Taliban Terrorists in Government

It has been said, “When there is a will there is a way”, means if one wants to do something then that particular thing can be done, without ones determination nothing is possible.

Government is continuously expressing its will to fight with the terrorism and Taliban threat, but to what extent it is determined or how much serious it is to accomplish this goal, we can know looking at its coalition partners.

Rangers carried out an operation to arrest several Taliban Terrorists including Zain Mehsud, a close aide of former Taliban Terrorist’s Leader Baitullah Mehsud and an office bearer of ANP in Sultanabad, Karachi. While another Taliban Terrorist Azam Mehsud is Nephew of Aman Ullah Mehsud who is an MPA of ANP.

Nexus of ANP with Taliban

JUI, another alley of PPP Lead Government is already well known of its links with Taliban, is now exposed once again when the member of JUI and Federal Minister of Tourism Moulana Ataur Rehman, who is real brother of Moulana Fazalur Rehman, the Chief of JUI, has praised Taliban Terrorists in a Public Gathering by saying “Ulema (Scholars) and Taliban are the true followers of Islam…”.

Ansar Burney, the Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust and a Representative of Human Rights has recently written a letter to the British Government, which include several high level officials requesting them to not allow Moulana Fazalur Rehman, Chairman of JUI to enter UK as he is a supporter of Taliban Terrorists and having links with them.

This is the first time when a Human Rights Activist has raised voice against Taliban and their influence in the Government. MQM, the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan has already showed its serious concerns over Taliban insurgence and their links with ANP, Jamat, JUI, PMLN and PTI etc.

The people of Pakistan must realize now Taliban are working on some hidden agenda and above mentioned Groups are not only trying to hide there crimes but also giving them shelter. If really the Government has WILL to eliminate Taliban and their terrorism from the country it must find the WAY and take concrete actions against these terrorists and must account for its coalition partners for their links with them.


One thought on “Taliban Terrorists in Government

  1. Nabeel Khan

    Well anybody can see the nexus b/w ANP & taliban, infact they both r against pakistan, they both wanna disturb the peace nd progress of the country, shame on them.


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