This End Is A New Beginning…

At last, the Funeral of Dr. Imran Farooq, a prominent leader of MQM has done in MQM Martyr’s Graveyard in Yaseenabad, Karachi, in presence of hundreds of thousands of people. With this all the propaganda about the differences between him and MQM leadership has died itself.

A couple of days ago, the family of Dr. Imran Farooq alongwith other leaders of MQM had gone to London to receive his dead body. Funeral Prayers had been offered first in London where the Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain and other leaders along with his family members had offered the prayers. The family members including his mother, widow, sisters and brothers’ in law, had also met MQM chief.

On arrival to Karachi the dead body had been taken to his family house and from there it had been taken to Jinnah Ground, Azizabad for prayers where hundreds of thousands of people have attended the funeral prayers of their beloved leader.

The propaganda which had started on 16th September 2010, spreading the rumors about the differences between Dr. Imran and his family with the top MQM leadership was not new. During State Operation in 1995-96 the same propaganda had been tried to spread but at that time too it was Dr. Imran Farooq who not only had rejected it all, but also kept gather the workers and associates. This is another example of his love and sincerity that despite several offers from State and Military Personnel he not only refused but proved his strong ties with MQM and his Leader Altaf Hussain.

This is the perfect time to recognize those hate mongers and propagandists who did their level best to spread propaganda and did not succeed, may be they are preparing some new tricks, but by reading their past comments from September 16th onwards we can see that how did they try to manipulate the incidents and failed.

The History is evident, when there is a try to eliminate MQM or its leadership, it has grown more rapidly, they offered money to MQM Chief, which had been refused, they started the worst ever operation to eliminate MQM and killed its leaders and 15000 workers, they forced MQM leadership to take asylum in UK, they engineered fake cases on MQM Leaders and workers, but this all has always given more strength to it. Today MQM is not only in Urban Sindh, but also possess strong presence in Rural Sindh, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Biltistan and now strengthening itself in Punjab.

It is needless to say, this might be an End of a Leader, but definitely is not the End of his Ideology, his teaching and struggle which is a solid movement now. This End of a Leader will prove to be a New Beginning towards the Revolution in the Country.


One thought on “This End Is A New Beginning…

  1. Beenish Siddiqi

    Its not an end of a leader as well…. Great Leaders dont die, they live with us in the shape of their ideology, their works & their teachings. Plus Shaheeds dont die, they are alive just we cant see them….

    Dr.Imran Farooq will always rema…in a great example of a Dedicated Political Worker, who sacrficed all his life selflessly for a Phenomenal Movement….May Allah SWT raise his standards,Aameen.

    Nice effort Mr Syed Kashif Nawaz !


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