The Grand Feudal Alliance of Pakistan

This is first time in the History of Pakistan, all the rival parties which used to blame each other with serious crimes and were not ready to show tolerance even on National Issues, are not only sitting together but also became supportive to PPP Prime Minister unconditionally despite the failure of the Government to deliver to the Nation.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistani Muslim League, Nawaz Group (PMLN), Pakistan Muslim League, Quaid-e-Azam (PMLQ), Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF) and Awami National Party (ANP) are seems to be at one platform to continue the current Government of PPP after JUI and MQM have quit the coalition Government in Islamabad.

After the assassination of Ex-Premier Benazir Zardari, the PPP circles accused PMLQ and held Chaudhary Brothers as responsible for this, in response PMLQ declared it as the inner job of PPP. Late 80s and the whole period of 90s witnessed the brutal rivalry of PPP and PMLN, their soft romance started when Senior Politician Nawabzada Nasrullah did sincere efforts to make them sit together and Unite against President Musharraf. PMLQ and its leaders separated their ways from PMLN and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef after he had had an un-constitutional agreement with the Military Ruler President Musharraf and had flew to Saudia Arabia.

Despite the facts above, the support of all major parties along with some small parties to PM Syed Yousuf Raza Geelani to run his Government is a new trend in the country wherein Opposition Parties even are supporting the Government. The main reason of the separation of allies from the Government is its Corruption and Failure to coup up with the basic problems facing by the people, after their support had been withdrawn, Government lost its majority in the House and was supposed to face the “Motion of No Confidence”, but, the support by two major Opposition Parties, PMLN and PMLQ strengthened the position of PM and the threat of No-Confidence Motion has been postponed for some time in future.

It is a well known fact that only Muttahidda Qoumi Movement (MQM) has a common man’s representation in the Assemblies and is repeating the theory of 2% Vs 98% for a long time to make people aware that only 2% Feudal are ruling the 98% people of Pakistan, and all the so-called parties claiming their roots to be in pubic are actually different sides of the same coin. This time the same Feudal Based Parties have been exposed by supporting a Feudal Based Party’s Government, despite the fact, after the uplifting of support of JUI and MQM it was the best time to demand the Government either to stop corruption and work hard to solve the public issues or either move Motion of No-Confidence to bring In-House Change.

This is MQM’s victory that it not only played the role of Strict Opposition while staying in the Government, and quit the Government on its non-interest in solving the basic problems of public. Another achievement of MQM, it exposed the dual faces of those who were demanding MQM to quit Government so that it would lose the reason to stay in power and the Mid-Term Poll would be organized. Now, after MQM is not in Government the same people are announcing their support to it.

However, this scenario do not seems to be long lasting as when there is difference of interests, there is always difference of opinions too, which will separate the ways. When and how, no one knows, but time itself will differentiate between the right and wrong! Let’s wait and see!!!


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