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MQM’s National Solidarity Convention

MQM’s founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain is famous of his unusual and interesting decisions and demonstrations. His strategy works there where everyone’s mind fails. This can be seen in his decision of holding a massive convention of all the ethnic units, linguistic, sectarian and religious groups, in Karachi, when the city is a victim of Target Killings and different acts of terrorism. Interestingly, opponents criticize MQM heavily for all the unrest ignoring the fact MQM is the largest stakeholder and representative of the inhabitants irrespective of the linguistic, ethnic or sectarian background.

The decision of MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain to hold this convention (National Solidarity), the venue (Jinnah Ground Karachi), the time (when Karachi is a victim of terrorism and opponents are propagating MQM as a Local Ethnic Based Party), and to call people from different cultures who love him, to join this convention, no doubt is an unusual decision.

MQM decided 30th January to prove its increasing popularity among people from different backgrounds and to show its strength, and on that day, hundreds of thousands of people joined the convention, and proved that MQM is undoubtedly a National Level Party.

Showing off the popularity and strength and to gather the masses is not the only characteristics of this event, as the same has been done by some other parties too, the objective of this event is dynamic having multi-dimensional effects. The demands from Government, Military, Bureaucracy and the people of Pakistan, which MQM Leader have put, are not new, rather these are the parts of MQM’s agenda. Let us have a look on the highlights of this event, which differentiates this event from other conventions and gives MQM a unique place among Other Parties.

The reason why people are being gathered is the main difference here. Normally people are called on some specific issues, like agitation against Government, to protest against Price Hikes, to show anger on unwanted decisions/announcements etc.

The Main Reason MQM had called this convention is to Create “Unity” among the people, to show to the world that Pakistanis are One Nation, no matter which caste, creed, tribe, city or province they belong to.

Attendees from Different Ethnic Background:

There had been huge Political or Religious Gatherings, but those were attended by people from specific City/Linguistic Background. This is the first time in the History of Pakistan when people came out irrespective of their background, to show Unity and their trust on MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain.

The National Solidarity Convention is attended by people from all the Linguistic Background, Ethnic Divisions and Sectarian Groups together, at any single platform, for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

Organized and Mannered Crowed:

Many unpleasant incidents had been observed during Political or Religious Gatherings of different groups, where their Leaders had to come later to clarify their position, but, MQM’s Convention, like the past, proved to be the Well Organized Event with the Most Mannered Attendees, despite the fact they were all from different backgrounds.

MQM has proved once again, it is capable of administrating and uniting all the people of Pakistan.

MQM Proved its Claims:

By holding National Solidarity Convention, MQM have proved its claims to be the National Level Party and the Representatives of all the Ethnic/Sectarian Groups. This event is a “Full Stop” on the propaganda against MQM.

After this convention, opponent’s claims proved to be the propaganda and showed their ill-motives.

The Victim of State Terrorism and Media Trial:

MQM, being the victim of State Terrorism and Media Trial was not expected to be popular among the people of origin other then Urban Sindh, but it has proved that its Philosophy has wide range acceptance among the masses.

The above are the immediate observations and results of this unusual decision of MQM’s Leader Altaf Hussain, the strategic importance of these happenings will show its effects in the long run!


The Third Category People

“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Occasionally I think about how precisely Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady of the United States of America (1933-1945), a Social & Political Activist and an Author, has categorized the Billions of people in just three groups, out of which she, herself, belonged to the First Group of Intellectuals, who not only discuss ideas but evolve some new by themselves.

In the perspective of Pakistani Political and Social scenario, there might be people belonging to the First Category who discuss Ideas, but honestly speaking, out of 17 Million, I found only one, who actually fits in this category of intellectuals discussing ideas rather evolving some new; and he is not other than Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of Pakistan’s 3rd Largest Political Party, the MQM.

