Where are the Leaders?

The motives of the Lawyers Movement was said to restore Free Judiciary and to Eliminate President Musharraf’s Government. The Political and Religious Leaders had mobilized masses, specially the Lawyers, people says those were more Political Workers in Black Coats then lawyers. Whoever they were or whatever the basic motive of mass mobilization of people at that time, irrespective of all that, today people are asking why the same Political and Religious Leaders don’t mobilize the same Masses and same Political Workers in Black Coats against all the Corruption and Price Hikes and Worst Law and Order Situation in the country? Aren’t these also important for the country or the people?

A coupe of days ago Government has increased the Petroleum Prices 17th time since 2008. Almost all the necessities are reached to the historic high price level in just 2 years of the present Government. People are committing suicides after killing their children. The duration of Electricity Load Shedding is reached to maximum 18 hours in some areas. The biggest city of the country, Karachi is suffering the worst ever Electricity Load Shedding in its history where some areas are without electricity for 18 hours, the industries are forced to shutdown and people are being punished. Moreover Government is planning to put “Flood Tax” on the people in Urban Sindh, it should be noted that other three provinces have already refused to impose such tax on its people. It is, then, totally unjustified to put flood tax in only one province on only one community!

The situation of other Provinces and other cities are not much different. Other cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sukkur, Peshawar and Sialkot etc. are facing the same load shedding, even the areas of Balochistan are now deprived of Natural Gas and the duration of Gas Load Shedding is almost 20 hours in Kallat.

Whole country affected badly by the recent floods, wherein human interruption found in such huge disaster, the after effects of the stagnant water has started to arise, the dengue virus and the congo virus has affected thousands of people across the country. So far dozens of people have lost their lives and the situation is seems to be getting out of control. Federal Minister for Health says they have overcome the problem almost 95% whereas people don’t see any improvement in the situation.

The Law and order situation across the country is getting worst day by day and the leaders are playing blame game. People don’t see a single day of peace and terrorists are committing suicide attacks and target killing on a daily basis. Law Enforcement Agencies are seems to be tied their hands. Internationally Pakistan is facing embarrassment due to Corruption and Terrorism Charges, sometimes due to Cricket Players, some times due to Extremists Group’s Funds Raising, some times due to Pakistani traveling or living illegally abroad, or sometimes due to Pakistani’s trafficking drugs.

People just want to know, where are those Leaders who were Much Active to Restore Chief Justice and Remove President Musharraf? Were only those two matters, the mission of their life that they used Public and their Sentiments? Are Publics Problems and Sentiments not that much important to them? May be they wanted to extract personal benefits out of restoration of judiciary or removal of President Musharraf. But where the people should go now? Is there any solution to Public’s Miseries?


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