The Current Politics and the Real Issues of Pakistan

On October 11, 2010 PMLN has issued a charge sheet against former President Pervaiz Musharraf for alleged Martial Law, Corruption and Misuse of Powers in his tenure, on which Punjab Assembly has passed a bill against President Musharraf on the basis of same charge sheet which demands his trail as per Article-6 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Earlier this month, PMLN had once again raised the issue of Kalabagh Dam, against which ANP has not only protested heavily but also an ugly scene had been created when both ANP and PMLN’s leaders accused for treason and declared each other Foreign Agents. PPP Sindh opposed while PPP Punjab supported PMLN over the issue.

PMLN’s agitation and media trial against MQM is also an evidence of PMLN’s politics on Non-Issues, when the Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain had given the call for Revolution following the large scale devastation of floods and subsequent miseries people are facing. In response to the demand of MQM’s Chief Altaf Hussain from Patriot Generals to take “Martial Law like Steps against Corrupt Politicians and Feudal responsible for Dam Breaches”, PMLN had started Media Campaign against MQM and its leaders, declaring it a call for Martial Law. Later, various leaders of PMLN including Mian Shahbaz Shareef, themselves found to be of the same view as Altaf Hussain. Supreme Court has already taken notice of the Dam Breaches by Feudal.

The issue of NRO and the cases on President Asif Ali Zardari for his alleged Swiss Accounts is still pending with Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Tug-In-War between Lawyers, Judiciary and Administration have taken violent shapes on different occasions and both PPP and PMLN are interested to grab more and more power by appointing their favorites on key positions.

The recent devastation of floods had killed thousands, displaced some 20 Million and wiped out Hundreds of Thousands of Hectors of Fertile Lands; this is in addition to the previous devastation of earthquake nation faced in 2005 and could not recover till date. The current Government has failed to address the basic problems of a common man. Inflation, Price Hiking, Healthcare Issues, Worst Law and Order Situation, Unemployment, Education, Trade and Commerce etc. these are the basic problem of a common man, but instead of addressing these issues, political parties are indulged in blame games and invoking disputed issues.

MQM like in the past is participating actively in the rescue and rehabilitation works for flood victims throughout the country. Going a step ahead, today, MQM had tabled the “Land Reforms Bill 2010” suggesting the Maximum Limit of Agricultural Lands a Landlord would have. This is another example of MQM’s vision and mission for the deprived people. Irrespective of the fact that said bill is passed or not from the house, MQM once again have proved to be the Real Representatives of Poor and Middle Class and Sincere with Pakistan and its people by helping the sufferings and Legislating for them in the house.


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