His Party which he termed as a “Revolutionary Movement” and his Famous Theory of 2% Vs 98%, which has changed the whole Political Scenario and the way of thinking of Millions, can be taken as examples of ideas he has given. For the first time in Pakistani Politics he introduced the Poor and Middle Class people in the Assemblies where only Elite Class could occupy the seat. He is the one taught the people about their Duties and their Rights. Either it’s a matter of Social Injustice, Political Agitation, Economic Instability, Humanity or Ethnic/Sectarian/Religious Divide; we can find his thought provoking ideas guiding the masses.

No one could analyze until Mr. Altaf Hussain told people that the source of all the problems in Pakistan is the Rotten Feudal System, prevailing in the country for 64 years; his approach on how to coupe up with the problems or how to run the affairs of a small party to how to run the affairs of the state is beyond the imagination of the common person. His focus always remained on the problems, its sources and its solutions. I never found him discussing irrelevant things or people or their characteristics or personal life. During the recent natural disaster of floods, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and properties. Interestingly those people who take votes from these common public have been found to be responsible. The eye opener incidents have proved that the Feudal who are responsible for the disaster of such a big level were pointed out some 30 years ago by Mr. Hussain as the Main Source of Miseries of the people in Pakistan. His whole life is an example of struggle for the sufferers. Recently MQM have tabled Bill for Redistributive Lands Reforms in the Nation Assembly and in the Senate of Pakistan, which, if implemented, would prove to be the ultimate solution to abolish this feudal system based on injustice.

Contrary to the personality of Mr. Hussain, his critics are found mostly either discussing past events, manipulated for personal or political reasons, or passing hateful and biased comments on the same. These are Second Category People, considered to be intellectuals or well known in the society, but what they are in reality, has been elaborated by Ms. Roosevelt.

If people are not wise enough to bring “New ideas”, or to discuss the same, then at-least, people, should be smart enough to avoid falling into the Third Category, which is of those people who don’t do anything but to just eat, talk and criticize others. According to Ms. Roosevelt’s quote, they are people with small mind, rather, “Without Mind”!

Should not we invite the critics of Mr. Altaf Hussain now to judge their selves in the light of this famous quote, in which category they fall? What do you say, what I should mention for those who are just spreading personal, hateful, biased, rotten, baseless and senseless propaganda for last 26 years, just against one person, “Altaf Hussain”?

For me, they are “Small Mind”, “The Third Category People”!!!

بندر کی دوڑ دھوپ:

کسی جنگل میں ایک شیر حکومت کرتا تھا، بہادر شیر نا صرف اپنی عوام کی حفاظت کرتا تھا بلکہ انکے بیچ انصاف بھی قائم رکھتا تھا، انکے تمام حقوق کا خیال رکھتا تھا، رعایا نہ صرف اپنے بادشاہ سے خوش تھی بلکہ آس پاس کی جنگلوں میں بھی اس بہادر شیر کی بڑی عزّت تھی۔ اسکی یہ شھرت اور عزّت پڑوس کے جنگلوں کے لومڑیوں، بھیڑیوں اور گیدڑوں کو ایک آنکھ نہ بھاتی تھی۔ وجہ اسکی یہ تھی کہ پڑوس کے جنگلوں میں میلوں تک کوئی شیر نا تھا، اور ظالم اور چالباز لومڑیوں، پھیڑیوں اور گیدڑوں نے آپس میں اتّحاد کر کے جنگل کے تمام جانوروں کو اپنا غلام بنایا ھوا تھا، اور یہ چاھتے تھے کہ اس جنگل میں بھی شیر کی جگہ ان کی حکومت ھو! اپنی حکومت کرنے اور عوام کو غلام بنانے کی ناپاک خواھشات کے تحت دن رات سازیشیں تیّار کرتے رھتے تھے۔ ایک دن ان چالباز لومڑیوں، بھیڑیوں اور گیدڑوں نے شیر کے جنگل سے کچھ بندروں کو اپنا ھمنوا بنالیا۔ بندروں نے اس جنگل کے چوھوں اور سانپوں کے ساتھ مل کر شیر کے خلاف سازش تیار کی اور مل کر شیر کے پاس گئے کہ اب حکمرانی کا حق کسی دوسرے جانور کو ملنا چاھیئے۔ شیر اپنی انصاف پسند طبیعت کی وجہ سے مان گیا کہ جب رعایا ھی کوئی دوسرا حکمران چاھتی ھے تو ٹھیک ھے۔ چناچہ اس نے فیصلہ تمام جانوروں پر چھوڑدیا اور سازشی جانوروں نے “بندر” کو اپنا بادشاہ بنالیا!

