The Light, Prism and the Spectrum…

Light, an essential component for life, a symbol of hope, a gift of God, sometimes some Messages some People bring light to our lives, rather become light for us themselves, which don’t need anything for itself rather just enlighten others.

Our Creator has always sent Good People to keep us guided and enlighten with the truth. Human is very much unpredictable in his nature, he may be inclined towards the good deeds or the bad, it depends on the individual’s psychic, opportunity, interests & objectives, but in general the Good will always remain Good and Bad will considered as Bad. People, more inclined towards bad, try to show the negative image of everything, they would term the light as dark even.

Though, there are people always, who not only understand the importance of light, good deeds and truth, but also resist those who intend to mold the truth for ill-motives or for their personal gains. These people grasp fully the truth, understand its underlying message and act in a manner that the message or the truth with its optimum meaning would be revealed to as many people as possible. The same people are like “Prism”, individually take the light or the truth, but deliver the outcome as a “Spectrum” to too many.

We can see the above happenings around us in our routine lives; we may find people like “Light” delivering to others without any interest, these people bring some new thoughts to us, share some new ideas or the ways to get rid of the bad and to adopt the good. We may find the “Prism” like people around us, who not only can differentiate between good and bad, but also explore it to others. At the same time we may find the people whose aim always is to create ambiguity and doubts.

From the above phrases, we can define people of 4 categories; first those who act like Light, bring new ideas and change, without any personal gain, like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Nelson Mandela, Imam Khumaini etc. for their respective Nations. Secondly, those who understand the message of these people and elaborate it to others in best possible way, like the aides of any Revolutionary Leader, if we talk generally. Third, the Spectrum, the people who organize and enlighten themselves with the truth in response of the struggle and efforts of the first two, fourth is the category contrast to the above three, and inclined towards ignorance.

Should not we look into our own shirts to judge, which category we fall into? If we do not fall into first two, i.e. Light or Prism, then at least we must try to become that “Spectrum”, the outcome of that Effort or Struggle of the above two, and should praise those individuals who bring or become light for us, or are acting like Prism to organize and enlighten us.

And yes, we Must Not fall into fourth category, which is of ignorant and misguided people, rather should try to pull them out of it to be a colour of the Spectrum!!!


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