The Falling Leaves…

It is Nature’s system, everything has to change. Season does change also, bring new flowers, fruits and leaves to the tree. It starts when the new leaves replace the old ones, and the old one has to fall down the tree.

Pakistani politics is also witnessing its changing season, now, public’s opinion is changing, their priorities are changing and huge political personalities are falling like Autumn Leaves and fresh young politician rather real public representatives are emerging like fresh spring leaves.

It was when I was traveling from Dubai to Karachi, a man sitting besides me started to discuss the current affairs and now-a-days situation in Pakistan. Azhar, aged between 30-35 years, belonged to Lahore, was a professional photographer and working for a company in Dubai.

During our conversation on sugar prices when I mentioned that most of the sugar mills belongs to either leaders of PMLN or PPPP, he smiled and informed me “I am a diehard supporter and a worker of PMLN”, more he surprised me when admitted that PMLN is not only involved in all the corruption and looting the country but also losing its strength by its actions, and he is one of those workers leaving it for good.

This Youngman is not the first or last one, thinking or acting like this, he might be taken as an example or a Barometer to gauge the public opinion generating in the 2nd biggest city of Pakistan. This might be the sign of the changing Political Season in whole the country, reasons are important but well known to everyone, corruption, deprivation, looting publics and national wealth, worst law and order situation etc., but most important are those elements which are going to be changed with these changing.

Punjab being the most populated province of the country elects more Parliamentarians, who are critical to form Government in the Centre. The changing scenario in the public support is clearly evident in the recent days wherein conventional parties have suffered sub-divisions within them and the vote bank has been divided, aided by some new parties who have started their political career just now or in the recent past in Punjab.

The contacts between different groups of Muslim League are the examples that it was divided and now attempting to gather at one platform. Regardless of the possibilities it would reunite or not, we must admit that the public’s opinion has changed drastically and the old fashioned, traditional politicians has to leave the place for well educated, talented and visionary new entrants or the public’s wave will force them to fall down like Autumn Leaves!!!

The Falling Autumn Leaves of Pakistani Politics...


3 thoughts on “The Falling Leaves…

  1. Khurram Hasan

    Nice write up Kashif bhai!
    It took me back to the times when PML was united and planting all kinds of conspiracies to divide the MQM…they were so happy to see Karachi in blood bath….then we saw nature playing its role , taking revenge….one by one by one…all the PML leaders made thier own PML’s…PML got split so badly no one could imagine.

  2. sknawaz Post author

    Yes Khurram Bhai, I still remember when they had said “when every party can be divided then why can’t MQM?” and then they created Haqiqi Terrorists Group and funded it with public’s money, supported by Jamati Terrorists and launched it to kill innocent people in Karachi.

    But Allah Justice is this that PML is divided into fractions, Nawaz Shareef is trying hard for his survival, Jamat-e-Ghair Islami is dying its own death, and those who were responsible for that Massacre are now nowhere!


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