چوںکہ رعایا کی حفاظت اور دیکھ بھال بادشاہ کی زمّہ داری ھوتی ھے، چناجہ بندر کو حفاظت کی زمّہ داری سونپی گئی۔ بندر سارا دن درختوں پر لٹکتا رھتا تھا اور جنگل کے جو بھی پھل یا وسائل تھے اپنی فطرت کے مطابق برباد کرتا رھتا تھا۔

ایک دن جنگل میں شکاری آگئے اور کچھ ھرن اور کمزور جانوروں کے بچّے پکڑ کر لے گئے، جاتے جاتے کچھ درخت بھی کاٹ گئے جس سے پرندوں کے گھونسلے اور انڈے بچّے برباد ھوگئے۔ تمام جانور شکایت لے کر نئے بادشاہ یعنی “بندر” کے پاس آئے اور اپنی داستان غم سنائی۔ بندر نے سب کو تسلّی دی کہ تم لوگ جاؤ میں کچھ سوچتا ھوں۔ بندر بیچارہ کر بھی کیا سکتا تھا، جھوٹی تسلّی دے کر پھر درخت پر چڑھ گیا۔

اگلے دن پھر شکاری آئے اور کمزور جانوروں کے بچّے پکڑ کر لے گئے، جس نے مزاحمت کی اسکو اپنی شکاری بندوق کا نشانہ بنادیا! شکاریوں کو بھی اندازہ ھوگیا تھا کہ اب اس جنگل میں شیر کے بجائے کسی کم نسل جانور کی حکمرانی ھے۔ جب یہ سلسلہ حد سے گزرگیا تو تمام جانوروں نے “جرگہ” طلب کیا اور اس میں “پنچائت” کے سامنے یہ مثال رکھ دی کہ شیر کے زمانے میں پوری حفاظت ھوتی تھی اور رعایا کو بھرپور انصاف ملتا تھا، لیکن جب سے بندر بادشاہ بنا ھے شکاری آئے روز ھمارے بچّوں کا شکار کر رھے ھیں، بعض خبریں یہ بھی ھیں کہ پڑوس کے جنگل کے لومڑی، بھیڑیئے اور گیدڑ بھی اب اپنے جنگل کے ساتھ ساتھ ھمارے جنگل کے کمزور جانوروں کا شکار کر رھے ھیں۔

ابھی یہ جرگہ جاری ھی تھا کہ شکاری پھر جنگل میں آگئے اور جانوروں کا شکار کرنے لگے، دوسری طرف پڑوس کے جنگل کے لومڑی، بھیڑیئے اور گیدڑ جو اسی انتظار میں تھے کہ کب اس جنگل میں لاقانونیت ھو اور کب وہ اپنا شبخون ماریں، انکو آج موقعہ مل گیا اور انھوں نے چن چن کر کمزور جانوروں کے بچّے شکار کرنا شروع کردیئے! پورے جنگل میں بھگدڑ مچ گیئ، جانوروں نے مطالبہ کردیا کہ “یا تو شیر کو دوبارہ بادشاہ بنایا جائے یا بندر ھماری حفاظت کا معقول انتظام کرے۔

