The Current Political Turmoil and the Future of Pakistan…

The Current Government of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has lost its reputation among its allies from the very beginning when it tried delaying tacticks for the restoration of jusdges, which was one of the major clause of the Charter of Democracy of London APC. Subsequent events lead to further miscommitments of the ruling PPP resulted as the separation of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) from the Government in Islamabad, however, the coalition partners continued their cooperation in the Province of Punjab, which is not in any way a friendly coalition.

Another major ally of PPP in the Southern Province of Sindh, the third largest party of Pakistan, MQM has serious concerns over various issues, including, Law and Order Situation in the Province specially in the port city of Karachi, Target Killing, Land Grabbing, Extortion, Kidnapping for ransom, Corruption and Hyper inflation. The Government failed to satisfy this important ally and hence lost its trust also.

Some small allies including ANP and JUI, however having more Ministries then other allies, also showed their reservations over miscommitments of PPP and its leadership. Recently Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazal-ur-Rehman Group) has announced its separation from the Government in Islamabad, however they showed their will to continue in Western Province of Balochistan. ANP is still supporting the Government despite its anger towards PPP on non-fulfillment of its demands.

What are the motives and reasons of these miscommitments which is leading the allies towards separation and despite several attempts by the allies, PPP Lead Government is failed to address those, is better known to PPP leadership, but from the alliess view point, there is lacking of serious and reliable approach towards solving the issues. After the formation of Government PPP leadership seemed to strengthen its Government by any means fair or unfair, and failed to curb the major issues country was facing.

At one hand, Pakistan is facing internal and external terrorism and international pressure on various issues, at other hand people are suffering due to mismanagement and corruption everywhere, inflation has reached to a historic high level, suicide bomb blasts and target killings are daily routine, and the leaders and minsters of PPP are indulged in corruption and delivering Racist and Hateful Speeches!

When, MQM had joined PPP lead government in Islamabad and Province of Sindh unconditionally and had raised supporting hand to PPP to strengthen the democracy, it was expected that PPP leadership will take it seriously, but later incidents had not only annoyed the nation but also put the coalition government in danger. The Recent hateful speech of Interior Minister of Sindh, Zulfiqar Mirza, while he was addressing the Traders of Karachi, is an blunt example of how PPP and its leadership thinks about its coalition partners and communities. In his recent speech, Mr. Mirza not only blamed MQM for serious crimes but also threatened people of Karachi for ultimate consequences.

The hateful speech of Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh’s interior minister, has lead hot debates in the Media, which itself have criticized these statements, and the Intellectual Circles has showed their serious concerns over it. The Central Coordiination Committee of MQM have discussed this issue in a joint session of Karachi and London Offices and announced to takeup the mattere to the Prime Minister and President for clarification.

It wil not be wrong if we say that Non-Serious attitude of PPP Leaders is pushing the country towards a turmoil. MQM has a track record of Mature and Sensible Politics. It has brought out the country several times from delimma, people may recall, when the Government and all the political and non-political pressure groups supported agrteement with Taliban Terrorists in Swat it was only MQM which had opposed it, MQM’s stand on NRO, Kerry Loger Bill, Hyper Inflation, Support of Pak-Army against Taliban, Corruption, Cause of Damages in recent floods etc. everytime MQM has proved its positive approach towards serving the nation.

It will be too early to predict anything at this stage, but as it is said, “Look at the Sun and Shadow will fall behind”, it is expected from MQM that it will play its crucial role to make PPP take sensible decisions and hence will take out the country from this turmoil.


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