WikiLeaks – New Global Issue or the Reason of New Global Issues?

Julian Assange, 39 years, Australian National, would never had imagined to be famous around the world only because of a website and all the confidential and secret information it is leaking. Wikileaks, a whistleblower website formed in 2006 by Assange, has claimed to possess more then 250,000 secret cables of U.S. Embassies around the world, around 392,000 Iraqi War Logs, Afghan War Logs & documents related to other countries which will be released from time to time to the general public.

Recently this website has released information regarding Iraq War Crimes, Afghan War, Arab World Reservations over Iran, Arab Leaders Views on Pakistani Leaders, Israel-Gulf backdoor diplomacy, Taliban’s deviation from their strict policies, ties of Pakistani Politicians with U.S.A., Involvement of India, Russia and U.A.E. to destabilize Balochistan, Interest of NATO and Russia in the Baltic and much more juicy and spicy for the Media and Newspapers.

Different countries have already banned this website, and Sweden has initiated investigation against Assange for 2 rape and harassment cases.

Irrespective of the true or false nature of the information it reveals, isn’t it correct it is starting new issues to the world to face? Would not countries be confronting after these leaks? It is an alarming situation wherein the secret information being leaked would ignite Countries for War or disturb their mutual relationships.

Apparently, US is not happy with these leaks, but is it really the case? The simple answer would be “NO” as most of the Leaks are not that much secret for the world, and the cables are mostly found discussing those issues wherein US Policies have been tried to prove on the right track. Is this co-incidence accidental or engineered?

WikiLeaks has affirmed many conspiracies and proxy war, which will give raise to more conflicts and issues inter and intra-nations, yet, the probability of US and its allies new hot targets is admissible as already expected!

Most of the people will agree that these TIMELY LEAKS are intended and not accidental, there are some motives which will be achieved under the WIKI-COVER, probably these will be to divert the attention from Iraq and Afghanistan, they need some new and comprehensive reasons to intervene different regions after the failure of so-called threats of WMDs or Osama Bin Laden!

Again, most probably these leaks will not cover any material information which would disturb the existing position of US or Israel. So far most of the leaks about Pakistan were known to us but we can not deny the existence of terrorist elements and external hands which will ignite terrorism and would disturb relations with different countries!

Till last news, Asange, the founder of WikiLeaks has been arrested in UK, but the work has already been done. Simply we can say that these are designed to leak in a manner to yield optimum results to secure US interests in different regions!


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