some new by themselves.

In the perspective of Pakistani Political and Social scenario, there might be people belonging to the First Category who discuss Ideas, but honestly speaking, out of 17 Million, I found only one, who actually fits in this category of intellectuals discussing ideas rather evolving some new; and he is not other than Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of Pakistan’s 3rd Largest Political Party, the MQM.

His Party which he termed as a “Revolutionary Movement” and his Famous Theory of 2% Vs 98%, which has changed the whole Political Scenario and the way of thinking of Millions, can be taken as examples of ideas he has given. For the first time in Pakistani Politics he introduced the Poor and Middle Class people in the Assemblies where only Elite Class could occupy the seat. He is the one taught the people about their Duties and their Rights. Either it’s a matter of Social Injustice, Political Agitation, Economic Instability, Humanity or Ethnic/Sectarian/Religious Divide; we can find his thought provoking ideas guiding the masses.

No one could analyze until Mr. Altaf Hussain told people that the source of all the problems in Pakistan is the Rotten Feudal System, prevailing in the country for 64 years; his approach on how to coupe up with the problems or how to run the affairs of a small party to how to run the affairs of the state is beyond the imagination of the common person. His focus always remained on the problems, its sources and its solutions. I never found him discussing irrelevant things or people or their characteristics or personal life. During the recent natural disaster of floods, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and properties. Interestingly those people who take votes from these common public have been found to be responsible. The eye opener incidents have proved that the Feudal who are responsible for the disaster of such a big level were pointed out some 30 years ago by Mr. Hussain as the Main Source of Miseries of the people in Pakistan. His whole life is an example of struggle for the sufferers. Recently MQM have tabled Bill for Redistributive Lands Reforms in the Nation Assembly and in the Senate of Pakistan, which, if implemented, would prove to be the ultimate solution to abolish this feudal system based on injustice.

Contrary to the personality of Mr. Hussain, his critics are found mostly either discussing past events, manipulated for personal or political reasons, or passing hateful and biased comments on the same. These are Second Category People, considered to be intellectuals or well known in the society, but what they are in reality, has been elaborated by Ms. Roosevelt.

If people are not wise enough to bring “New ideas”, or to discuss the same, then at-least, people, should be smart enough to avoid falling into the Third Category, which is of those people who don’t do anything but to just eat, talk and criticize others. According to Ms. Roosevelt’s quote, they are people with small mind, rather, “Without Mind”!

Should not we invite the critics of Mr. Altaf Hussain now to judge their selves in the light of this famous quote, in which category they fall? What do you say, what I should mention for those who are just spreading personal, hateful, biased, rotten, baseless and senseless propaganda for last 26 years, just against one person, “Altaf Hussain”?

For me, they are “Small Mind”, “The Third Category People”!!!


One thought on “The Third Category People

  1. Rabya khan

    ofcourse those who dont have any basic idea of strugles and hard work so how can you expect from them to come up with some Great Ideas!! huh.. they had spent their lives in luxuries, how do u expect them to make a common man’s life a comfort?
    those who are critisizing Mr. Altaf Hussain now, I only have a question from them that Did they ever came up with some basic solution of problems in Pakistan? in their every Gov they only tried to spend their resources against MQM rater than solving the problems of this country..
    I only have a message for them to stop critisizing and blaming. you can never ruined our image and ideas as the Paki ppl has started learning the truth!!! Revolution will be bring against these kind of SMALL MINDS!!


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