یہ صورت حال دیکھ کر بندر نے کہا کہ میں کچھ کرتا ھوں اور لگا درختوں پر چھلانگیں لگانے۔ اس درخت سے اس درخت، کبھی اوپر کبھی نیچے، کبھی آوازیں نکالے کبھی چیخے چلّائے۔ بادشاہ کو یہ سب کرتے دیکھ کر خوشامدی چوھے بھی اچھلنے اور شور کرنے لگے۔ جنگل کے تمام جانور حیران اور پریشان ایک طرف شکاری ھمارے بچّوں کا شکار کر رھے ھیں دوسری طرف پڑوس کے جنگل کے درندے مار رھے ھیں اور بادشاہ سلامت اور انکے چمچے صرف شور ھی کر رھے ھیں، آخر یہ ماجرا کیا ھے۔
بالآخر ھوا وھی جو ھونا تھا، شکاری اور پڑوس کے جنگل کے درندے اپنا کام کر کے چلے گئے اور بندر قلابازیاں ھی کھاتا رھا اور اسکے چمچے شور کرتے اور تالیاں پیٹتے ھی رھے۔ جانور بہت ناراض تھے اور جاننا چاھتے تھے کہ آخر بندر نے ایسا کیوں کیا اور ھمارے بچّوں کی حفاظت کیوں نہیں کی?سب نے یک زبان ھوکر بندر سے یہ سوال کیا کہ بادشاہ سلامت شکاری اور پڑوس کے جنگل کے درندے ھمارے بچّوں کا شکار کرتے رھے اور آپ نے کیوں کچھ نہیں کیا?تو بندر نے جواب دیا:

” میں کیا کرتا میں نے تو بہت دوڑ دھوپ کی تھی تمھارے بچّوں کو بچانے کے لیئے! ”

اگر ھم زرا سا غور کریں تو پہچان سکتے ھیں، یہ جنگل کوئی اور نہیں کراچی ھے! آج کے حکمران بندر جن کی دوڑ دھوپ انکے اخباری بیانات تک ھی محدود ھے، انکو سازشی پٹیاں پڑھانے والے پڑوس کے جنگل کے بزدل لومڑی، بھیڑیئے اور گیدڑ ھیں جو کراچی کے ساتھ ساتھ اپنے ھی جنگل کی رعایا کا بے دریغ خون بہا رھے ھیں، اور انکی احمقانہ حرکتوں پر تالیاں پیٹنے ولے اور داد و تحسین کے ڈونگرے برسانے والے بھانڈ دراصل نام نہاد، سوشل ورکرز اور زرد صحافت کے علمبردار بکاؤ صحافی ھیں!

باضمیر اور باکردار سوشل ورکر، صحافی اور معاشرے کے دانشور اس وقت وہ کمزور جانور بن چکے ھیں جن کے بچوں کو بندر بادشاہ کے آقالومڑی، بھیڑیئے اور گیدڑ اور شکاری ھر روز شکار کر رھے ھیں!

An Open Letter to All Pakistanis from Karachi

My Dear All Pakistanis, let me vow it clearly that I Love You All, I Love as much as you could love your dear one, as much you could love your city, village, country and native place. No matter which city, village or town you belong to, you are as much dare to me as much a fellow Karachiite is. Just recall when you or your relatives used to come to this city for earning bread or for living being, similarly people from this city and other cities used to come to your city, village or area to visit family, friends or just see the beautiful sights. Just imagine many of you might have relatives belonging to this city known as Karachi, many of you might have friends who have the same blood as you!

It is another fact, if you are not linked anyway with this city or its people one relation at least you have, it’s a city of your beloved country Pakistan, the people living here are your Muslim Brothers and Sisters, even if Non-Muslim are there they are your countryman. Just imagine, how you are tied with the fate of this city, unrest in this city causes unrest in the whole country, an political unrest or economical downfall is as much harmful for you as much for people in this city. Similarly your problems or miseries are relevant to people here, they feel the same pain if there is Earthquack in Azad Kashmir, Khayber Pakhtunkhuwa or Balochistan or if there are Floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Punjab, Balochistan or Sindh. Didn’t you notice how people here come out and start working at once if there is any disaster in the country? Irrespective of the Political Affiliation, Ethnic Background, Linguistic Divide or Caste and Creed, they all come out, join hands together and work day and night for you, for your children, without any greed. Karachi alone contributes a major share not only in the country’s income, but also in any donation for the victims of any natural disaster.

