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The Current Political Turmoil and the Future of Pakistan…

The Current Government of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has lost its reputation among its allies from the very beginning when it tried delaying tacticks for the restoration of jusdges, which was one of the major clause of the Charter of Democracy of London APC. Subsequent events lead to further miscommitments of the ruling PPP resulted as the separation of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) from the Government in Islamabad, however, the coalition partners continued their cooperation in the Province of Punjab, which is not in any way a friendly coalition.

Another major ally of PPP in the Southern Province of Sindh, the third largest party of Pakistan, MQM has serious concerns over various issues, including, Law and Order Situation in the Province specially in the port city of Karachi, Target Killing, Land Grabbing, Extortion, Kidnapping for ransom, Corruption and Hyper inflation. The Government failed to satisfy this important ally and hence lost its trust also.

Some small allies including ANP and JUI, however having more Ministries then other allies, also showed their reservations over miscommitments of PPP and its leadership. Recently Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazal-ur-Rehman Group) has announced its separation from the Government in Islamabad, however they showed their will to continue in Western Province of Balochistan. ANP is still supporting the Government despite its anger towards PPP on non-fulfillment of its demands.

What are the motives and reasons of these miscommitments which is leading the allies towards separation and despite several attempts by the allies, PPP Lead Government is failed to address those, is better known to PPP leadership, but from the alliess view point, there is lacking of serious and reliable approach towards solving the issues. After the formation of Government PPP leadership seemed to strengthen its Government by any means fair or unfair, and failed to curb the major issues country was facing.

At one hand, Pakistan is facing internal and external terrorism and international pressure on various issues, at other hand people are suffering due to mismanagement and corruption everywhere, inflation has reached to a historic high level, suicide bomb blasts and target killings are daily routine, and the leaders and minsters of PPP are indulged in corruption and delivering Racist and Hateful Speeches!

When, MQM had joined PPP lead government in Islamabad and Province of Sindh unconditionally and had raised supporting hand to PPP to strengthen the democracy, it was expected that PPP leadership will take it seriously, but later incidents had not only annoyed the nation but also put the coalition government in danger. The Recent hateful speech of Interior Minister of Sindh, Zulfiqar Mirza, while he was addressing the Traders of Karachi, is an blunt example of how PPP and its leadership thinks about its coalition partners and communities. In his recent speech, Mr. Mirza not only blamed MQM for serious crimes but also threatened people of Karachi for ultimate consequences.

The hateful speech of Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh’s interior minister, has lead hot debates in the Media, which itself have criticized these statements, and the Intellectual Circles has showed their serious concerns over it. The Central Coordiination Committee of MQM have discussed this issue in a joint session of Karachi and London Offices and announced to takeup the mattere to the Prime Minister and President for clarification.

It wil not be wrong if we say that Non-Serious attitude of PPP Leaders is pushing the country towards a turmoil. MQM has a track record of Mature and Sensible Politics. It has brought out the country several times from delimma, people may recall, when the Government and all the political and non-political pressure groups supported agrteement with Taliban Terrorists in Swat it was only MQM which had opposed it, MQM’s stand on NRO, Kerry Loger Bill, Hyper Inflation, Support of Pak-Army against Taliban, Corruption, Cause of Damages in recent floods etc. everytime MQM has proved its positive approach towards serving the nation.

It will be too early to predict anything at this stage, but as it is said, “Look at the Sun and Shadow will fall behind”, it is expected from MQM that it will play its crucial role to make PPP take sensible decisions and hence will take out the country from this turmoil.


New Global Strategic Centre

Middle East once used to be the Centre of Global Strategic and Political Game. Overtime the centre shifted to many countries or regions according to the U.S. needs, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, East Europe, Central Asia, India, China, Sudan, every country had been used or is being used for strategic change. These changes sometimes bring prosperity or impose wars at times. Electronic and Print Media plays key role in all Strategic and Political ups and downs.

Since the revelation of US Cables and Secret Logs through WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, a lot of developments are expected to occur on the Global Political or the Geo-Political Fronts. This time the World will witness Major “Shifts” instead of “Changes” in the Policies of different countries, at least it has changed the Centre of the Strategic Battlefield and this time it is not a country or region, it is a virtual world this time, called “Internet” and very soon the destiny of many will be decided online!

To give weight to this idea, we can observe the recent trends wherein many Political, Religious, Business, NGO and Extremist Outfits are found to be using internet as their key contact and information sharing points. Socializing Websites are playing vital role facilitating many to gather information rapidly or share information cheaply. This impact is so vital that US President Barack Obama used it for his Election Campaign and CNN declared Ex-Pakistani President Pervaiz Musharraf as the connector of the day due to his large following on Facebook.

Moreover, it would result as a Major Shift in public opinion or policies of different countries, if some, even not all; Wiki-Leaks are proved to be authentic. The news of the formation of Militia by Saudia Arabia against Hezbollah, Involvement of UAE in destabilizing Balochistan or NATO’s planning to protect Poland and the Baltic against any Russian Aggression are indicating possible Strategic Shifts expected to occur in near future, and all these expectations are only because of the New Global Strategic Centre, “the Internet”, in absence of which the changes would be meager and negligible in short run.

