PS-94 By Polls – Violence in Karachi Following ANP’s Boycott

By-election on PS-94, vacant after assassination of MQM’s MPA Raza Haider, was re-scheduled after assassination of Dr. Imran Farooq and is holding on October 17, 2010. Initially the same by polls were scheduled for September 22, 2010.

The voting pattern & election results continuously proof it as a MQM stronghold, winning with great margin from 1988 till 2008, while the collective vote bank of all the opponents could not reach even to 10% of MQM’s vote in all previous elections.

Fearing defeat none of the parties had nominated its contestant for the same except ANP, which in the last elections could win only 959 votes.

In an announcement made today, ANP Sindh Leader Shahi Sed declared boycott for tomorrow’s polls, subsequently violence erupted in the city, especially in areas having some influence of ANP.

Knowing the fact that ANP cannot win this poll, questions are being raised what were the motives they nominate their candidate and now announced boycott?

ANP, with the help of a number of parties managed to win 2 PS seats in Karachi in General Elections 2008. It has 38 seats out of total 124 in Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa Assembly. The Racist and Hateful speeches of ANP Sindh Leader Shahi Seid is on records agitating Pakhtoon Community against others, while it is also an established fact that ANP is not the Pakhtoon Representative Group as a large number of Pakhtoons are with MMA (JUI + JI) , PPPP, PPP(SP) and MQM.

Karachi, the business hub and the Economic Nerve Centre of Pakistan was termed as “Golden Egg” during British Rule, post independence migrants made it really a Golden Egg by the hardworking and skills. The small town of 1800 became the largest Industrial and Commercial City of the country, yielding almost 70% of the total GDP.

The recent spate of violence in Karachi may be seen as a toll to represent its POWER in PS-94 by ANP, but the long run agenda should not be neglected paved in the continues violence, land grabbing, extortion, strengthening smuggling routes from Afghanistan to the coast of Karachi.


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