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Taliban Terrorists in Government

It has been said, “When there is a will there is a way”, means if one wants to do something then that particular thing can be done, without ones determination nothing is possible.

Government is continuously expressing its will to fight with the terrorism and Taliban threat, but to what extent it is determined or how much serious it is to accomplish this goal, we can know looking at its coalition partners.

Rangers carried out an operation to arrest several Taliban Terrorists including Zain Mehsud, a close aide of former Taliban Terrorist’s Leader Baitullah Mehsud and an office bearer of ANP in Sultanabad, Karachi. While another Taliban Terrorist Azam Mehsud is Nephew of Aman Ullah Mehsud who is an MPA of ANP.

Nexus of ANP with Taliban

JUI, another alley of PPP Lead Government is already well known of its links with Taliban, is now exposed once again when the member of JUI and Federal Minister of Tourism Moulana Ataur Rehman, who is real brother of Moulana Fazalur Rehman, the Chief of JUI, has praised Taliban Terrorists in a Public Gathering by saying “Ulema (Scholars) and Taliban are the true followers of Islam…”.

Ansar Burney, the Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust and a Representative of Human Rights has recently written a letter to the British Government, which include several high level officials requesting them to not allow Moulana Fazalur Rehman, Chairman of JUI to enter UK as he is a supporter of Taliban Terrorists and having links with them.

This is the first time when a Human Rights Activist has raised voice against Taliban and their influence in the Government. MQM, the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan has already showed its serious concerns over Taliban insurgence and their links with ANP, Jamat, JUI, PMLN and PTI etc.

The people of Pakistan must realize now Taliban are working on some hidden agenda and above mentioned Groups are not only trying to hide there crimes but also giving them shelter. If really the Government has WILL to eliminate Taliban and their terrorism from the country it must find the WAY and take concrete actions against these terrorists and must account for its coalition partners for their links with them.


The Falling Leaves…

It is Nature’s system, everything has to change. Season does change also, bring new flowers, fruits and leaves to the tree. It starts when the new leaves replace the old ones, and the old one has to fall down the tree.

Pakistani politics is also witnessing its changing season, now, public’s opinion is changing, their priorities are changing and huge political personalities are falling like Autumn Leaves and fresh young politician rather real public representatives are emerging like fresh spring leaves.

It was when I was traveling from Dubai to Karachi, a man sitting besides me started to discuss the current affairs and now-a-days situation in Pakistan. Azhar, aged between 30-35 years, belonged to Lahore, was a professional photographer and working for a company in Dubai.

During our conversation on sugar prices when I mentioned that most of the sugar mills belongs to either leaders of PMLN or PPPP, he smiled and informed me “I am a diehard supporter and a worker of PMLN”, more he surprised me when admitted that PMLN is not only involved in all the corruption and looting the country but also losing its strength by its actions, and he is one of those workers leaving it for good.

This Youngman is not the first or last one, thinking or acting like this, he might be taken as an example or a Barometer to gauge the public opinion generating in the 2nd biggest city of Pakistan. This might be the sign of the changing Political Season in whole the country, reasons are important but well known to everyone, corruption, deprivation, looting publics and national wealth, worst law and order situation etc., but most important are those elements which are going to be changed with these changing.

Punjab being the most populated province of the country elects more Parliamentarians, who are critical to form Government in the Centre. The changing scenario in the public support is clearly evident in the recent days wherein conventional parties have suffered sub-divisions within them and the vote bank has been divided, aided by some new parties who have started their political career just now or in the recent past in Punjab.

The contacts between different groups of Muslim League are the examples that it was divided and now attempting to gather at one platform. Regardless of the possibilities it would reunite or not, we must admit that the public’s opinion has changed drastically and the old fashioned, traditional politicians has to leave the place for well educated, talented and visionary new entrants or the public’s wave will force them to fall down like Autumn Leaves!!!

The Falling Autumn Leaves of Pakistani Politics...

Let’s Lit a Candle…

Let’s have a look at the number of seats in Pakistani Parliament,

Senate, total number of seats 100,
National Assembly, total number of seats 342,
Punjab, total number of seats 371,
Sindh, total number of seats 168,
Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, total number of seats 124,
Balochistan, total number of seats 65;

The total number seats in National and all four Provincials Assemblies are 1170 but the total number of people enjoying a luxurious life because of these seats from President and Prime Minister to Federal Ministers, Provincial Ministers, Ministers of State, their Advisors till the heads of various standing committees and commissions appointed by them are more then the total number of seats.

