New Global Strategic Centre

Middle East once used to be the Centre of Global Strategic and Political Game. Overtime the centre shifted to many countries or regions according to the U.S. needs, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, East Europe, Central Asia, India, China, Sudan, every country had been used or is being used for strategic change. These changes sometimes bring prosperity or impose wars at times. Electronic and Print Media plays key role in all Strategic and Political ups and downs.

Since the revelation of US Cables and Secret Logs through WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, a lot of developments are expected to occur on the Global Political or the Geo-Political Fronts. This time the World will witness Major “Shifts” instead of “Changes” in the Policies of different countries, at least it has changed the Centre of the Strategic Battlefield and this time it is not a country or region, it is a virtual world this time, called “Internet” and very soon the destiny of many will be decided online!

To give weight to this idea, we can observe the recent trends wherein many Political, Religious, Business, NGO and Extremist Outfits are found to be using internet as their key contact and information sharing points. Socializing Websites are playing vital role facilitating many to gather information rapidly or share information cheaply. This impact is so vital that US President Barack Obama used it for his Election Campaign and CNN declared Ex-Pakistani President Pervaiz Musharraf as the connector of the day due to his large following on Facebook.

Moreover, it would result as a Major Shift in public opinion or policies of different countries, if some, even not all; Wiki-Leaks are proved to be authentic. The news of the formation of Militia by Saudia Arabia against Hezbollah, Involvement of UAE in destabilizing Balochistan or NATO’s planning to protect Poland and the Baltic against any Russian Aggression are indicating possible Strategic Shifts expected to occur in near future, and all these expectations are only because of the New Global Strategic Centre, “the Internet”, in absence of which the changes would be meager and negligible in short run.

Recently, a proxy war is also witnessed between Indian and Pakistani hackers when both sides had claimed to hack each others websites related to different Government and Security Departments, endorsing the validity of Internet as the Strategic Centre. Though already there is a lot of Political Activism on the internet, it is needless to say it will play the major role to decide the destiny of the Nations!


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