Recently, a proxy war is also witnessed between Indian and Pakistani hackers when both sides had claimed to hack each others websites related to different Government and Security Departments, endorsing the validity of Internet as the Strategic Centre. Though already there is a lot of Political Activism on the internet, it is needless to say it will play the major role to decide the destiny of the Nations!

WikiLeaks – New Global Issue or the Reason of New Global Issues?

Julian Assange, 39 years, Australian National, would never had imagined to be famous around the world only because of a website and all the confidential and secret information it is leaking. Wikileaks, a whistleblower website formed in 2006 by Assange, has claimed to possess more then 250,000 secret cables of U.S. Embassies around the world, around 392,000 Iraqi War Logs, Afghan War Logs & documents related to other countries which will be released from time to time to the general public.

Recently this website has released information regarding Iraq War Crimes, Afghan War, Arab World Reservations over Iran, Arab Leaders Views on Pakistani Leaders, Israel-Gulf backdoor diplomacy, Taliban’s deviation from their strict policies, ties of Pakistani Politicians with U.S.A., Involvement of India, Russia and U.A.E. to destabilize Balochistan, Interest of NATO and Russia in the Baltic and much more juicy and spicy for the Media and Newspapers.

Different countries have already banned this website, and Sweden has initiated investigation against Assange for 2 rape and harassment cases.

Irrespective of the true or false nature of the information it reveals, isn’t it correct it is starting new issues to the world to face? Would not countries be confronting after these leaks? It is an alarming situation wherein the secret information being leaked would ignite Countries for War or disturb their mutual relationships.

Apparently, US is not happy with these leaks, but is it really the case? The simple answer would be “NO” as most of the Leaks are not that much secret for the world, and the cables are mostly found discussing those issues wherein US Policies have been tried to prove on the right track. Is this co-incidence accidental or engineered?

WikiLeaks has affirmed many conspiracies and proxy war, which will give raise to more conflicts and issues inter and intra-nations, yet, the probability of US and its allies new hot targets is admissible as already expected!

Most of the people will agree that these TIMELY LEAKS are intended and not accidental, there are some motives which will be achieved under the WIKI-COVER, probably these will be to divert the attention from Iraq and Afghanistan, they need some new and comprehensive reasons to intervene different regions after the failure of so-called threats of WMDs or Osama Bin Laden!

Again, most probably these leaks will not cover any material information which would disturb the existing position of US or Israel. So far most of the leaks about Pakistan were known to us but we can not deny the existence of terrorist elements and external hands which will ignite terrorism and would disturb relations with different countries!

Till last news, Asange, the founder of WikiLeaks has been arrested in UK, but the work has already been done. Simply we can say that these are designed to leak in a manner to yield optimum results to secure US interests in different regions!

The Light, Prism and the Spectrum…

Light, an essential component for life, a symbol of hope, a gift of God, sometimes some Messages some People bring light to our lives, rather become light for us themselves, which don’t need anything for itself rather just enlighten others.

Our Creator has always sent Good People to keep us guided and enlighten with the truth. Human is very much unpredictable in his nature, he may be inclined towards the good deeds or the bad, it depends on the individual’s psychic, opportunity, interests & objectives, but in general the Good will always remain Good and Bad will considered as Bad. People, more inclined towards bad, try to show the negative image of everything, they would term the light as dark even.

Though, there are people always, who not only understand the importance of light, good deeds and truth, but also resist those who intend to mold the truth for ill-motives or for their personal gains. These people grasp fully the truth, understand its underlying message and act in a manner that the message or the truth with its optimum meaning would be revealed to as many people as possible. The same people are like “Prism”, individually take the light or the truth, but deliver the outcome as a “Spectrum” to too many.

We can see the above happenings around us in our routine lives; we may find people like “Light” delivering to others without any interest, these people bring some new thoughts to us, share some new ideas or the ways to get rid of the bad and to adopt the good. We may find the “Prism” like people around us, who not only can differentiate between good and bad, but also explore it to others. At the same time we may find the people whose aim always is to create ambiguity and doubts.

From the above phrases, we can define people of 4 categories; first those who act like Light, bring new ideas and change, without any personal gain, like Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Nelson Mandela, Imam Khumaini etc. for their respective Nations. Secondly, those who understand the message of these people and elaborate it to others in best possible way, like the aides of any Revolutionary Leader, if we talk generally. Third, the Spectrum, the people who organize and enlighten themselves with the truth in response of the struggle and efforts of the first two, fourth is the category contrast to the above three, and inclined towards ignorance.

Should not we look into our own shirts to judge, which category we fall into? If we do not fall into first two, i.e. Light or Prism, then at least we must try to become that “Spectrum”, the outcome of that Effort or Struggle of the above two, and should praise those individuals who bring or become light for us, or are acting like Prism to organize and enlighten us.

And yes, we Must Not fall into fourth category, which is of ignorant and misguided people, rather should try to pull them out of it to be a colour of the Spectrum!!!