The thing which is common in all those enjoying a luxurious life is, they all are usually either from some specific families, or, are from any specific class! That class which had taken over the country just after its independence, “the Elite Class”, which includes from Richest Inherent Landlords till Modern Day Industrialists and Businessmen, it not only includes Highly Educated Bureaucrats and Civil Servants but also, sometimes, Military Personnel, with or without uniform, are found to be in the same category.

The concept of Modern Days Legislative Assemblies is more responsible and civilized then those of Old age Empire’s Assembly Halls, but the culture is almost the same. Today’s members of the parliament are supposed to be busy in making laws or reviewing the existing ones in order to ease General Public’s life, but mostly they are found in wasting the time in useless debates on non-issues or passing their time having fun, sleeping or chanting slogans favouring/against any party/ruler.

Pakistan is a country of 170 Million deprived people, but at the same time it is a country of a few thousands Elite Class Satisfied People. It is a country where the Majority is a direct victim of all sort of taxes, duties, fines, fees, charges and forced bribes etc., but at the same time, it is a country of that minority who put these taxes and charges on the majority. It is a fact that a great number of the deprived general public is well educated, groomed and able to run the affairs of not only a small department in any organization but also is capable of running the affairs of the state more actively and efficiently then those who are already in the assemblies, but surprisingly the Educated and More Efficient Majority is always kept away from their right to participate in Electoral or Selection Process by Competitive Exams.

In recent past, a batch from the same well educated, talented and efficient majority comprised of the youth had not only turned this tradition upside down, but also succeeded in sending their representatives in those assemblies where there was no such concept or room for anyone other then Elite Class. That Batch was MQM and the Leader of the Youth was MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain, who along with his companions have set a new tradition and made people realize that they are also the citizen of this country and have all those rights which any member of the Elite Class have. It is now easier for a member of deprived majority to participate, contest and even win the poll which he may want. This all is only because of that person who not only invoked this idea but also prepared the masses to realize their rights and act as an Organized Group rather then an Unorganized Mob!

Let’s don’t take it as an invitation to join MQM, let’s don’t consider it as a compulsion to follow even the guidelines set by it, but atleast we can extract the main theme, that is, “Why Can’t a Member of the Deprived Class Be a Member in any of the Assemblies or Be Given Any Key Position In Any of the Pakistani Political Group?”. MQM have sent its representatives in Assemblies from Poor or Middle Class, and have set the example that Educated People from Poor or Middle Class can work more efficiently there where Elite Class is failed to show any progress, then, why don’t other do it?

Let’s take it as an invitation now, to ask each other why can’t we be nominated from our respective parties to contest elections? Or ask our Leaders why they always give preference to the same Elite Class which is totally failed in all respects, and don’t consider the educated poor and middle class majority, which is capable in all manners to hold any responsibility? A great example, in the shape of Syed Mustafa Kamal, Ex-Mayor of Karachi, is with us, then why the same example can’t be set in other cities of our beloved country?

Let’s decide now, we will ask the above question not only from each other, but also from our leaders, and if, they fail to respond properly, will seize to support that Elite Class which is there only to impose taxes and charges and enjoy their luxurious life from our money. We need to change ourselves first in order to bring revolution in our society. A candle can lit another, so let’s lit a candle in our hearts first in order to enlighten others, and promise ourselves to continue it, and don’t break the chain.

This End Is A New Beginning…

At last, the Funeral of Dr. Imran Farooq, a prominent leader of MQM has done in MQM Martyr’s Graveyard in Yaseenabad, Karachi, in presence of hundreds of thousands of people. With this all the propaganda about the differences between him and MQM leadership has died itself.

A couple of days ago, the family of Dr. Imran Farooq alongwith other leaders of MQM had gone to London to receive his dead body. Funeral Prayers had been offered first in London where the Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain and other leaders along with his family members had offered the prayers. The family members including his mother, widow, sisters and brothers’ in law, had also met MQM chief.