But, when it comes to any problem in Karachi, everyone like to speak only, no one feel the responsibility to raise his/her voice against any social injustice or terrorist act, the step-mother like attitude of my countryman cannot be ignored. It not only hurts people in this city but also hurts the teaching of Holy Qur’aan. Instead of raising their voice against the Evil or in the favour of Suffering, people start giving political comments and targeting their political rivals. This situation will no longer be there if Karachi, the City of Lights is destroyed economically due to Extortion Mafia, Drugs Mafia, Land Mafia backed and supported by some Political/Religious groups, or its people continued be killed by criminals and terrorists.

Islam has taught us, we are like a human body, pain in any part of the body creates unrest for whole body, and similarly, if we think about the phrase of Allama Iqbal we can get a great lesson:

فرد قائم ربط ملّت سے ھے تنہا کچھ نہیں

مؤج ھے دریا میں اور پیرون دریا کچھ نہیں

This is a simple question from all my beloved country fellows, when Karachi and its people feel the pain on your miseries and come out to help you, don’t you feel pain when Karachi suffers terrorism, target killing and riots caused by a handful of criminals? Why doesn’t my countryman come out protesting on the injustice with Karachiites? Why this discrimination is there?

Should not we all put aside all the political or ethnic divides and get unite against all the Evil Forces which are as harmful for you as much for the people of Karachi?

منفعت ایک ھے اس قوم کی نقصان بھی ایک

ایک ھے سب کا نبی، دین بھی، ایمان بھی ایک

حرم پاک بھی، اللہ بھی، قرآن بھی ایک

کچھ بڑی بات تھی ھوتے جو مسلمان بھی ایک




The Unholy Alliance

In a democratic System, political parties may work in a close coordination, or form alliances, or sometimes merge with each other to form a new entity in order to be more effective and serve the nation. Also, the parties may cease coordination, may break the alliance, or occasionally parties break into factions, this all are part of the democratic system, but logically those parties work together or form alliances whose aim or vision are same. A right wing religious group would hardly be joining a left wing secular party or vice versa. A party having the National Vision with the International Presence would hardly be coordinating with a regional or nationalist group not because of the size or presentation in the assemblies, but due to the vision how to approach the targets! It is another fact the targets may also vary drastically! But if we come to see any such alliance or coordination, the sixth sense must be alarming for any behind the scene activities.

In a recent meeting on January 06th at Taraqqi Pasand House, the Headquarters of Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party’s Leader Qadir Magsi and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Sindh’s Leader Naim-ul-Haq announced their coordination and will to work together. This Alliance or Coordination seems the same as described above. Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party formerly known as Jiye Sindh whose Leader Qadir Magsi is a well known Sindhi Nationalist, was the leader of Jiye Sindh Student Federation, which is a strict Sindhi Nationalist Group and have showed its anger and reservations over Non-Native Sindhis (Urdu Speaking, Punjabi and Pashtun). Tehreek-e-Insaaf claims to be a National Party but since its birth it could not grow to a mature level. Its Leader Imran Khan is known as the “Most Un-Matured Politician of Pakistan”, interestingly there is no other prominent leader except him in his party. The only Seat Imran Khan’s party could win was his own hometown’s seat, no other achievement since its inception in 1995.

No matter what is the size of the two parties, the notable thing is their objectives are entirely different. Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party is Nationalist Group and nothing to do with the National Issues, like Taliban Terrorism and Legislation in Federal Capital. It is limited to some areas in Internal Sindh without any representation in any of the houses, and their politics is based on Sindhi Nationalism. Whereas, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is limited till Mianwali, the hometown of Imran Khan, though it has opened its offices in major cities in Pakistan, with having a notable presence on social media, but still it may be counted as a tiny group at National Level Politics, tending towards Taliban and Right Wing Groups.

