The Unholy Alliance

In a democratic System, political parties may work in a close coordination, or form alliances, or sometimes merge with each other to form a new entity in order to be more effective and serve the nation. Also, the parties may cease coordination, may break the alliance, or occasionally parties break into factions, this all are part of the democratic system, but logically those parties work together or form alliances whose aim or vision are same. A right wing religious group would hardly be joining a left wing secular party or vice versa. A party having the National Vision with the International Presence would hardly be coordinating with a regional or nationalist group not because of the size or presentation in the assemblies, but due to the vision how to approach the targets! It is another fact the targets may also vary drastically! But if we come to see any such alliance or coordination, the sixth sense must be alarming for any behind the scene activities.

In a recent meeting on January 06th at Taraqqi Pasand House, the Headquarters of Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party’s Leader Qadir Magsi and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Sindh’s Leader Naim-ul-Haq announced their coordination and will to work together. This Alliance or Coordination seems the same as described above. Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party formerly known as Jiye Sindh whose Leader Qadir Magsi is a well known Sindhi Nationalist, was the leader of Jiye Sindh Student Federation, which is a strict Sindhi Nationalist Group and have showed its anger and reservations over Non-Native Sindhis (Urdu Speaking, Punjabi and Pashtun). Tehreek-e-Insaaf claims to be a National Party but since its birth it could not grow to a mature level. Its Leader Imran Khan is known as the “Most Un-Matured Politician of Pakistan”, interestingly there is no other prominent leader except him in his party. The only Seat Imran Khan’s party could win was his own hometown’s seat, no other achievement since its inception in 1995.

No matter what is the size of the two parties, the notable thing is their objectives are entirely different. Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party is Nationalist Group and nothing to do with the National Issues, like Taliban Terrorism and Legislation in Federal Capital. It is limited to some areas in Internal Sindh without any representation in any of the houses, and their politics is based on Sindhi Nationalism. Whereas, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is limited till Mianwali, the hometown of Imran Khan, though it has opened its offices in major cities in Pakistan, with having a notable presence on social media, but still it may be counted as a tiny group at National Level Politics, tending towards Taliban and Right Wing Groups.

Since STPP doesn’t have representatives in assemblies, it may be recognized only by its past reputation which is of a Nationalist Group with extreme Left Views! Whereas, PTI is still floating between Right and left Wing Groups due to its views about Modernization and contrary to it, sympathy towards Taliban Terrorists! The Alliance between the two seems to be artificial as logically PTI should tend towards those parties which are the representatives or having roots in the public in Province of Sindh, i.e. PPP or MQM, coordinating with a party like STPP which doesn’t represent the people of Sindh nor it could prove to be a Progressive Party is somewhat suspicious.

Similarly, when STPP makes an alliance with such party which doesn’t have roots in the local public, it would definitely create ambiguities in the ambitions. Why it was necessary to ignore those parties which have roots in the public in the province and make alliance with such a party which has no presence in the region. There are incidents where both the groups have been blamed of creating unrest in Karachi, keeping this in view, this new alliance seems to be Mysterious and would prove to be Unholy by the time.


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