On arrival to Karachi the dead body had been taken to his family house and from there it had been taken to Jinnah Ground, Azizabad for prayers where hundreds of thousands of people have attended the funeral prayers of their beloved leader.

The propaganda which had started on 16th September 2010, spreading the rumors about the differences between Dr. Imran and his family with the top MQM leadership was not new. During State Operation in 1995-96 the same propaganda had been tried to spread but at that time too it was Dr. Imran Farooq who not only had rejected it all, but also kept gather the workers and associates. This is another example of his love and sincerity that despite several offers from State and Military Personnel he not only refused but proved his strong ties with MQM and his Leader Altaf Hussain.

This is the perfect time to recognize those hate mongers and propagandists who did their level best to spread propaganda and did not succeed, may be they are preparing some new tricks, but by reading their past comments from September 16th onwards we can see that how did they try to manipulate the incidents and failed.

The History is evident, when there is a try to eliminate MQM or its leadership, it has grown more rapidly, they offered money to MQM Chief, which had been refused, they started the worst ever operation to eliminate MQM and killed its leaders and 15000 workers, they forced MQM leadership to take asylum in UK, they engineered fake cases on MQM Leaders and workers, but this all has always given more strength to it. Today MQM is not only in Urban Sindh, but also possess strong presence in Rural Sindh, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Biltistan and now strengthening itself in Punjab.

It is needless to say, this might be an End of a Leader, but definitely is not the End of his Ideology, his teaching and struggle which is a solid movement now. This End of a Leader will prove to be a New Beginning towards the Revolution in the Country.

Where are the Leaders?

The motives of the Lawyers Movement was said to restore Free Judiciary and to Eliminate President Musharraf’s Government. The Political and Religious Leaders had mobilized masses, specially the Lawyers, people says those were more Political Workers in Black Coats then lawyers. Whoever they were or whatever the basic motive of mass mobilization of people at that time, irrespective of all that, today people are asking why the same Political and Religious Leaders don’t mobilize the same Masses and same Political Workers in Black Coats against all the Corruption and Price Hikes and Worst Law and Order Situation in the country? Aren’t these also important for the country or the people?

A coupe of days ago Government has increased the Petroleum Prices 17th time since 2008. Almost all the necessities are reached to the historic high price level in just 2 years of the present Government. People are committing suicides after killing their children. The duration of Electricity Load Shedding is reached to maximum 18 hours in some areas. The biggest city of the country, Karachi is suffering the worst ever Electricity Load Shedding in its history where some areas are without electricity for 18 hours, the industries are forced to shutdown and people are being punished. Moreover Government is planning to put “Flood Tax” on the people in Urban Sindh, it should be noted that other three provinces have already refused to impose such tax on its people. It is, then, totally unjustified to put flood tax in only one province on only one community!

The situation of other Provinces and other cities are not much different. Other cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sukkur, Peshawar and Sialkot etc. are facing the same load shedding, even the areas of Balochistan are now deprived of Natural Gas and the duration of Gas Load Shedding is almost 20 hours in Kallat.

Whole country affected badly by the recent floods, wherein human interruption found in such huge disaster, the after effects of the stagnant water has started to arise, the dengue virus and the congo virus has affected thousands of people across the country. So far dozens of people have lost their lives and the situation is seems to be getting out of control. Federal Minister for Health says they have overcome the problem almost 95% whereas people don’t see any improvement in the situation.

The Law and order situation across the country is getting worst day by day and the leaders are playing blame game. People don’t see a single day of peace and terrorists are committing suicide attacks and target killing on a daily basis. Law Enforcement Agencies are seems to be tied their hands. Internationally Pakistan is facing embarrassment due to Corruption and Terrorism Charges, sometimes due to Cricket Players, some times due to Extremists Group’s Funds Raising, some times due to Pakistani traveling or living illegally abroad, or sometimes due to Pakistani’s trafficking drugs.

People just want to know, where are those Leaders who were Much Active to Restore Chief Justice and Remove President Musharraf? Were only those two matters, the mission of their life that they used Public and their Sentiments? Are Publics Problems and Sentiments not that much important to them? May be they wanted to extract personal benefits out of restoration of judiciary or removal of President Musharraf. But where the people should go now? Is there any solution to Public’s Miseries?