Since STPP doesn’t have representatives in assemblies, it may be recognized only by its past reputation which is of a Nationalist Group with extreme Left Views! Whereas, PTI is still floating between Right and left Wing Groups due to its views about Modernization and contrary to it, sympathy towards Taliban Terrorists! The Alliance between the two seems to be artificial as logically PTI should tend towards those parties which are the representatives or having roots in the public in Province of Sindh, i.e. PPP or MQM, coordinating with a party like STPP which doesn’t represent the people of Sindh nor it could prove to be a Progressive Party is somewhat suspicious.

Similarly, when STPP makes an alliance with such party which doesn’t have roots in the local public, it would definitely create ambiguities in the ambitions. Why it was necessary to ignore those parties which have roots in the public in the province and make alliance with such a party which has no presence in the region. There are incidents where both the groups have been blamed of creating unrest in Karachi, keeping this in view, this new alliance seems to be Mysterious and would prove to be Unholy by the time.

Terrorism in the name of Religion

In Pakistan, a number of people have been made victim in terrorism in the name of Religion. Islam is the Religion of Peace, and the terrorists used it as a cover for their barbaric crimes and termed themselves as “Mujahid”, “Ghazi”, or “True Muslim”.

Nation has suffered a lot due to the extremism grown gradually since General Zia-ul-Haq had brought Afghan War into Pakistan. Initially it evolved as Sectarian Clashes, later turned to Bomb Blasts or Suicide Attacks on Mosques, Shrines, Religious Gatherings etc. or Targeted Killings of Common People or High Profile Political or Religious Personalities. Besides hundreds of common man, some famous people assassinated in the acts of terrorism include:

– two times Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party, Ms. Benazir Bhutto;
– MQM’s MPA Raza Haider;
– MQM’s Leader Dr. Imran Farooq (though he was assassinated in London);
– MQM’s Mustafa Rizvi;
– MQM’s MNA Dr. Nishat Malik;
– MQM’s MPA Khalid Bin Waleed;
– Famous Religious Scholar Moulana Muhammad Yousuf Ludhyanvi;
– Leader of Sunni Tehreek Saleem Qadri;
– Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai;
– Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik;
– And now Governor of Punjab and Leader of PPP Salman Taseer;

The list is too long, but these are a few examples of those people who were most of the time in security but it was Extremist, Non-tolerant and Anti-Islamic aggressive behavior of some misguided people who managed to assassinate them.

Pakistan is a country of 170 Million Muslims, deeply connected to the religion and practicing tradition almost similar to the Islamic Ideology. Extremists not only exploit their religious sentiments but also trap and use them for their ill-motives. Sometimes they are being used as an angry mob against Government or any specific Political or Religious Group declaring the issues as Islamic/Religious instead of Political, sometimes they are being used as Human Shield against any Armed Actions of authorities, sometimes they are being used as Suicide Attacker. The main reason, innocent people are being trapped easily by Extremists/Terrorists is Poverty, Illiteracy and their Emotional Attachment with Religion.

In majority cases, reason and the culprit remained un-identified, but in some cases killers appeared to be from opposite sectarian group. The assassination of Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, however, has a distinguished reason, i.e., Blasphemy! His Police Guard assassinated assuming him a Blasphemer. This all had started when he received a request of Pardon from Asia Bibi, a Christian, facing court proceedings in charge of Blasphemy. Pakistan has most strict laws which protect the Islamic Ideology and the Dignity of Religion, Holy Qur’aan, Holy Prophet (PBUH) and other Religious Personalities.

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer was of the view that the laws regarding blasphemy are human made, and there are chances of mistakes in it, therefore, it must be reviewed in order to make it balanced and error free. The cleric declared these views as Anti-Islamic and hence termed the Governor a Blasphemer, result; his own Police Guard killed him on 4th January 2011.

It is clear from the past records that this law has been used to take revenge or obtaining any benefits, therefore Governor’s demand for a complete review and amendments supported by different Political and Religious Personalities seems right (rest Allah knows better), but before that we need to eradicate this intolerant attitude from our society. It is not yet confirmed that Governor had committed or not any blasphemy by criticizing the weaknesses in Blasphemy Law of Pakistan, but it is at least confirmed that Malik Mumtaz Qadri, the killer has done a Great Sin by killing a Human Being!